Breath of the Wild had a series of firsts for the Zelda franchise. With the non-linear open world, less emphasis on traditional dungeons, weapon durability, and voice acting, Breath of the Wild featured many new ideas and gameplay mechanics. Many of the ideas were well executed, some more than others. But perhaps more divisive than the lack of traditional dungeons or the weapon durability, was the voice acting. Prominent in cinematic cutscenes, characters like Princess Zelda and the Champions were given voiced lines. Many fans were pretty split about the voice acting and the deliveries.

Overall, I think the voice acting was well done. It made the impact of the flashbacks more powerful, and the voice actors capture the personality of the characters perfectly. You don’t need a character description of Revali, but listen to one line of his dialogue, and you know that he’s pretty full of himself. It added nice flavors of personality to the characters. With voice acting likely to be featured in Breath of the Wild 2, it will be interesting to see how fans will react. Will the voice acting be better received? Or will it and its predecessor be considered one too many Zelda games with voice acting? When done right, voice acting can be a great feature, but if not, it can be extremely distracting. For my part, I think it was a nice experiment for a couple of games but I’m not sure I need to see it be featured again.

What do you think? Did you like the voice acting in Breath of the Wild? Do you want future Zelda games to expand on this feature? Let us know in the comments!

This Daily Debate was inspired by Rhunewolf25

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