Nintendo’s E3 Direct may have featured a couple other games, some fans are really looking forward to. But let’s face it: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate stole the show, with new characters, new and returning levels, music, and plenty of The Legend of Zelda to keep us here at Zelda Dungeon writing for days. Two main features from our beloved series made their debut, even: Breath of the Wild Link and…wait…A Link Between Worlds Zelda?

Okay. That one, I admit, I did not see coming. I expected Zelda to mimic Link’s changes: that is to say, I thought she would appear as her science-loving, free-spirited, pants-wearing iteration of Breath of the Wild. Yet, Nintendo dropped a bit of a bomb on me.  Gentle, compassionate, and not to be taken lightly, Princess Zelda from A Link Between Worlds will now take to the Smash battlefield.

And honestly…I am not mad.

What do you think of Princess Zelda’s new look? Do you like it, or would you have preferred a different iteration? Let us know in the comments below!

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