Often, it has been wondered how The Legend of Zelda would look portrayed in the colors of a different genre – who’s to say that it always needs to be action/adventure and fantasy? Arguably, Breath of the Wild tested those boundaries a bit, adding advanced technology to the world of magic we all know and love. So why can’t we have a Zelda story that is, say, urban, dystopian, and futuristic?

This was an idea explored by video masterminds Corridor Digital in their newest short film, “Urban Zelda.” The film opens with Link, riding at top speed on his motorcycle, off to save the princess from the hands of the evil boss, Ganon. Sounds familiar, right? The film, though short, is full of nods to its inspiration, some obvious — like the use of Runes and the recasting of Navi as Link’s AI companion — and some not so obvious — like the color of Link’s outfit or the reference to his backup, “Knights.” Not to mention the  appearance of… well… best to leave off ending spoilers, right? Ultimately, Corridor has worked to bring out a new kind of epic Zelda story, while staying true to its roots.

So, what did you think of “Urban Zelda?” Would you play a Zelda game in this setting? Let us know in the comments below!

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