Earlier this month, Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma, series illustrator Yusuke Nakano, and Breath of the Wild artistic director Satoru Takizawa took the stage at Japan Expo for the “Art of The Legend of Zelda Series” master class. The team used this opportunity to show off a teaser for the upcoming BotW DLC pack “The Champions’ Ballad”; and while that announcement was momentous for sure, there was plenty more to see during the event. Aonuma recently recapped the Zelda art master class on Nintendo of Japan’s Zelda blog, sharing footage of the entire show and some cool artwork.

The “Art of The Legend of Zelda Series” master class took place on July 18th at Japan Expo in Paris, France. Eiji Aonuma was joined by Yusuke Nakano and Satoru Takizawa to discuss the art direction of Breath of the Wild and the series as a whole. In a blog post recapping the event, Aonuma shared about the experience and elaborated on some of the announcements made.

Perhaps the most significant announcement to come out of the event was the release of the first teaser trailer for BotW‘s second DLC pack “The Champions’ Ballad.” Though Aonuma acknowledges that some fans interpreted the trailer to mean that Princess Zelda would be a playable character in the upcoming DLC, he has confirmed that Link will be hero of the new adventure. And of course with a new DLC pack come new clothes for our hero, as Aonuma reminded us that Link’s shrimp pajama shirt from The Wind Waker will be included in the new expansion.

Additionally, Aonuma released a few illustrations from the event, each blending The Legend of Zelda with the glory of France. You can view all three pieces in the gallery below.

The entirety of the “Art of The Legend of Zelda” master class is now available on YouTube, although it has not yet been translated into English. We will publish a news post if and when a translated video is released, but until then, enjoy the art and insight so far provided in this video.

Did you like what was shown at Japan Expo? What do hope to see in “The Champions’ Ballad?” Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Source: Nintendo Japan

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