One of my favorite things to do in the lead-up hype train towards a new Super Smash Bros. game is to imagine which new characters would be included and what their moves would be. I’m still doing that with Ridley to this day. One thing I was sure that we would get this year at E3 was a new Super Smash Bros. announcement, so I already had a few ideas in my mind.

While we didn’t get the enhanced port that I was expecting for the Switch (yet!), it’s still fun imagining what new characters could be added to the roster. When I put together my list, I had a few names down that ranged from the obvious (the Inklings) to the somewhat plausible (Shovel Knight) to the pretty far out there (Black Mage of Final Fantasy fame). Seeing as I put this list together before Breath of the Wild came out though, I had a slot jotted down for “main new character from BOTW“.

Well, as we all know now, there isn’t really a main new character in Breath of the Wild per se; rather a larger number of supporting characters with minor roles. The field then, if Nintendo wanted to give the latest Zelda some representation in the next Smash, is quite open.

So I’ll turn it to you guys – who would you want to see? Urbosa laying it down with some devastating lightning attacks? The dream bout of Falco vs Revali? Prince Sidon’s giant thumbs up Final Smash dealing out massive damage? Let us know in the comments below!

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