We have a really fun episode of the show for you this week! We asked for your Zelda-themed “would you rather” questions, and you guys delivered so much that we had to split the episode into two parts! A couple of the questions we had fun with include: would you rather get a brand new Zelda right away and wait for the Switch 2 for ten years, or vice versa? Would you rather play Tri Force Heroes solo or 100% Hyrule Warriors? Would we rather all future Zelda games are open world, or traditional 3D titles? Would we have rather had a more fleshed out Sky or more fleshed out Depths in Tears o the Kingdom? All this, plus a ton more!

We’re also giving our thoughts on the new Zelda LEGO, following up on our Definitive Ranking of the OG Legend of Zelda, and wishing everyone a happy Pride Month!



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