Way back when before The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild even launched back in March 3rd, Nintendo announced that the upcoming Switch launch title would feature a Seasons Pass of downloadable content. The DLC was set to be released in 3 parts; the first part was a day one add on, the second was the Master Trials pack that launched a few months ago, while the last batch would be a story pack featuring a new dungeon.

Christened The Champions’ Ballad, this last bit if DLC was announced with a Winter 2017 release date. Peculiarly though, we have yet to see any details whatsoever about the upcoming DLC, sans a single screen shot.

Assuming that The Champions’ Ballad is still on track for a Winter 2017 release (which is assuming a lot in my opinion), are you surprised at the lack of hype surrounding it? It seems like we should have had a trailer or at least a synopsis, but nada. It’s not Nintendo’s typical style to just drop things out of the blue, either. So are you, like me, surprised at the lack of hype around The Champions’ Ballad? Or are you not really concerned about it? Sound off in the comments below!

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