The Triforce plays a huge part in The Legend of Zelda franchise and is usually at the heart of every storyline within the games. It is a sacred golden triangle which is made up of three smaller triangles, each representing Power, Wisdom and Courage. Also known as “The Ultimate Power”, the Triforce has the ability to grant the wish of those who obtain it, regardless of whether that person’s intentions are good or evil.

Because the Triforce plays such a huge part in the Zelda series, players will usually know all about it, but there is another theory which is currently outside of Zelda canon: There exists a fourth piece of the Triforce.

This theory looks at the missing or ‘dark’ triangle within the Triforce, sometimes known to theorists as the Tetraforce. Belief in it’s existence was sparked by people who noticed that on Link’s Hylian Shield in Ocarina of Time, the pedestal on which a Hylian Eagle is standing, is in fact a fourth triangle. Theorists believe that the Hylian Eagle could be separating or protecting the potential fourth piece of the Triforce, and they have a number of theories as to what it could represent. One theory suggests that the fourth piece of the Triforce could have been created by a Goddess separate to that of Din, Nayru and Farore. Another proposition suggests that the three Golden Goddesses combined could make a Triple Goddess; a more powerful and unified embodiment of their seperate beings, which is represented by the fourth triangle.

Despite the number of theories out there, Nintendo has vehemently denied the existence of the Tetraforce on multiple occasions, and later designs of the Hylian Shield as seen in Twilight Princess, show the alleged fourth piece as missing. Even so, the topic is one of hot debate among Zelda fans. In my opinion, if the Tetraforce did exist, I think it would make sense if the missing triangle did represent equal parts of Power, Wisdom and Courage. It would act as a counterbalance or fail-safe to combat the power of the Triforce should it be wielded by one with an evil heart. In a nutshell, it would represent righteousness. Perhaps that’s an idea for the next Zelda game?

There are so many theories out there that could link to the existence of the Tetraforce. If it did exist, what do you think the fourth triangle would represent? Let us know in the comments below!

This Daily Debate was inspired by Discord user @Julian#5258.



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