We are officially in the home stretch of Linktober! Just a small note, there will be another post next Saturday, and then a smaller post on November 1st to wrap up the rest of the month’s challenge. That being said, you still have time to join the fun and create with the Zelda community! If you want the chance at being featured be sure to use the hashtag #artistsoflegend on Instagram and Twitter! Now with that taken care of let’s check out this week’s prompts.

Artists were challenge to create something from this list this week: Weapon, Snake/Serpent/Dragon, Link, Companion, Boss, Storm, and From Your First Legend of Zelda Game.

Day 15 had a showcase of “Weapons.” Dae (@_Daeyumi_) on Twitter had a gorgeous piece of Link and his One Hit Obliterator that you can obtain in the Champion’s Ballad DLC in Breath of the Wild!

Day 16 artists searched for “Snakes, Serpents, and Dragons” found in the Zelda series. MithrilSnake (@MythrilSnake) on Twitter has a really awesome illustration of Dinraal, one of the serpentine dragons found in Breath of the Wild’s vast skies.

Day 17 was in honor of our hero “Link.”elven_ariaera on Instagram took a really unique approach with this prompt and gave us a new design of the green clad hero! Can you see where all the artist drew inspiration from?

Day 18 saw artists looking and thinking about all of the different “Companions” found in the series. mr. azul_ on Instagram gave us a really cool geometric piece of Fi from Skyward Sword. I really love the monochromatic color scheme here. This is just a pleasing piece to look at!

Day 19 had artists prepared for a visual fight as they took on the challenge of “Boss” for the prompt! Esther (@estmorzel) created a really awesome illustration of Fraaz from Spirit Tracks! I love seeing some of the smaller games represented in this year’s Linktober!

Day 20 artists began to brave harsh weather and took on the prompt, “Storm.” vehksketch on Instagram tried their hand at a Master Study of some concept art by Katsura Terada and I love the results here! Such a great study! Fantastic job!

And finally Day 21 saw artists looking back to “Their First Zelda Game,” and choosing something that represented that. I’ll share another piece of my artwork this week! I’ve had so much fun doing Linktober this year and reviving Artists of Legend for the month of October! This has been a lot of fun and I hope that everyone has been enjoying it. I choose to do a piece inspired by Ocarina of Time for Day 21! Ocarina of Time is the game that got me into Zelda and I’m happy that my love for the series has lead me to write for all of you.

That’s it! We’re in the home stretch now! Stay tuned next week for more artwork from some amazing artists! Be sure that you’re using the #artistsoflegend hashtag if you would like to be shared. What was your favorite piece from this week? Let us know in the comments below.



Cover Photo by: Neir 2 You (@n2788) on Instagram


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