Minecraft is a game where you use resources to build your own livable situation, yet there is a creative mode where players have unlimited resources and often undertake massive builds. When seeing the amazing things people have created and recreated in Minecraft, it’s easy to forget how much effort must have gone into it. A picture by itself doesn’t reflect the hours, the commitment, and the artistic decisions behind it.

Luckily, this time-lapse video showcases it all in full, as content creator Fullmetal Architect builds from the ground up the first three-dimensional dungeon of the Zelda series, Inside the Deku Tree. Block by block, we see the evolution of the process which took 15 in-game hours! Fullmetal payed attention to every detail, translating the intricate dungeon design in Ocarina of Time to the almost unlimited blocks available in Minecraft to create a fully-explorable dungeon. Next, Fullmetal aspires to build the Shadow Temple from Ocarina of Time.

The music used over the course of the video is a remix by Tetsugaku, a cover of Deku Palace by Vetrom, and remix “I Am Error” by GameChops. Be sure to support Fullmetal Architect by following them on Twitch, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

What do you think? Have you seen other Zelda things built in Minecraft? Have you built any yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Fullmetal Architect

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