Today marks the

14th birthday of Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons! These games were Nintendo’s first and only attempt in releasing two separate but interconnected games on the same day, each with their own distinct gameplay experience. So in honor of these games’ birthday and continued legacy, we’re going to decide which of these two is the better game.

Oracle of Ages places Link in the land of Labrynna, which is threatened by an evil sorceress named Veran. Using the Harp of Ages, our hero must travel back and forth through time and bring an end to Veran’s reign. OoA focuses much more on puzzle solving, even during some boss fights. This aspect made the dungeons stand out as satisfyingly challenging, but at times frustratingly confusing. The story, however, stands out as one of OoA‘s biggest strengths, with memorable characters and a setting that evolves through time travel.

Oracle of Seasons follows Link as he explores the land of Holodrum, aiming to take down the dark general Onox. With the Rod of Seasons, our hero can cycle through different seasons to complete his quest. This game was more focused on combat and action, with memorable and challenging mini-boss and boss fights. In fact, OoS updates bosses from the original Legend of Zelda, proving that this game wins in terms of fan service. However, while intimidating, some may argue that Onox is a less endearing villain than Veran.

I’ll leave you to decide which of these two fantastic games is the best. Is it the puzzle-heavy

Oracle of Ages? Or is it the action-packed Oracle of Seasons? Join the daily debate!

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