For all of its outstanding contributions to the Zelda franchise, Breath of the Wild has made a greater impact on the modding community than any of its predecessors. Games of this enormous breadth and scope, such as those from series like The Elder Scrolls or The Witcher, are popular subjects for modification. The abundance and malleability of their content makes them perfect for fan alteration or rearrangement, breathing new life into games whose official content has been exhausted. Multiplayer mods are among the most prominent examples, allowing players to engage with previously solo experiences in the company of others. Those looking to traverse the Zelda series’ largest landscape with their friends have something to look forward to, as a multiplayer mod for Breath of the Wild is currently in development.

Modder Alex Mangue (in collaboration with modder Ethi and co-op enthusiast Swiftfeet16) has been hard at work on a mod allowing for cooperative play in Breath of the Wild. Shortly after a YouTuber’s $10,000 offer to anyone who could make this happen, Alex unveiled the first snippets of work on this project, showcasing multiple Links in vastly disparate areas of the overworld. In the most recent update, we can see three players controlling three different characters. Mipha and Revali are fighting directly alongside Link and are able to interact with overworld objects like chests. There are some issues with the character syncing and players still can’t gang up on enemies together, but this is still an early work in progress. As such, no prospective release date has yet been announced.

You can check out Alex Mangue and the videos detailing the progress of this mod on YouTube. You can also follow Mangue on Twitter, along with collaborators Ethi and Swiftfeet16.

What do you think of this Breath of the Wild multiplayer mod? What characters would you want to explore Hyrule as? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Alex Mangue (via Nintendo Life)

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