Zelda fans looking to spice up board game night need not look far, as an awesome Zelda-inspired tabletop RPG is just beyond the horizon.

Heroes of Cerulea is an upcoming tabletop role-playing game that draws heavy inspiration from the Legend of Zelda series, particularly the 8-bit and 16-bit classics The Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past, and Link’s Awakening. Set in a fantasy world threatened by an evil Shadow King, Heroes of Cerulea will let you and your friends become the realm’s champions, as you “explore dungeons, fight monsters, solve puzzles, gather keys, find new items, and defeat bosses.”

Bläckfisk Publishing wrapped up a successful Kickstarter campaign for Heroes of Cerulea back in October and just recently launched a Pledge Manager page. Anyone who missed out on the Kickstarter but still want to make a late pledge to the project can check out the Pledge Manager right here.

A handful of pledge bundles are still available to late backers, with the higher pledge levels offering extra goodies like a physical game book, physical side quest booklets, an 8-bit ambient score, and more. For information on all pledge levels, check out the Pledge Manager right here.

A downloadable “quickstart bundle” is also currently available right here, for which backers can name their own price.

Heroes of Cerulea wears its Zelda influence on its sleeve. The game’s lore features a cyclical battle between good and evil, with three archetypal entities — much like Link, Zelda, and Ganon — destined to be reborn throughout the ages. A magical MacGuffin called “the Trinity” has — much like the Triforce — been split into three fragments. And, if players want to indulge in Link’s favorite pastime, pots filled with goodies are available for destruction. The game book’s gorgeous pixel art even depicts player characters that call to mind the Champions of Breath of the Wild.


You can see a full playthrough of Heroes of Cerulea featuring creator Lucas Falk right here.

Bläckfisk Publishing is hoping to get Heroes of Cerulea out to backers by summer 2023. The game will be made available to the public once backers have received their copies.

Heroes of Cerulea looks perfect to scratch that retro TTRPG itch. Does it look like something you’d play? Are you planning to back the project? Let us know in the comments below!

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