Breath of the Wild was a huge success, as evidenced by it recently outselling Ocarina of Time. I believe that a big reason for that is the refreshing difficulty and the sheer freedom provided by the lack of guidance. This creates a completely new experience for new Zelda fans, which recreates the feeling of exploration for the fans that have been there since the beginning. My question is this: Would it have been better with a companion developing alongside Link’s journey through Hyrule?

There are several characters in Breath of the Wild that serve this function temporarily, such as King Roahm and Princess Zelda’s disembodied voice from time-to-time. Arguably even the four champions could fill the role. However there is nobody for Link to share the entire journey with.

There’s also the point of Wolf Link being available through amiibo compatibility, but there is not really any story development. So what then could serve as a proper guide for this Link? Looking at previous companions, a humanoid would not be able to keep up (and A.I. would probably be pretty tricky). An animal would not be able to follow you everywhere and a disembodied shadow does not really fit the science-esque mysticism of this Hyrule.

My suggestion then would be some sort of small, mobile, flying type companion. My thoughts go to something like a fairy, though not exactly like Navi or Tatl. Rather I imagine some ancient-tech floating module that can give you helpful tips if prompted. I also think, if this were real, that players should have the option of turning it off.

So what do you think? What would be the perfect companion for the Hero of the Wild? Let us know in the comments below!

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