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Zelda fans are aware of the recently announced collector edition bundles set to release in Japan along with Hyrule Warriors. This brief video segment features the Treasure Box set and was taken from last week’s exclusive Hyrule Warriors livestream event, where game producer Yosuke Hayashi and team members presented a playable demo of the game, as well as the new promotional trailer. The video itself is in Japanese, but there is much to see.

First, we are shown Link’s “trademark scarf” as Mr. Hayashi says himself, and it looks just as impressive as I hoped. He then previews the actual Treasure Box included, which is modeled after the new in-game chests for

Hyrule Warriors. It does play the iconic theme upon being opened, but it is the remake we will hear within the game. Last but not least is the Triforce Alarm Clock, which has a nice glossy finish unlike the matte style shown in previous photos. One of the alarms is also a familiar theme to Zelda fans. Koei Tecmo Games is releasing this collector’s edition which goes for 13,800 yen ($135.48).

Items for the Hyrule Warriors Treasure Box:

  • Zelda Musou Game
  • Official Book
  • Triforce Clock
  • Courage Costume Set (3 costumes: Twilight Princess Link, Skyward Sword Link, and Ocarina of Time Link)
  • Wisdom Costume Set: (3 costumes: Twilight Princess Zelda, Skyward Sword Zelda, and Ocarina of Time Zelda)
  • Power Costume Set (2 costumes: Unknown at this time)
  • Link’s New Scarf
  • Treasure Chest with sound

With most of this content revealed, my fingers are crossed that North America and Europe get at least a couple of these goodies announced as well. The DLC are more likely to be headed our way though. What do you think of these items? Share your kind thoughts in the comments.

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