Light Ring L-1

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Light Ring L-1







Fires Sword beams when missing two hearts.

"Sword beams at -2 Hearts"

— In-Game Description.[1]

The Light Ring L-1 is a Magical Ring that Link can obtain in Oracle of Ages. There is no possible way to obtain the ring in Oracle of Seasons directly, but it can be obtained through a Linked Game by using the Ring Secret.

In Oracle of Ages Link can acquire the ring by heading to Nuun Highlands while he has one of the three Animal Companions friends. If Link has Ricky he will be able to obtain the Ring by jumping on top of the higher area and entering the cave where the ring is.

With Moosh, Link will be able to get there by flying over the pits and entering the cave on the east corner of the area.

With Dimitri, Link will have to swim in the water on Dimitri to the waterfall on the east side of the area, after he swims up it he will be able to find the ring.

When Link wears the Light Ring L-1 he will be able to fire sword beams, but only if he is missing at most, two hearts. Link will only be able to shoot sword beams if he has the Noble Sword or Master Sword.

An upgrade to this ring can be found in Oracle of Ages in the form of the Light Ring L-2. This item will allow Link to shoot sword beams if he is missing up to 3 hearts, instead of just 2.


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