Renowned gaming website 1Up has been under scrutiny in the past for its harsh criticism on the Zelda series yet the writers have acknowledged their strict comments and an article has been written on the site which gives five strong reasons as to why Zelda is the top action RPG.

Hit the jump to find out what 1Up had to say about our beloved series!

1Up comments on how the use of equipment other than just a sword and shield have really defined how a great series can run. They also give credit to Zelda’s amazing dungeons, short, understandable story plot, and finish off the article with praise toward the combat style and the direction the creators take toward each game.

You can read the full article by clicking here.

Do you agree with 1Up’s reasons toward Zelda being the best action RPG? Are there any other reasons you can think of that make the Zelda series so special? Share those comments with us now!

Source: 1Up

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