Capture Nintendo has just released a new trailer for A Link Between Worlds showing some new, never before seen features, including Shadow Link, and also shows the return of a certain familiar villan.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer!


Check out the brand new trailer below! (Warning: There seems to be some spoiler-y content in this trailer)

We got plenty of new gameplay this time! It looks like Link acquires his new ability in the same way that Link in Twilight Princess acquired his wolf transformation ability, through a villian. Ganon shows up later on in the trailer and it appears that he is being revived by the Seven Maidens, trapped in paintings. The Shadow Link feature will allow players to battle other people’s Shadow Links, as well as create their own. When a player passes another player, they have the option of battling each other’s Shadow Link.

Personally, I really wish they wouldn’t have shown us Ganon, as his return will obviously be a big plot point. However, I am excited for the new Shadow Link Streetpass feature, I think it will be a blast!

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