lens of truth majora's maskFor my first editorial, I wanted to write about something that I definitely felt needed to be discussed, at one point or another. Zelda titles have always been known to have exciting adventures and many secrets hidden throughout the game. However, many would agree that the best part about them is exploring the dungeons or, of course, progressing through the story. Or perhaps, it’s finding the item that rests within said dungeons. Some of the most useful items used throughout the game are the typical Bow and Arrow, or Bombs, and even the Boomerang. There are, however, items that aren’t used as much as intended; items that are over-looked for the rest of the game. You might just say, “Items are items, they’re useful no matter what!” I, however, disagree. We’re going to take a minute to look at the under-used items of the Zelda Franchise and see how over-looked they really are.

Some of the best (and most fun) items happen to be the most under-used ones. Take the Spinner for example.

The Spinner (Twilight Princess)

After defeating the temple’s Mini-Boss, Death Sword, you gain the Spinner. The Spinner acts like a sort of transportation that can take you to new areas you couldn’t have reached before by traveling up railings. Link rides the Spinner in a manner almost as if he’s riding a snowboard/skateboard, and it’s used to break the defenses of and help finish off the dungeon’s boss–Stallord.  After completing the dungeon there isn’t much use for it; except for the occasional railing here and there to gain some extra rupees for your adventure.  It also has slight use in the Temple of Time and Hyrule Castle.



The Lens of Truth (Ocarina of Time/Majora’s Mask)

Next, let’s take a look at the Lens of Truth. The Lens of Truth is found in The Bottom of the Well. As Young Link, you must search there after hearing about the item from an old man in Kakariko Village. To gain it, you must defeat Dead Hand; which is definitely one of the scariest Zelda bosses of all time (but that topic is for a later date). After defeating him, you are rewarded with the Lens of Truth. The Lens of Truth allows you to see things that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye, whilst taking magic from your magic gauge. The item is used in the Shadow Temple, as a way to complete it.  Although it isn’t necessary to gain the Lens of Truth for the Shadow Temple, it’s definitely a huge help if it’s your first time playing the game. It’s also used to defeat the dungeon’s boss, Bongo Bongo. You don’t need the Lens of Truth in order to beat him, but you won’t know how to defeat Bongo Bongo if it’s your first time through. After completing the dungeon, there aren’t many uses for it, except for hidden rupees lying around here and there; and of course, with the exception of Ganondorf’s Castle. As for Majora’s Mask, you can locate the item in Lone Peak Shrine, in a cave east of the Goron Village, in Snowhead. The cave is accessed by jumping across invisible platforms, to which Kaepora Gaebora leaves a trail of feathers in order to follow him. In Majora’s Mask, it also has the additional use of seeing the deceased (or, rather, their spirits); take Darmani, for example, or any other unnoticed spirit you may come across.

lens of truth majora's mask

The Sand Rod (A Link Between Worlds)

We’ll take the Sand Rod up for consideration next. The Sand Rod is found after completing the Thieves’ Hideout, as the Sage who had previously rented the Sand Rod from Ravio is located there. After completing the dungeon’s boss, the Sage will give you the Sand Rod and tells you to return it to Ravio. Once you return it, you can rent the Sand Rod and head towards the Desert Palace. The Sand Rod allows you to manipulate sand around you to create pillars of sand (which you can either walk across or merge into).  It’s used quite a lot throughout the Desert Palace, and is required to complete the dungeon’s boss, Zaganaga. Afterwards, the rod is almost completely useless, except for the occasional patches of sand, which you can find either rupees or Maiamais’.


The Dominion Rod (Twilight Princess)

Now, we can get to the Dominion Rod. The Dominion Rod is easily the most useful of “The Best Under-used Items”, as it serves as a great aid to your adventure. You can find the Dominion Rod in the Temple of Time. To gain it, you must defeat your first Darknut as a Mini-Boss. After defeating said Darknut, you’ll gain the Dominion Rod, which allows for controlling statues with the proper indication. It’s used to work your way through the entire temple and is required to defeat the dungeon’s boss–Armogohma. After the dungeon is complete, the Dominion Rod loses it’s power, which you must restore soon after. Once the power to the Dominion Rod is restored (which is also referred to as ‘The Rod of the Heavens’), you must use it in order to gain the missing words for the Ancient Sky Book.  The Dominion Rod, in conjunction with the Ancient Sky Book, will grant you access to the City in the Sky soon after. It’s not of much use beyond said point, except for the occasional rupees or Heart Pieces, like all the other items.

Dominion Rod

The Telescope (Wind Waker)

And finally, there’s the Telescope. The Telescope can be pretty useful at times, but only if you can’t see something far away (which is normally pretty easy to do). You gain the Telescope after accepting the Hero’s Clothes at the beginning of the game, as Aryll lends you her Telescope soon after. After using it for the first time, the plot of the story begins. Throughout the game, it can be useful–if you remember it’s even in your inventory. But, overall, it comes down to whether you need it or not. I, for one, didn’t use it much…but that’s for you guys to discuss in the comments.


What do you guys think of these items? Is there any we missed? Do you agree with these, or do you find them incorrect? Let us know in the comments below!

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