One of my favorite things to do in the lead-up hype train towards a new Super Smash Bros. game is to imagine which new characters would be included and what their moves would be. I’m still doing that with Ridley to this day. One thing I was sure that we would get this year at E3 was a new Super Smash Bros. announcement, so I already had a few ideas in my mind.

While we didn’t get the enhanced port that I was expecting for the Switch (yet!), it’s still fun imagining what new characters could be added to the roster. When I put together my list, I had a few names down that ranged from the obvious (the Inklings) to the somewhat plausible (Shovel Knight) to the pretty far out there (Black Mage of Final Fantasy fame). Seeing as I put this list together before Breath of the Wild came out though, I had a slot jotted down for “main new character from BOTW“.

Well, as we all know now, there isn’t really a main new character in Breath of the Wild per se; rather a larger number of supporting characters with minor roles. The field then, if Nintendo wanted to give the latest Zelda some representation in the next Smash, is quite open.

So I’ll turn it to you guys – who would you want to see? Urbosa laying it down with some devastating lightning attacks? The dream bout of Falco vs Revali? Prince Sidon’s giant thumbs up Final Smash dealing out massive damage? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • JoJo

    Paya! The quiet, yet deadly assassin.

  • Gooseph Fame

    Revali baybeeee

  • Red-tuniclink

    Either a third version of link or the old man that implements the new features botw introduced, like the runes and champion powers. I can’t think of anyone else in the game that’s all that relevant.

  • SirStrangeFolk

    I was gonna say, nobody in this game not yet in it is important enough to the franchise to be in Smash. But I suppose if anyone I would put in a character named “King of Hyrule” that has alternate models to represent at least Rhoam, Daphnes and “Old Man”.

  • Riley Marshall

    they should update the characters in the next gen SSB to look more like their more recent models. Like Mario, Peach, Bowser, etc. should look like how they do in Odyssey, and Link and Zelda should look like their BotW counterparts, but give them alternate color palettes to look like their previous incarnates. So Zelda can be a brunette and look like her Twilight Princess counterpart and Link can wear his green tunic.

  • Qun Mang

    How about Hestu with his deadly maracas, or the little weapon connoisseur- has a collection of weapons to choose from- especially good since BOTW weapons are breakable you know!

  • Dreamwalker

    All the koroks.

  • Invisible Opinion

    What about the Banana merchant assassin?

  • Invisible Opinion

    I can’t think of any characters I want from Breath of the Wild, but as for ITEMS I would like for the Sheikah Slate and its abilities to make an appearance. It could give a random power every time it appears, from detonating remote bombs to freezing someone for a while, giving them a big taste of “Kinetic Smash.”

  • Vados

    Urbosa. She’d be kinda like Link, but with more focus on using her shield and lightnings.

    I’d also like to just see them update the Zelda characters in Smash. The TP designs should mostly be replaced with the ones from BotW and Ganondorf should finally get his own moveset.

  • Happy Mask Collector

    Urbosa and Kilton!!

  • JoJo

    You know, I never once, in my 60+ hours, found him? (60 hours combined for normal AND master mode.)

  • Stephen Richard Watson

    I finally came across him last night, actually, while aimlessly searching for Korok poops with the mask.

  • spacefan1993

    While the Four Champions and their relatives might be obvious choices, I’m going to be brutally honest and say that I don’t really want any Breath of the Wild characters in Super Smash Bros. For that matter, I don’t really want any more Zelda characters in Super Smash Bros.

    We now have five characters in the Smash series (Link, Toon Link, Zelda, Sheik, and Ganondorf), making them one of the series with the most representation in the series (behind the Mario/Donkey Kong/Wario/Dr. Mario/Yoshi megaseries, Pokémon, and Fire Emblem). In my personal opinion, we don’t really need any more.

    I feel other Nintendo franchises should get more representation, like Metroid, Mother, Star Fox, and F-Zero. With the exception of Zero Suit Samus, Lucas, and Wolf, we have not gotten any new characters from any of those franchises in Smash.

    Personally, I want to see Adam Malkovich, and maybe Sylux or Rundas from Metroid, Krystal from Star Fox, some other characters, like Paula, from Mother, and Samurai Goroh, Black Shadow, Jody Summer, or even Rick Wheeler from F-Zero. They all deserve more representation than they are getting, despite not having as many games as Mario, Zelda, Pokémon, or Fire Emblem.

  • richa

    I’m not gonna be original here

  • David García Abril

    I… don’t see any of the new characters from BotW as “Smash material”, so to speak.

    Although I’d really like to have the Champion’s Tunic and the priestess white dress as alternate skins for Link and Zelda.

  • Galeden

    I don’t think we have seen enough of the guardians to think they would make decent smash additions… however I could definitely see them added to those character assist items.

  • Marandahir

    Yeah, keep Zelda characters in Smash to the core 5. Grant BW skins for Link and Zelda, though. Maybe the BW Sheikah outfit skin for Sheik. Smash can’t afford to spend time on minor characters from any franchise. It’s the lead, the most recurring villain or rival if humanoid, and the most recurring ally if humanoid. So Ridley is too big, and Dark Samus hasn’t appeared enough times, for Metroid. For Zelda, we get our triforce trio plus Toon Link and Sheik due to grandfather-in status. For Starfox, we get Fox, his rival Wolf, and his ally Falco (I think some argument could be made for Krystal, but she hasn’t made the cut as of yet). Zelda simply doesn’t have room to include one-off characters (well, beyond Sheik, but that’s due to grandfathered-in status from Melee, when Ocarina of Time was still the main reference point for the series and Sheik was a transformation of Zelda’s character).

    Instead, if we want to talk about which side characters or Champions in Breath of the Wild could make a team-up or all-star brawling title, we can let talk about a hypothetical Hyrule Warriors 2.

  • Oscar Yasser Garcia Juallek

    Then why does Fire Emblem always gets a new guy or chick with each iteration? Granted, I’m not dashing they SHOULd just put a BotW or Zelda character in general for the hell of it, but it’s just…inconsistent(then again, so far there’s no villains from the series)

  • Marandahir

    Knew SOMEBODY would ask about Fire Emblem.
    It’s a bit different from other franchises represented, because very few of its main characters ever show up in another title, and usually only then as DLC. The only characters to have had multiple titles are Marth and Ike – hence their appearances in both Brawl and Sm4sh. As for Roy, Robin, Lucina, and Corrin? Don’t expect to see Robin and Lucina in the Smash 5, unless they’re DLC characters. Smash has been running with the current popular characters in Smash. So at the dawn of the GBA era, Melee took the original protagonist Marth plus the new and upcoming GBA protagonist, Roy. In Brawl, they swapped him out for Gamecube and Wii protagonist, Ike. In Smash 4, they kept the two protagonists that have had multiple titles, but also added the current leads of Lucina and Robin. Then they brought Roy back due to fan demand, and added Corrin to promote Fates.

    tldr: It’s different because ever entry stands alone, unlike Link or Samus or Fox or Mario or Sonic that are always the same character.

  • Sentinel

    I wouldn’t mind Mipha for the simple fact that Smash Bros still has no lance users for some stupid reason.

  • Squirrel on crack cocaine.

    The Great Deku Tree.

  • Thomas Foolery

    What I really want is for Ganondorf to have a moveset that actually fits for him. The fact that Nintendo’s 2nd biggest and most iconic villain has been a Captain Falcon clone in every Smash game is nothing short of an embarrassment. An absolute disgrace.

  • Matt Kitt

    All I wanted was some bananas T-T

  • The only thing I want is costumes for Link and Zelda that reflect BOTW. So, like a champions tunic costume for Link along with the Tunic of Wild, and the white dress for Zelda along with her adventuring blue clothes.

  • Kids Daniell

    Revali definitely

  • Aaron Astro Brinson

    Nope. Just the BOTW link with his dope sheikah slate runes as special attacks. His special should make him pull out a 5x savage lynel bow and have him go crazy with ancient arrows, disintegrating anyone who is hit over 50%