Happy Easter, Zelda Informer readers! Today’s usually all about egg hunts, but we’ll be discussing the next closest thing: rabbit hunting!

Rabbit Hunting, in Spirit Tracks was an optional side-quest in which the player was tasked with the chore of hunting lost rabbits, who have fled across New Hyrule. There are four types of bunnies, each can be found in their respective realm.

Easier said than done, the rabbits can be easily found hiding behind objects, such as rocks or barrels, while traveling on your train, however, the hard part is actually catching them. Once exposed, the rabbit will attempt to flee, and you’ll only be given ten seconds to successfully capture said rabbit.

When you think you’ve captured enough rabbits, you can travel back to the Rabbitland Rescue, a paradise exclusively for the rabbits and you’ll be rewarded. In total, there are one-hundred rabbits, of course, scattered across the Overworld. You’ll need to have some extra good patience if you want to complete this quest.

What are your thoughts on the rabbit hunting quest? Would you like to see it return in the future? Let us know in the comments below.

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