The side quests found in Breath of the Wild range from absolutely amazing to downright “wait, that’s it?”. There are quite a number of highlights though, as with any title in the Zelda series. What does come as a surprise is what some Breath of the Wild developers consider their favorite side quests from the game.

During the debut episode of the Nintendo Power Podcast, Breath of the Wild director Hidemaro Fujibayashi and series producer Eiji Aonuma talked with host Chris Slate about their favorite side quests from the title. Needless to say, there were definitely some unexpected answers:

Slate: Like I said, building up those towns I guess you can consider side quests, and the game has many, many side quests, little adventures that Link can go on to help people in addition to the main story. I wonder if either of you have a favorite side quest in the game.

Fujibayashi: If I had to pick one, I think shield surfing down the snowy mountain is my favorite. Why is because it kinda matches the theme of Breath of the Wild, where you have to reuse your resources. Usually you would use a snowboard, but in this case, you would be using your shield, your items. I thought that really represents how Breath of the Wild is and how you have to be resourceful. And also it’s fun.

Aonuma: Something that was particularly memorable for me is, I think it’s in Hateno Village, but there’s a girl there who wants, I forget exactly why, but you have to catch a bunch of crickets, just a bunch a crickets. There was actually a time in the development of the game where basically the crickets weren’t working, like you couldn’t really find them in the game. And that was the case when I was trying to do this side quest, completely unbeknownst to me. I was trying the entire day looking for crickets, and I couldn’t find any. And then, someone on the team told me, “Oh, yeah. That’s not working in the build right now.” And I was like, “What?!”


Slate: So when it was finished, did you go back and have the satisfaction of finding all those crickets?

Aonuma: I did go back and I was able to complete it, but even when they’re there, the crickets are hard to catch. So, it was pretty frustrating.

After that question, Slate then goes on to ask if there’s any easter eggs that stand out to them in the game:

Slate: The game is filled with little easter eggs and references to past games in the series. For people that have played a lot of the other Zelda games, I think they can spot certain things that seem a little familiar, maybe a little different. I wonder if any of those stand out to you as your favorite references in the game.

Fujibayashi: People may have noticed, but a lot of the location names are actually based on past Zelda titles. But also, when we were thinking about hills and mountains near Hyrule Castle, we thought we would name them after kings of Hyrule. So if people are interested, it would be an interesting thing to look at and perhaps think about why that is named that way. And so that might add a different perspective while you play.

Aonuma: Just to talk on that note about the music. Obviously with all Zelda titles, we have this Zelda style of music, different bits of melody that come back and are recognizable to fans of the series. But with this game, we really did something totally different. I think there’s a lot of people that probably play the game and they think, “When am I actually going to hear something I recognize from the Zelda music catalogue?” But there are moments in the game that come at different situations where you get just a little bit of flavor of that, and one of them is when you get on a horse. You’ll hear just a little bit of it. And I think finding that musical easter egg is something that’s fun for people too.

What do you folks think of this? Do you have a favorite easter egg and side quest? Let us know in the comments below!

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