Throughout The Legend of Zelda series, musical instruments have played a key role in the success of Link’s adventures in Hyrule and other lands.  Instruments have been used in various titles not only to make beautiful music but also to warp Link across time and vast distances, as well as to summon animals.  You can even trigger special effects if you play the right melody on certain musical instruments!

One of the most well known musical instruments in the Zelda games is an ocarina, which is prominent in Ocarina of Time.  The instrument which shares it’s name with the title of the game, plays it’s part as the key to the Sacred Realm, among other important roles in the storyline.

Other instruments to feature throughout the series are the Goddess Harp from Skyward Sword, the Spirit Flute from Spirit Tracks and the Horse Call from Twilight Princess.  Link’s Awakening even featured eight different musical instruments, ranging from the Moon Cello to the Thunder Drum.

If I had to choose my favourite musical instrument from the Zelda series, I’d actually choose three!  I loved playing the Deku Pipes, Goron Drums and the Zora Guitar in Majora’s Mask.  The instruments were so much fun to play around with!

Which instrument do you like best?  Let us know in the comments below!

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