ALBW rumor guy Eric Caoli from Tiny Cartridge has recently posted a few pictures showing a new character in A Link Between Worlds, the Rumor Guy! Yes, that is literally his name. He seems to have some obsession with gossip, especially in the Princess Zelda department.

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In the pictures provided by Tiny Cartridge we see the Rumor Guy telling Link about Princess Zelda and how every night she goes on a little excursion inside the castle. He then tells about how, one night, someone (not him, he swears!) gave in to the “delicious” temptation to follow her. He goes on telling Link that the person continued to follow her every night, again assuring Link that it wasn’t him.

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Personally, this guy became creepy when he used “delicious” and “Princess” in the same sentence. However, it looks like he could be used in the same fashion as the Gossip Stones in Skyward Sword, giving players hints as needed.

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Source: Tiny Cartridge

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