Heroes and heroines are a key part of The Legend of Zelda mythology. When the storms of darkness rise up to threaten the world, heroes of every kind rise up to defend and protect it. Sometimes, these heroes succeed, and sometimes, they fail, but they are always there for the people of Hyrule.

With this is mind, what makes a hero in The Legend of Zelda franchise? What are the external and internal qualities that make Link, Zelda, and the other side characters heroic?

The series has praised wisdom and courage as heroic qualities, which are illustrated by Link and Zelda in different games and settings. However, there are other qualities heroes can display besides wisdom and courage. One that comes to mind for me is resilience. In many games, Link, Zelda, and many of the side characters must confront incredible adversity. Heroes in The Legend of Zelda series fight through the hardship, developing incredible physical and mental toughness.

Another overlooked quality in heroes is compassion. In Twilight Princess, the young villager Colin is constantly undervalued and teased, despite his immense kindness. Colin starts his journey towards heroism in the way he treats the people around him, eventually leading the young boy to try to protect the other children from King Bulbin.

Compassion can also be seen in one of Breath of the Wild‘s heart-wrenching flashback scenes. In the game’s most powerful memory, Link comforts the grieving Zelda, gently holding her in his arms. This simple moment of compassion is a great example of how writers and developers of the Zelda series can communicate Link’s multifaceted personality.

So, what do you think makes a hero in The Legend of Zelda series? Let us know in the comments below!

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