maxresdefaultNow here is something you don’t see everyday. During the recently concluded Awesome Games Done Quick 2016 speedrun marathon, a race held for A Link to the Past demonstrated a way of playing you may not have seen before: beating every boss in the reverse order. This obviously involves a lot of glitches and wall clips, so expect the game to be broken beyond belief. The winner finished the race in 1:29:47. Also, an interview was held before the race with the runners, Andy and superskuj, so check that out for comments from the pros that are destroying this game in the best ways possible.

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Here is the pre-race interview. It starts at about 2:38:

As you see very early in the race, this was the run during which the donation total reached 1 million dollars. At times, I was personally worried about how much the marathon would actually raise , as the total seemed a bit low for awhile early on compared to last year, but lo and behold, charitable gamers pull through.

As for the actual run, I always love seeing new ways to demolish this game. I loved it casually, and I love it beaten in record times. There is a LOT of collection before getting to the actual bosses, as the hardest bosses like Ganon are first, but thankfully it is just non-stop wall clips and exploration glitches pretty much the whole time, giving you an idea of the strange layout of all the dungeons and indoor areas – they are all on one grid, but there are no doorways leading between them. Runners have taken years to figure out the layout and best method of traversing the grid, and these guys make it look like nothing at all. Very impressive.

Oh, and I very much appreciate the explanations (and appropriate trolling) from the couch.

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