While Zelda fans will no doubt classify 2022 as the year that Breath of the Wild 2 finally comes out (we hope), fans of Nintendo in general might instead classify it as the year that a lot of games come out that look a lot like Breath of the Wild. While you wouldn’t find very many people who would claim the 2017 masterpiece invented open-world gameplay, there do seem to be more than a handful of titles coming out that bare somewhat of a similarity.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is the first truly open world Pokemon game, as is the upcoming Kirby and the Forgotten Land or the Kirby series (hey, this franchise has tried everything else, why not open-world?). Even Sonic the Hedgehog, a series usually more concerned with going fast that exploring, is looking to get in on the action with Sonic Frontiers hitting shelves this year. Though your writer isn’t much of a fan of either Kirby or Sonic, this new Pokemon game looks like it might be a great hold-over until Breath of the Wild 2 ships out.

What about you? Is there any Breath of the Wild-esq game that sticks out to you more than another? Let us know in the comments below!


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