Spirit Tracks was a game that had a lot going against it (released in the latter half of the Nintendo DS lifespan, clunky touch screen controls, etc.), but despite that, the game did feature some unique gameplay mechanics and ideas. Most notably, Princess Zelda acts as Link’s ally for the duration of the game. Zelda’s spirit can possess Phantom Armor, and many of the game’s puzzles and dungeons are designed around the interaction between Link and Zelda’s Phantom Armor. Zelda’s personality also shines; for example, we see that she is sometimes selfish and terrified in the presence of rats. We get to see a side of Zelda that we’ve never seen before, and one we wouldn’t have seen if she wasn’t a support character.

I would love if a future Zelda game (whether it’s Breath of the Wild 2 or a different installment) incorporates Zelda as a support character. Whether she’s active in combat or provides healing or unique boons, Zelda’s added presence would be a fantastic addition. Zelda plays a vital role in many of the game’s stories, so why shouldn’t she be a support character? What do you think? Would you want Zelda as a support character? Let is know in the comments!

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