Curiosity ShopNew mailbag, Curiosity Shop #074. This mailbag is even longer than the last! Maybe I’m getting better at squeezing in questions, or maybe I’m just getting a lot of simple questions. Haha, we’ll see I guess. 17 in all this time, surprisingly a little extra diverse and not only about Skyward Sword. All non-Skyward Sword questions are at the beginning, in case you don’t want spoilers. Video embed after the jump. Enjoy!

Questions and timestamps:

(00:12) – What is your favorite song in the series and why?
(00:49) – What would be a theme or gimmick you would like to see in a future Zelda game?
(01:56) – I get confused about the Zelda timeline a lot. Could you please explain it?
(02:03) – Would you like it if Nintendo took the time to create a more complex storyline?
(03:15) – Since Ganon died in TWW and TP do you think Nintendo is done with him as a character?
(04:18) – How come TP and SS keep the same names for areas but other games don’t?
(05:08) – How many dungeons do you predict Skyward Sword will have?
(05:19) – Do you think they will bring Epona back in SS?
(05:52) – In your last mailbag you said that you don’t think Majora will appear in SS. Why not?
(07:02) – Do you think the lyre seen in Skyward Sword is the same lyre Sheik carries in Ocarina of Time?
(07:11) – Do you think the creature on the left of the Goddess in the SS Intro is a new race we’ve yet to see?
(07:56) – In SS can you only advance the day/night cycle in Skyloft or can you do it in the overworld too?
(08:22) – Do you think the ship in SS could be in the ocean-like place in the desert’s background?
(08:51) – Do you believe Castle Town or Hyrule Castle will appear as ruins in Skyward Sword?
(09:00) – ONM said the Sheikah woman is someone we might remember. Do you think this could mean she’s Impa?
(09:31) – Do you think the guardians of the Silent Realm are related to the Master Sword guardians from TP?
(09:56) – Can you please explain to me why the three pearls from TWW and the goddesses are on the cover of SS?

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Can you guess the quote on the paper, the sound at the beginning, or any of the music? What’s your favorite song in the series and why? Would kind of themes would you like to see in a future Zelda game? Would you like Zelda games to have more complex storylines? How many dungeons do you think Skyward Sword will have? Tell me in the comments!

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