A few days ago, we reported a new Ocarina of Time speedrun world record. If you found yourself intrigued by the prospect of racing through your favorite games, you’ll be happy to know a speedrunning marathon is taking place from January 4th to January 10th. Every January, Awesome Games Done Quick collects some of the highest profile speedrunners and raises money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

This year’s event has quite the variety of speedruns to enjoy. Zelda fans will be excited to know that an NES The Legend of Zelda speedrun race will take place Tuesday, January 6th at 22:00 UTC, with a Zelda II: The Adventure of Link run directly following. Runs in The Minish Cap, A Link to the Past, and Majora’s Mask will take place Friday, January 9th starting at 17:20 UTC. Additionally, there is a donation incentive for a MM run with two players on a single controller. That will take place if the $2,000 USD goal is met.

The event will conclude Saturday, January 10th with a 100% run of Ocarina of Time. If you were unsatisfied with the newest Any% record using glitches and exploits to finish the game, you may enjoy this more conclusive category. Donating during Zelda runs also enters viewers into a chance to win prizes, like Zelda pillows, a Link hat and scarf set, and a Majora’s Mask painting.

This event offers interesting insights on speedrunning specifics and acts as a good introduction to the speedrunning community. I recommend everyone visit the Awesome Games Done Quick website for the event’s stream, more information, and a chance to donate. And for a full list of speedruns relevant to your specific time zone, an event schedule is also available.

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