Heart Ring L-2

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Heart Ring L-2





Gasha Tree, Maple, Mini Game


Gasha Seed, Defeat enemies to encounter Maple, Complete mini game


Recovers lost hearts as Link walks.

"Recover lost Hearts"

— In-Game Description.[1]

The Heart Ring L-2 is a Magical Ring that Link can obtain in Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages. Link can acquire the ring by planting a Gasha Seed and finding it within a Gasha Nut. He can also acquire it in a Seed Ring form by bumping into Maple. The ring can also be obtained through a Fortune Link at Vasu's jewelry store.

In Oracle of Seasons Link can acquire the Heart Ring L-2 after a lengthy process. First, Link will need to purchase all the items from the basement shop of the Horon Village Shop. After purchasing all the items, this will open up the Treasure Chest Game. There are two treasure chests that Link can choose from, one of them is empty, and the other contains a Gem. If Link successfully guesses the proper treasure chest 3x times in a row, he can win a Seed Ring.

After 3 successful tries, the Shopkeeper will ask Link if he wants to continue. Continue and successfully choose 2 additional treasure chests, making it 5 in a row. This will award Link with a rare Seed Ring that becomes the Heart Ring L-2 when appraised.

In Oracle of Ages, an identical Treasure Chest Game can be found in the basement of the Lynna City Shop. The treasure chest game is unlocked in the same manner, after Link has purchased all the items from the secret shop.

When equipped, the Heart Ring L-2 will regenerate health while Link is moving. The L-2 Ring regenerates at double the speed of Heart Ring L-1. When fighting basic enemies or navigating across the Overworld, this is a good ring to have equipped as it will slowly regenerate health. However, against a difficult Mini-Boss or Boss, it isn't recommended as the recovery time is just too slow. It can be strategically used if Link purposely avoids attacks while moving around the room to recover health.


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