A Link Between Worlds StreetPass footage

StreetPassIf you were hoping to share your Link Between Worlds experience with others, you’ll be able to do so via StreetPass. Only recently has the Zelda series made it’s way through Nintendo’s latest console features. Beginning with Wii U’s The Wind Waker HD and MiiVerse interaction finally to your 3DS StreetPass feature while on the go! StreetPassing a fellow Link Between Worlds player allows battles with “Shadow Links”, and more.

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IGN has recently uploaded a commentary alongside gameplay of the A Link Between Worlds StreetPass feature and all it has to offer.

Here’s a list of features within the StreetPass battle.

  • A StreetPassed Shadow Link also has a bounty of various amounts of rupees you can earn if he is defeated
  • The items and gear you bring will increase Shadow Link’s bounty
  • A StreetPass battle allows you to restores hearts before and after battle
  • You won’t lose any of the items you began with regardless if you win or lose
  • Various achievements can be earned
  • Medals can be earned to show off your skill, they can be found on records screen

Excited for the first ever StreetPass feature in A Link Between Worlds? What do think of battling Shadow Link in this feature? Let us know in the comments below!

Sources: IGN, Siliconera

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