Fans who have kept track of the Zelda Kickstarter campaigns that tend to appear will know well that Majora’s Mask is a very popular source for these projects. Most of the time, they’re primarily focused on creating replicas of the titular mask, and they tend to be funded rather successfully. One fan and mask-making veteran, however, has decided to up the ante, and is currently pursuing a project that the biggest fans of Majora’s Mask shouldn’t risk missing out on.

Frida Paredes is a Legend of Zelda and Majora’s Mask fan who seeks to recreate ALL the masks of the game. Yes, that’s correct: the full product will entail 31 masks, including all those in the game and a few extras. While the initial goal of $28,000 USD is noticeably high, the quality of mask that this artist is seeking to create makes it clear that this is meant to ensure the caliber of the end product. For those who’d like to support the campaign, there are a wide variety of backing tiers, ranging from Majora’s Mask key chains, to T-shirts, to one mask, to all of them! If you’d like to get the full collection, however, best pony up those rupees; it’ll cost you $3,000 dollars.

In the picture above, the masks get more expensive moving from the lower (1) tiers to the higher (7) tiers. For those who still doubt the purchase/support of this incredible project, I’ve included some pictures of Paredes’ work in the gallery below. If you’d like to make a pledge, or simply learn more about this campaign, the official page can be found right here, or in the source link below. Will any of you be adding these masks to your Happy Mask Salesman cosplay?

Source: Kickstarter

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