1Up has written an article on their opinions of which game developers should tackle which upcoming games entitled “Where Do They Go From Here?”. In it, they mentioned they would like to see Supergiant Games, the creators of the hit game, Bastion, take a go at making a 2D Zelda title, despite the high budget Wii U Zelda game coming out within the next couple of years. Bastion’s main focus was on the heart-wrenching storyline and it would be nice to see story take the center stage in a Zelda game. The timeline is confusing enough as it is, and I’m positive it wasn’t planned like that, so Supergiant’s change of pace might be a relief to our insane timeline. Check out what 1Up said after the jump!

To some, it may seem like sacrilege to suggest that Nintendo outsource duties on The Legend of Zelda to another developer, but chances are that those naysayers haven’t played 2011’s Bastion. The freshman effort by Supergiant Games was an isometric action-RPG that contained a stronger atmosphere than just about anything released in the past few years. The phenomenal art direction, moody writing, and perfect narration combined to create one of those experiences that lingered long after you set down the controller.

While Nintendo is undoubtedly working on a big-budget Zelda title for the Wii U, I’d love to see them give Supergiant a chance at crafting a 2D installment of the beloved series. Bastion was obviously inspired by the timelessness of A Link to the Past (one needs only to look at The Kid’s varied arsenal that slowly grows as you progress through the game), but what made Supergiant’s downloadable title truly special was its marriage of addictive mechanics and an amazingly told story. Despite Zelda’s ever-growing mess of a timeline, the series has always given narrative a back-seat role. How great would to have a Zelda title that contained the poetic prose and heart-wrenching turns that peppered the entirety of Bastion? That’s something that would excite me much more than a prettier iteration on what Ocarina of Time delivered 14 years ago.

I think it would be a great thing to see Supergiant Games make a Zelda game. I’d be excited to play a game with story as the frontal aspect. What do you guys think of 1Up’s statement? Tell us in the comment’s bellow!

Source: 1Up

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