For a long time now there has been a lot of speculation over where Zelda U will appear on the official timeline. We still don’t know, but Eiji Aonuma in a recent Twilight Princess HD interview with Famitsu Magazine shed some light on some interesting connections between Twilight Princess HD and Zelda U. We already knew certain amiibo data from the Wolf Link amiibo would do something in Zelda U, but it’s more than that. Eiji Aonuma states rather clearly that the titles play a little off each other and will make you want to play the other game. Here is how he phrased it:

Aonuma: While making the latest title for The Legend of Zelda, when I look at this remake, I feel like this is the origin point of the new title we’re making right now. After playing this game you may have some “Oh I see!” moments when playing the [upcoming] new game, so I’ll be glad if you play Twilight Princess HD while waiting in anticipation for the latest title of Legend of Zelda.

Famitsu: So I heard that the save data for this game that’s saved in the Wolf Link amiibo has some connections to the [upcoming] newest Legend of Zelda…

Aonuma: It’s not the save data itself, but “Part of the data saved in the Wolf Link amiibo can be brought over and used in the new title too”. For some people, when they play the new title, they might feel the urge to play Twilight Princess HD one more time.”

Very interesting words indeed. What this means is anyone’s guess, but the leanings towards Zelda U being before or after Twilight Princess in the timeline seems to be the most likely outcome. Hopefully we’ll learn more as we approach E3.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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