Majora’s Mask Walkthrough – Great Bay and Zora Cape

8.1 Zora Mask

To The Beach!
Summon your horse with Epona’s Song and head down to the beach area to the west. You’ll find new enemies here called Leevers, but they can’t harm you while on Epona. Ride her to the far west and use some carrots to jump over the spiked fence.

Mikau’s Plight
As you enter, you’ll get a lovely overview of the area. There are two houses here near the coast, but you can’t do anything with them yet. Store them in your memory for now and continue towards the water. Avoid the Leevers and swim out to the seagulls on your left. You’ll find something floating in the water which turns out to be a Zora. He asks you to help get him to shore, so swim around behind him and hold A to grab him, then push him back towards the land. Once you get there, you’ll witness a somewhat lengthy scene of him struggling several steps and eventually collapsing a few paces away. Go speak with him to learn of his plight, in the form of… a song?

It turns out that he’s a member of the Indigo-Go’s, a Zora band that is supposed to be playing at the Carnival of Time in Clock Town. Their lead singer laid some eggs that were stolen by Gerudo Pirates, and Mikau got beaten up when he tried to go get them back. After the comic relief is over, he’ll plop back down and ask you to “heal his soul.” Play the Song of Healing to witness another sad cutscene in which Mikau hangs out with the band one last time. After it’s over, you’ll receive the awesome Zora Mask.

Map of Great Bay
Afterwards, you’ll be standing in front of the grave you made for the guy, which, if you check it out, has instructions on how to use the mask. Check it out if you’d like (there’s a paraphrased list on the left that explains it in detail). The Zora Mask will make you taller, allow you to swim and grant you the ability to use a couple of new attacks.

Put on the Zora Mask and run into the water. Use A to swim forward (isn’t this awesome?) and go to the teapot-shaped building straight ahead. Climb onto the platform, take off the mask and hit the Owl Statue with your sword to wake it up. Look up to see Tingle floating in the sky. Shoot him down with an arrow and purchase the Map of Great Bay for 20 rupees.

At this point, you can go to the second portion of Great Bay called Zora Cape, (on the south side of your map through the cave-like entrance along the beach,) but there are a few things you should do first.

8.2 Pirates’ Fortress

NOTE: If you are playing the Nintendo 3DS version, you will be acquiring the Stone Mask in this section. It will require a bottle filled with Red Potion. You can buy a potion for 30 rupees at the Trading Post in Clock Town, or purchase it for 20 rupees at the Witch’s Hut in Southern Swamp.

Great Bay Coast
As Mikau told you before he died, Lulu, the lead singer of his band lost her voice because the Gerudo Pirates stole her eggs. You’re going to need to get those things back and avenge the groovy guitar player’s death! Put on the Zora Mask and swim to the northern portion of Great Bay Coast. Along the wall, sink down to the seafloor and you’ll find four boards with skulls painted on them. Using A (or R in the 3DS version), swim into the second from the left to reveal a secret entrance. Go inside.

Gerudo Lagoon
This large area is filled with water and there are several patrol boats (represented by white dots on your map) that circle around the lagoon. If the guards see you, they’ll throw you back into Great Bay. To prevent that from happening, you can either avoid their sight (by staying far back or swimming under the water) or you can simply wear the Stone Mask (if you have it, of course).

Jump into the water and swim to the left side (or ride on one of the boats if you have the Stone Mask). Once there, wait until a patrol passes and climb onto the platform on the far left (northern) side of the map where you’ll come to a Goron Switch. Put on the Goron Mask and use a Goron Pound (A + B) to slam it down. This will open a gate that water flows in through. Put the Zora Mask back on and jump back in the water. You can open the various chests on the seafloor here, which contain red rupees (20). You’ll encounter new enemies here called Skullfish, which tend to appear just in front of you. You can swerve around them without difficulty, or simply tap the R button when you swim towards them to kill them instantly. When you’re done playing around, enter the channel you opened underwater.

Water Channel
As you enter, swim forward and into the boarded hole, then check out the block straight ahead. Grab hold and pull it out, then turn left and break through the boarded hole here as well. At this point, you can press A to rise upwards and swim over the walls here to get to the middle of the area that contains a chest with a red rupee (20). You’ll come to another block, which you can push straight ahead. Walk around the pathway and step into the pump, which shoots you upwards. At this level, go forward and avoid the Spike Mines while staying low so you don’t get blown out by the pump. At the end, press A to float back up, climb up and enter the door.

In this second room, avoid the spikes and open the chest at the other end to get a red rupee (20), then go up the ramp. There’s a cage here with a Piece of Heart inside, but you’ll need to open the door first. Run up the stairs, go to the left and destroy the barrels with Bombs, by rolling into them, or simply Fire Punching them. You’ll find a floor switch that temporarily raises the door for a few moments. NOTE: You can make it easily in the Nintendo 3DS version, but in the Nintendo 64 version, you’ll have to either roll with the Goron Mask or wear the Bunny Hood. Quickly run down the stairs and enter the cage before it closes to get the Piece of Heart.

Step on the switch to leave this small area. If you would like, there is a chest underwater containing a blue rupee (5). Go back up the stairs. Break the barrels next to the stairs and look across the way to see a Crystal Switch. Shoot it with an arrow or use the Double Cutters (Zora Mask + hold B), which temporarily raises the gate to the next area. Jump in the water, (avoid the Spike Mines,) and quickly swim through to the next area.

In this third room, swim along the surface of the water either along the left or right side to avoid the Spike Mines and the pumping water. Swim all the way to the end and climb the ladder at the corner. Once up here, step on the floor switch to temporarily raise the bars blocking the Crystal Switch (which activates the pump). Stand on top of the pump itself and quickly shoot the Crystal Switch before the timer runs out. The pump will activate and you’ll be lifted up. Once you can see the platform, quickly jump off (otherwise the pump will take you to some Spike Mines hanging from the ceiling).

Smash the barrels here for a bunch of rupees, then climb up the ladder and look through the telescope if you wish. Turn around and shoot an arrow (or the Double Cutters) at the Spike Mines to knock them into each other, causing them to explode. This will reveal a Crystal Switch just behind them that you can now shoot, which opens the door.

Gerudo Lagoon
You’ll find yourself back in the large patrol boat area but up on a higher platform. Do NOT jump back in the water!!! Go around the corner, up the ramp and through the doorway to enter the actual fortress.

~ Pirates’ Fortress ~
This area is filled with Gerudo Pirates, and unlike regular enemies, you can’t kill them. You can, however, stun them by hitting them with pretty much anything, knocking them out for several moments. You can sneak up on them and use your sword, but it’s much easier to simply shoot them from afar with arrows. Alternatively, if you have the Stone Mask, you can simply wear that and ignore them entirely.

The Stone Mask – Nintendo 3DS Version ONLY
NOTE: In the Nintendo 64 version, the Stone Mask is acquired in Ikana Valley. However, in the 3DS version, it is located right here in the Pirates’ Fortress. In the center of this area there is a tower that has a tall ladder. There are two crates on the ground floor. Next to the crate to the east of the ladder, if you use your Lens of Truth, you will find a wounded soldier sitting on the ground. You can reach this soldier by shooting the Gerudos with an arrow to stun them briefly and then quickly running over without being seen. Speak with the soldier and give him the Red Potion to heal his wounds. He will reward you with the Stone Mask, making this section of the game considerably easier.

The Hookshot
The first goal is the ladder in the center. It looks tough, but it’s actually very simple. Simply the shoot the guard or two that are walking in your direction on the left and right, then run towards the ladder. When you get near the inner circle of crates, shoot the guard next to the ladder and quickly make a run for it. It’s not really as hard as it sounds. Climb up the ladder, but stop right before the top so you can see above without being seen yourself. There’s a pirate that patrols along the bridge and circles the ladder occasionally. Wait until she’s turned the other way (or far away) and climb up the rest of the way. Shoot her down and quickly run to the opposite side. Enter the door just behind the target at the end.

Run forward and you’ll see a Giant Bee. You’ll see a short scene of it flying into a beehive in the larger room. The screen will then move down and you’ll witness a short conversation between two Gerudos, a nameless on wearing white along with their leader, Aveil. Apparently, Skull Kid told them that if they could gather the Zora Eggs, they’d find a way into the Great Bay Temple, where they hope to find some serious loot. She also reveals that they only have four of the Zora Eggs, while the others are still missing somewhere near some “sea snakes.” Once the clip is over with, shoot the beehive on the ceiling to make it land in the middle of the room. The Giant Bees will attack the Gerudos and chase them out of the room. Nice!

Walk to the end of the pathway and hop down below. NOTE: In the Nintendo 64 version, you’ll have to go back outside and hop down to the lower platform on your right. Enter the door. Inside, now that the guards are gone, you can simply open the large chest in the middle containing an amazingly useful item: the Hookshot. All of those pillars you’ve seen in this area with the “circles” on them are targets, which you can use to latch onto and bring yourself over to them. Now if we you caught by any of the Gerudos, you can use the Hookshot to quickly get back into the fortress (by way of the target on the northern side of Gerudo Lagoon).

Hookshot Room: 1 Zora Egg
Before you leave, turn to the left, where you’ll see a large fish tank. Inside is a glowing orb that looks as if it could be an egg. Hmm… Use your new-found Hookshot to latch onto the wood above the tank (preferably on the left or right) and put on the Zora Mask. Hop into the tank, where you’ll encounter a new enemy called a Blade Trap. You can defeat it if you wish, or simply ignore it. Use a Bottle to swipe up the Zora Egg, then get out of the tank and leave the room.

South: 1 Zora Egg
Turn left and walk down the stairs. At the end here, use the Hookshot to latch onto the target above you to the far south. This leads you to the highest point of the Pirate’s Fortress where there’s a chest containing a red rupee (20). Turn around, jump down (hold forward to roll) and open the chest on your right to get another red rupee (20). Go left, pass the first target and use the Hookshot to latch onto the target in the far southwest corner. Enter the door closest to this target.

In this room filled with barrels, a guard patrols in circles around the middle. When you walk somewhat close to her, she’ll stop and look towards you, making it impossible to run passed her. Wait till her back is turned and run on the far side of her. It’s not hard and you should have no trouble getting to the door. Alternatively, you can simply wear the Stone Mask.

As soon as you enter, both doors slam shut. Run forward to initiate a short clip, starting a battle with a Pirate. These tan young ladies use two swords, but fight much like you do in your normal form (defending as if they had a shield). They also can charge up and perform a Jump Attack, which does a whole heart of damage. They’re vulnerable just before and after they attack, so either smack them repeatedly and hope you get a hit in, or time it so that you can hit them while they’re vulnerable. Surprisingly, she’s fairly vulnerable to a lot of your stunning attacks, giving you plenty of opportunity to deal loads of damage. Once you defeat her, the doors will open. Go up the small staircase and exit.

As you did before, use the Hookshot to grapple up to the wooden overhang above the tank and drop in while wearing the Zora Mask. This one contains another Shell Blade, which you can defeat if you want. Use another Bottle to snag the Zora Egg, then get out of the tank and slash the jars for goodies if you wish. Leave through the door.

Marine Research Lab
NOTE: If you’ve been following the walkthrough, you should have 4 Bottles at this point, regardless of whether you are playing the Nintendo 64 or the Nintendo 3DS version. If you have 4 bottles, skip this paragraph and continue. However, if you didn’t get all four bottles, you’ll have to drop off the two eggs and then return here. To do so, soar to the Owl Statue in Great Bay Coast and climb the ladder to get to the Marine Research Lab. If you talked with Evan at Zora Hall (while wearing the Zora Mask), he’d tell you to bring the Eggs here. Climb up the ladder on the right and get on top of the giant tank, then use your bottles to dump the Eggs in. It may take a few tries to position yourself correctly, since the placement is a bit specific (at least on the Nintendo 64 version), but once you get in the right spot, they should plop in just fine. Once your Bottles are empty, return to Gerudo Lagoon and get back on top of that platform on the left side. Hookshot across using the target against the wall and enter the doorway to get back to the Pirate’s Fortress.

North: 2 Zora Eggs
In the middle of the northern wall is a lower target you can grapple onto. From here, you can get onto the ledge on your left, where you’ll find a door.

In this first room, there’s a Gerudo patrolling back and forth. Simply stand far back and aim your Hookshot between the two barrels. Shoot her as she passes to knock her out (or run by with the Stone Mask) and enter the door on the left side. You’ll fight another Pirate here, so defeat her in the exact same way as before. Enter the next room where you’ll find another Zora Egg in a tank.

This one is guarded by a new enemy, however, called a Desbreko. These things are a huge pain, but luckily there’s a rather easy way to harm them. Hookshot the wooden plank above the tank (on the left or right side) and Z target the evil skeleton fish. At this point, you can hop in with the Zora Mask and press R to electrocute it or you can simply hit it twice with the Hookshot (be careful not to latch onto the chest though). Dive down and open the chest to get a red rupee (20), then swipe up the Zora Egg in a Bottle.

Back outside, repeat the same process to get to the targets on the northern side. When you get to the doorway though, turn around and go use the next target to get to the highest point. There’s a bridge here with a Gerudo patrolling back and forth. Shoot her down when she’s not looking (or wear the Stone Mask) and run to the opposite side where you’ll find a door.

Here, you’ll be in a room with three Gerudos patrolling back and forth and a large chest in the middle containing a Silver Rupee (100). To get it, either wear the Stone Mask and simply… open it… or shoot all three of the guards with arrows, run and open it, then quickly run up the ramp before they see you. You have to be very quick to pull it off, but it is possible. Snag it if you like, then enter the next door where you’ll fight another Pirate. After the other two you’ve already faced, she should be easy.

In the last room, latch onto the wooden overhang above the tank, kill the Shell Blade (if you wish), and snag the last Zora Egg in the Fortress.

Before leaving, there’s one more important thing to do. Go back outside and take a picture of a Gerudo with your Pictograph Box. You can shoot one with an arrow and run up to her limp body to get a good shot of her, or if you have the Stone Mask you can simply stand in front of her and get an excellent one. Make sure you get a good one, then soar back to Great Bay Coast and drop off the Zora Eggs in the Marine Research Lab.

8.3 Pinnacle Rock

The Seahorse
With your Bottles empty and a Pictograph of a Gerudo, go to the shore of Great Bay and enter the little house on the right called the Fisherman’s Hut. Inside, you can chat with the Fisherman if you’d like, who explains that the waters of Great Bay have been uncomfortably warm lately, causing the fish to be scarce. Also, the waters have been very murky, making it impossible to go very far without getting lost and winding up back at shore. Next to him is a tank with a Seahorse in it. If you speak to it, it’ll ask you to help it by taking it back to Pinnacle Rock. The Fisherman will offer to give it to you, in exchange for a picture of one of the “female pirates.” Hand over the Pictograph of the Gerudo we took earlier and he’ll fork over the goods in a Bottle.

If you look out towards Great Bay, on the northern end in the distance are two large stone pillars sticking out of the water. Swim over there, where you’ll find a Zora who will tell you he’s looking for a gold-colored fish to guide him through the murky water to get to Pinnacle Rock. Swim between the two pillars.

Walk down towards the signs and use the bottled Seahorse to release it. It’ll offer to guide you along the correct path to get to the Sea Snakes’ Lair up ahead. Follow it to successfully get through this area. Technically, if you already know the right path, you don’t need the Seahorse at all. At the end, it’ll ask you to help a bit more by defeating all of the giant Sea Snakes up ahead in order to save its friend.

Sea Snake Lair
This place is contains eight holes in the walls (two at each level) that each hold a Deep Python, also known as a Sea Snake. When you get close, they’ll come out and swing their head back and forth trying to grab you. To defeat them, first you have to lure them out. At this point, you have two options:

– Swim around to avoid them, then swim into their vulnerable neck and press R to use the Electric Barrier which will damage them.
– Land on the little ledge at the mouth of the entrance and hold B to charge up the Double Cutter, which you can also use on their soft neck.

Either way you choose, two hits will defeat them. After that, grab the goodies inside the den and venture to another. It’s not really hard, but it is time consuming. You can glance in the entrance of each one to find the ones that have the Zora Eggs, which are the only ones you’re required to kill, but killing all of them will reunite the two Seahorses, who gift you with a Piece of Heart. Once you’ve collected all three Zora Eggs (unfortunately you cannot use the Ocarina underwater), swim up to the top and get lost in the murky water on purpose to return to the start of the area. Swim back through the pillars.

New Wave Bossa Nova
Return to the Marine Research Lab and put the remaining Zora Eggs in the tank. Once they’re all placed correctly, stand in front of the aquarium to witness something special. It seems the Zora children are born as tadpoles who have an affinity for music. Stand in front of Doctor Mizumi and whip out the Ocarina (while wearing the Zora Mask) to learn the wicked awesome tune they show.

With that, you have everything you need to enter the Great Bay Temple. There are a few more things you can get beforehand, though, so put your remaining rupees in the bank and play the Song of Time.

8.4 Great Bay Collection

Making The “Scarecrow’s Song”
Go to the Trading Post in West Clock Town. Inside, you can speak with the Scarecrow here named Pierre. He simply loves music, so why not play him some? Whip out your Ocarina while standing near him and he’ll get excited, asking you to play a song. This is your chance to make up your very own song! Make sure it’s something you can remember! You’ll be using this mysterious song a couple of times throughout the game.

Hole In Termina Field
Now that you have the Zora’s Mask, there’s a Piece of Heart that you can get quickly in west Termina Field. There’s a boulder near the wall you have to jump over with Epona. Break the boulder using Bombs, the Blast Mask, or a Fire Punch with the Goron Mask. Drop down into the cavern and whip out your Hero’s Bow. Shoot the three beehives (one will drop a Piece of Heart into the water) and defeat any Giant Bees that appear. Put on the Zora Mask and jump into the water, pressing R to knock down the Bio Deku Babas that try to attack you. Sink down and grab the Piece of Heart.

Scarecrow’s Song On Snowhead
Next, warp to Snowhead and go back a screen. Use the Goron Mask to roll across the first gap, bringing you to the middle area. Watch out for Ice Keese here, which you may have to shoot with your Hero’s Bow. Look towards the small island off in the distance. Suspicious isn’t it? How do you get out there? Use the Lens of Truth to see some invisible platforms that lead partway over there. Jump along them and once you get to the end, you’ll see Tatl fly over to the island and turn blue. This is your clue to play the Scarecrow’s Song, which will summon Pierre (the Scarecrow). Hookshot him to latch on and get to the island, where you’ll find a Piece of Heart.

Scarecrow’s Song In Great Bay
Soar to Southern Swamp. Slash the nearby bushes for some rupees or take a Pictograph of the Big Octo nearby and turn it in for a quick 20 rupees. Put on the Deku Mask and speak with the Business Scrub at the corner of the Tourist Information building to purchase a Magic Bean for 10 rupees. Hop down and either go to the Magic Hags’ Potion Shop to the northeast or to the Road To Southern Swamp (directly north). In both places there is a pool where you can scoop up some Fresh Spring Water. Soar to Great Bay Coast.

Use the Zora Mask to swim to the northern portion of Great Bay and get on the land. If you look at the metal wall (presumably part of the Gerudo Fortress), you’ll see several smaller platforms. Hookshot to the target on the lowest platform in the middle, directly above the pool. Plant a Magic Bean in the soft soil here and use the Bottle of Fresh Spring Water you got earlier. Ride the Magic Bean Plant to the next platform (which is just a short distance away). Tatl will fly over to the next, far platform and turn blue. Play the Scarecrow’s Song to summon Pierre. Hookshot to him and snag the Piece of Heart.

Feeding The Fish
Jump down and run to the fresh water pool here (or the one a little further south), where you’ll find a ton of Fish. Scoop them in as many Bottles as you have, then soar over to Great Bay Coast (or swim). Enter the Marine Research Lab and press A while standing next to the fish tank near the door. Tatl will mention that she thinks they’d swallow a fish whole. Test that theory by climbing up on top of the ledges nearby and dropping Bottles of Fish into the tank. The fish in the tank will fight over it, but only one will swallow it (and grow larger). Dump all of your fish in there and return to Great Bay to collect more little fishies. Once one of the fish has eaten enough, it’ll swallow the other and spit out a Piece of Heart.

Like Like In The Waterfall
Swim to shore and enter the cave-like entrance along the coast, which leads to Zora’s Cape. Follow the land until you get to a waterfall (you can swim along in the water to move faster). It plunges into a pit in which there are a few enemies. The sandy floor here steadily moves towards the center, where there’s a new enemy called a Like Like, which you want to stay far away from. Sink down with the Zora Mask and kill the Skullfish to get them out of the way. Use your Double Cutters to defeat the Like Like, who will leave behind a Piece of Heart.

Beaver Brothers
Float back up to the surface and look up. There are round platforms along the walls here that have trees on top of them. Head to the lowest one, straight ahead to the north, and use the Hookshot to latch onto the tree. Work your way from platform to platform until you get all the way to the top. Enter the cave that’s near the waterfall to get to Waterfall Rapids.

Inside, you’ll see a short scene showing off the beaver swimming in the middle. Hop in the water and Z target him once you get close enough. He’ll swim down to the bottom of the lake to avoid you, but just be persistent and use the Zora Mask to sink down and speak with this anti-social rodent. He’ll immediately realize you must want a Bottle. How he came to this conclusion is a mystery, but he says you’ll have to fight him for it by playing an elaborate game.

Wear the Zora Mask and jump off the ledge and hold A as soon as you start. Swim after the Beaver who will leads you through a series of rings (in a specific order) until you get to the end. Remember that you have to go through the flashing ring before any others and that the rings themselves are solid (meaning you can bonk into them), so be very careful not to hit them. You can also jump out of the water like a dolphin, but you’ll lose precious seconds when you do this. This is important to avoid in the later races, since it can make you miss some of the double rings.

The first race with the younger beaver is 20 rings in 2:00 minutes. When you complete it, he’ll make you race against his brother for 25 rings in 2:00 minutes. After that, you can race them again with the exact same rules, but you only have 1:50 this time around, making it quite a bit harder.

For beating the game twice, you’ll be gifted with an empty Bottle! At this point, you can speak with them again for a rematch. Same rules, but you have even less time now. If you can successfully beat both races, you’ll get a Piece of Heart.

Skulltula House
There are two houses along the coast of Great Bay. You’ve already been to the Fisherman’s Hut, and now it’s time to venture into the other building, known as the Oceanside Spider House. This is what you will need:

– Bombs
– Hookshot
– Fire Arrows
– Captain’s Hat (Optional Piece of Heart)

Oh, one more thing…

If you are playing the Nintendo 64 version, IT MUST BE THE FIRST DAY OR NIGHT WHEN YOU COMPLETE IT, OR ELSE YOU WON’T GET A PRIZE!!!. In the Nintendo 3DS version of the game, this has changed, and you can complete the Skulltula House on the second or third day. However, you must complete it in a single day.

That being said, you should put your rupees in the bank and play the Song of Time. Get the items listed above and enter on the First Day. Play the Inverted Song of Time to slow down time so that you have more than enough to complete it.

Oceanside Spider House (Great Bay Skulltula House)

Entrance (A)
As you enter, use a Bomb or the Blast Mask on the cracked wall to continue. Kill the Skulltulas and slide down the ramp.

#1-2 On the wall on the ramp.

#3 On the ceiling in the lower part of the room. Use Fire Arrows to burn the cobwebs on the ceiling, then use the Hookshot on the target behind it and enter the door.

As you enter, you’ll probably immediately notice the cobwebs covering the nearby door. You will need to go there later, but first:

#4 Roll into the first large jar.
#5 Roll into the last large jar (burn the spider webs first).
#6 On one of the rafters on the ceiling. Climb on top of the crates, then snag it with your Hookshot.
#7 Behind the mask on the wall above the stairs (wait for it to come up).

That’s it for this floor. Go down the stairs.

#8 While standing on the stairs, look towards the opposite wall. Along the top in a dark crevasse, there’s a Skulltula marching back and forth. Kill and snag it with the Hookshot.
#9 Roll into the lone jar next to a door.
#10 In a jar atop some crates in the corner of the room.
#11 Inside a little hole in the wall. Burn the spider webs and use your Hookshot.
#12 Behind a mask near the last door.

That’s all for this room. Go back up the stair and burn the spider webs covering the door nearest the one you entered from. Enter.

Library (C)
This is the Library. First of all, if you have the Captain’s Hat, go speak with the two Stalchildren in this room to learn some useful information for later (write it down). One’s on the left side of the room at a table, and the other’s on top of a bookcase.

#13-14 On the west side of the room, there is a bookcase against the wall that you can push/pull to the right. Do so to reveal an alcove with two Skulltulas.
#15 On the north end of the room, there are three small bookcases. Pull the outer ones away, then push the middle one to either side to reveal a small hole. Use the Hookshot.

On the right side of the room, there is a bookcase with some of the books missing from it. Use it like a ladder to jump along the tops of all the other bookcases.

#16 Behind a painting, at the northwest corner of the room.
#17 Along the ceiling on the north side of the room.
#18 On top of a bookcase at the southeast corner of the room.
#19 Behind a painting at the southwest part of the room, in a small hole. use the Hookshot.

That’s all for the library. Go to the previous room and go down the stairs. Go around the corner and enter the last door.

Storage (D)
This is the storage room. It’s dank, dusty and covered in white blankets. Watch out for the big Skulltula in the center of the room.

#20 Roll into the brown crate at the north end of the room.
#21 There are some canoes leaning up against the western wall opposite the door. NOTE: In the Nintendo 64 version, the Gold Skulltula is right behind the canoes and you have to stand on top of the crates. In the Nintendo 3DS version, it is along the northwestern wall.
#22 Behind a spider web on the ceiling.
#23 Roll into the brown crate to the left of the door where the boxes are about to start getting higher. Enter the small hole and turn around. It’s above the entrance.
#24 Climb on top of the crates on the left side of the door as far as they will go. Use your Hookshot on the target in the ceiling area on the right side of the room. In this upper area, slash the jars to find the last Skulltula in this room.

You’re done here, exit the room and enter the last door (near the stairs).

Dining Room (E)
This room has a table with four Stalchildren sitting around it. If you have the Captain’s Hat, speak with them to learn the last of the order (write it down).

#25 Roll into the giant jar in the corner, under the red mask.
#26 Behind the painting (Hookshot) closest to the red mask.
#27 Crawling along the dark parts of the ceiling, along the walls. Stand on the table for a good shot.

#28-30 Put on the Goron Mask and use a Goron Pound (A + B).

If you spoke to all six of the Stalchildren, you should have the order as to how you should hit certain targets. This varies from game to game, so you cannot simply look it up. Once you have the completed order, shoot the colored masks on the wall with your Bow in the order that the Stalchildren had said. Go up the stairs, defeat the Skulltula and claim a new Piece of Heart!

When you’re all done, head back to the entrance, Hookshot back across and roll up the ramp with the Goron Mask. At this point, there’s a man here who will give you a nifty prize, but if you are playing the Nintendo 64 version, HE’LL ONLY BE HERE ON THE FIRST DAY OR NIGHT!!! Even on the 3DS version, you will have to have completed the house in one day.

If it’s later than that, sorry, but there was ample warning! Anyway, this random man is seeking shelter from the moon and will give you a lovely prize if you’ll give him the building. Agree and he’ll fork over the Giant Wallet. Awesome!

8.5 Zora Hall

In the middle of Zora Cape is a stone formation that looks like a giant fish with its tail sticking up in the air. Use the Zora Mask to swim into the mouth of the fish, avoiding the Skullfish and Like Like along the way.

This place is very interesting. It’s a Zora music hall! Right now, they’re doing sound tests and the like (which you can “help with,” but it doesn’t actually accomplish anything, sadly). There are also a lot of interesting character interactions, such as taking a picture of Lulu and giving it to her crazed fan upstairs, and even scolding a peeping tom who’s trying to look through the keyhole into Lulu’s room! All of these things don’t really matter for the main quest, but they are still fun to check out. There is, however, a Piece of Heart to get here, so do the following:

Jammin’ Session
Put on the Zora Mask and enter Mikau and Tijo’s room (first door you come to, far right). Speak with Tijo, Mikau’s roommate, who informs you he accidentally broke the ladder. Tijo is playing the cave theme from A Link to the Past on his drums. Use the Hookshot to get to the upper bunk instead and wear the Zora Mask again to read Mikau’s diary, discovering two little diddies:

1st: A, v, >, A – N64 Version
1st: L, R, Y, L – 3DS Version

2nd: v, >, <, v - N64 Version
2nd: R, Y, X, R - 3DS Version

Exit the room and enter the next one, where you can hang out with Japas. The song he's playing on his bass is the dungeon theme from The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System, 1988. If you speak with him, he’ll talk a bit about the situation with Lulu, but go on to say how you (Mikau) and he have been jamming together lately. Whip out the Ocarina (guitar) and play the parts you learned in the diary, adding it on to what Japas plays, and thus creating a larger song:

1st: >, >, v, A, A, v, >, A – N64 Version
1st: Y, Y, R, L, L, R, Y, L – 3DS Version

2nd: <, <, >, v, v, >, <, v - N64 Version
2nd: X, X, Y, R, R, Y, X, R - 3DS Version

The Zoras outside rush to the door to listen to the jamming session and apparently think it’s pretty groovy. After the scene is over with, Japas will sigh and say that Evan, their band leader, wouldn’t like it if he found out they were making songs behind his back. What kind of band IS this? Isn’t that their job…?

Enter the next room down the line, which is Evan’s room. Evan is playing the credits from The Legend of Zelda on his piano. Run up to him and speak with him if you wish, and he just tells you to bring him the Zora Eggs (which, if you did, he’d tell you to take them to the Marine Research Lab). Take off the Zora Mask. Play the complete, 16 note song Mikau and Japas made WITHOUT wearing the Zora Mask (or else it’ll make him jealous). Evan will proceed to steal the song and expand upon it (which comes into play later in the game, as you’ll see). He’ll be pretty proud of himself and bribe you with a Piece of Heart to keep it quiet that he stole the tune. Great way to get sued by the way.

N64 Version
>, >, v, A, A, v, >, A
<, <, >, v, v, >, <, v

3DS Version
Y, Y, R, L, L, R, Y, L
X, X, Y, R, R, Y, X, R

Lulu & The Great Turtle
That’s everything there is to do down here. Go through the hallway and take a left to go outside to where Lulu is sulking. Unlike the last game, the Zora females apparently have clothes now (although the men still don’t). She still doesn’t have her voice, so she can’t speak with you. Tatl will mention that it looks like she’s trying to tell you something (not trying very hard though *grumble grumble*). Turn around and smack the Owl Statue with your sword. Now that you have the song for this area and the Owl Statue, you should, as usual, soar to Clock Town, put your remaining rupees in the bank and play the Song of Time.

Return, play the Inverted Song of Time to slow down time and slash the nearby jars to stock up on goodies. Put on the Zora Mask and play the New Wave Bossa Nova for Lulu. She’ll sing along, and thus, wake up a giant sea turtle! It’ll yawn and explain that it apparently hears everything that happens in the ocean, even while asleep. After a moment, it’ll tell you to get on its back so it can take you to the Great Bay Temple and vanquish the evil there. If you speak with it at this point, it’ll explain that you can do this by using the Hookshot. Do exactly that and away you go! Along the way, you’ll see a humorous scene of the Gerudos attempting to get into the temple themselves, but the “dragon storm” stops them easily.

  • Natt

    Hey what happened to the pictures and stuff? The layout changed, it’s not as helpful now:l

    • Mases Hagopian

      Since the upgrade in 2012, this chapter hasn’t had images. I am working on it for the 3DS version and this should be completed within the next week or so.

      • Natt

        2012? I swear it all of it had images then suddenly it kind of updated itself over night?

      • MarkofWisdom

        Your work is really appreciated, its makes finding a lot of the hidden side things much, much easier =D

  • Philotz

    You can’t beat the beaver brother when you play on Projekt64 2.1 the timer just runs out to fast …

    • Ryuzaki

      Yeah! I’ve finished on Project64 and that minigame was a pain to finish

      As for the Wii’s Virtual Console It was much easier

    • Crinkz

      I ended up using 1964 for this game due to the minigame timers running to fast. Make sure to go to emulation > counter factor > 2 x 1 half rate (default). Not sure if theres somethin’ similar in project64

    • guest

      in project64, options->settings-> Config: The Legend of Zel(…)
      change ‘Counter Factor:’ to ‘1’
      change ‘Vi Refresh Rate:’ to ‘1500’, or lower if you need.
      uncheck ‘Sync using Audio’.

      OK or Apply, then restart emulator.

      You can reset page after done with minigames, which is usually when needing to tweak n64 timers.

  • A concerning 1st timer on 3ds

    Could you please tell me where in this “pirate area “i get the stone mask in the 3ds version :3
    Thank you in advance :D

    • Some helpful guy

      It’s just under the central tower once you get into the Gerudo base, Navi will give you a hint that the soldier is there and then you use the eye of truth to see him and give him the red potion.

      • Bombkirby

        Tatl will guide you. Navi is from OoT.

        • Robert Dxd

          I am there right now, but I ran out of magic in the zora parts, I cannot for the live of me find a Magic refill around here, anyone know a spot?

    • Mases Hagopian

      Yes, right underneath the tower where all the Gerudo Guards are located. I’m updating this section right now and will have screenshots shortly.

  • TehSheepSlayr

    Does anyone know when the rest of this guide will be updated for the 3D remake?

    • Mases Hagopian

      It is being updated as we speak. If you refresh every few hours, more screenshots and updated text are occurring.

      • TehSheepSlayr

        Ok cool thanks.

  • Evan

    Wow. Has the swimming ever changed in 3ds version. It’s not as good as n64 now. You have to use the magic ability to get a good swim going.

    • Mases Hagopian

      Yes, you are exactly right. Uses magic.

  • Aaron

    I finished the ocean skulltula house on the morning of the third day and the guy was still there to give me the wallet (on the new 3d version). Maybe they removed his timing in the remake so he always show up?

    • Mases Hagopian

      Thanks Aaron, I will add this note.

  • Link

    Oh OK you’re still updating. I thought something happened because I still see the same text for the next few chapters. I was checking ahead of chapters to see if you made note of the Giants Mask being moved to the middle of the twinmold boss fight.

  • Travis Collins

    How do i get past the skull boards i can’t get past the second from the left

    • TehSheepSlayr

      You have to dash into it by holding R to boost your speed.

      • Mikau

        you can also use targeting while standing on the sea floor and roll. for some reason, you have to be targeted to roll though.

  • TehSheepSlayr

    The text says that the heart piece in the skulltula house is #34, but ive been following this guide and only have 30 heart pieces so far.
    Am i missing 4 heart pieces or is the guide wrong in the counting?

    • TehSheepSlayr

      Also can you put an item checklist at the beginning/end of each chapter that adds up how many heart pieces, masks, etc you should have at that point? That would help a lot for getting 100%

      • Mases Hagopian

        Yes we will be adding that, probably today actually. Sorry about that. Just in a rush to get everything out there it doesn’t have the final polish. Some of the hearts are different in the 3DS version, compared to N64, so the numbers in the guide are a tad off.

  • Mojomanmax

    Just FYI you can use the guitar In the water you just need to be standing on the bottom of the ocean.

    • CpaM

      Not on N64

  • David

    You can use the Zora’s guitar underwater to return to the lab quicker.

    • Rigma

      Was just about to comment this.

      • Christian Mendoza

        Yes you are able to use the guitar underwater

    • CpaM

      …not on the N64 version…

  • skywalker4004

    FYI if you attack the three Gerudo pirates in goron form they go down in 4-5 punches without all the fancy sword work.

    • Arcona

      Sweet, although by this point you should have the gilded sword so its like 3 or 4 slashes.

      • LinksClone

        yeah i had the gilded sword and just rekt them with arrows

    • Midnafan

      3 hits with the Gilded Sword, they’re pathetic. :/

  • minilink

    Do not dump the egg on the floor in front of the guy at the aquarium. It will turn into a fish and will not register as an egg if you scoop it up and put it in the tank. You’ ll be forced tofind that particular egg again. Sniff sniff….

    • Lonk

      Why would you dump it in front of the guy in the first place lol, he tells you to put it in the tank– and well, that just seems like the obvious thing to do ahah. Tough luck :C

      • minilink

        I didn’t pay attention to what he said. Just kept mashing buttons. Haste makes waste….

    • Midnafan

      i can’t believe it turns into a fish, what a punishment XD

  • Twinbowser

    Just a heads up- You mention at the beginning of the Pirate’s Fortres – Gerudo Lagoon section that players can wear the stone mask if they got it with you earlier in the chapter, but the explanation for how to get it is currently several sections below that paragraph, which is confusing.

    • CpaM

      On the N64, the Stone mask can be obtained before Gerudo Lagoon ( Explained in chapter 7 of the walkthrough) but that explanation is for 3DS players, whose game works differently in some places

  • chris asberry

    So the captains hat will be later in the 3ds version right?

    • LinksClone

      no they already covered the captain mask in a previous chapter in chapter 7

      • chris asberry

        Since it had bold this was for the n64 version I ended up skipping it but I went back and got it just now anyways.

  • Jamesdean

    how do you do gimme a break? been trying for 30 minutes and can not do it!

    • anon

      Stand in front of the central jar, then shoot at it as a Zora.
      Observe how your fins fly. If they fly behind the 2 jars in the back, you need to go back a little; if they fly in front of the 2 jars in the back, you need to get a bit closer. At some point you’ll get the distance right and break all jars in a single attack.

  • dsadsa

    you should get the 5th bottle with kafei s quest, it helps a lot in the fish part
    and comes with chateau romani too!

  • shinylux

    do you have to talk to lulu in the same cycle you collected the 7 eggs?

    • anon

      No, but you need to learn the song in the same cycle you collect the eggs.
      After that you can play the song to Lulu in any cycle you wish.

  • GerudoKnight

    Okay, something really odd happened with my game.
    So after I had gotten my Zora Eggs I decided to put them in the Lab, and had dumped them all in to the right tank. I don’t know if there’s some correct position or whatever, but that’s not what the walkthrough said, so I just did whatever. I did the Seahorse side quest right after, and after getting the heart piece, got back to the Lab, and nothing is happening. I am literally clueless, because it says to get all the eggs, and I did gather them all up and put them in the tank. What now??? =/

    • GerudoKnight

      D’oh, looks like I’m just stupid, there are apparently 7 eggs? Huh.

      • Majora

        Well clearly this idiot has not collected all 7

    • Jason Jackson

      How many eggs did you rescue… there are 7

  • Robert Dxd

    There is literally no where to refill magic in the Pirate Fortress is there?
    Its impossible to get the Stone mask without teleporting away and redoing shit
    Even in their strong points, Nintendo fails horribly god damnit

    • Annalysia

      I got the Stone Mask on my first try (3DS version). I shot each guard between where you initially enter the Pirate Fortress and the guard with the Mask, then booked it over to the guard. There’s plenty of time to get the Mask and equip it before the stunned pirates come to.
      And as for refilling magic, there are some barrels, crates, and jars throughout the Fortress that can drop magic jars.

      • Robert Dxd

        I searched through the entire fortress before the mask about 10 times, never saw a single one

      • Muayiad Mohammad

        They never dropped jars, only rupees and arrows.

        • Jigo

          they didn’t drop anything for me -.- smashed them as a goron..will try with bombs when i’m motivated again…dead-end-puzzles suck

    • Anon

      It takes no time at all to get back to that area once you get the hookshot, which doesn’t require magic.

      • Forrest

        Hahahahaha same thing happened to me…. Had to get the hookshot then come back in after grabbing green potions

      • Midnafan

        it’s not even two hard to get back before you get it, cause you don’t have to smash any more boards or move any blocks (those are what took up all my magic in the first place)

    • Muayiad Mohammad

      That fucked me up good. Had to go back literally bought 3 green potions to keep just in case…

  • Jacob

    On the snake hole part the walkthrough says “too bad you can’t play the ocarina under water.” While that is true, the Zora transformation has a guitar not an ocarina. The guitar however CAN be played under water. Idk if this is just for the 3DS version but they still need to put some more research into this guide. I mean didn’t they even notice that the guitar icon wasn’t faded indicating you can use it? This is still the best guide out right now. I just thought I’d throw that out there since it saves some time and it’s a pain in the ass doing all that swimming.

  • Muayiad Mohammad

    Fuck those goddamn beavers 30 fucking times and still couldn’t do it with the 2nd round on 2:00…next is 1:50??!?!?! Yeah fucking right…

    • disqus_FDWDa2HfU6

      It helps to drink the Chateau Milk, which gives you unlimited magic power. You can hold down A and R the whole way

      • Muayiad Mohammad

        Thank you, finally was able to do it with the milk trick. Nice pic btw :)

      • Midnafan

        omg i was wondering the whole time if Link could just swim any faster ;____;

  • Lady Ivory

    You can use the ocarina underwater or really his Fish guitar :P well on the 3ds version, I’ve tried. :)

  • Saiyanwarrior

    Guide says I cant play ocarina to soar back after the golden sea horse heart piece, however I can sink to the bottom with zora and play guitar to soar back. (3ds version)
    Great guide btw, works well on my mobile.

  • Eduardo Rocha

    Any tips on the beaver game? I can’t even do the game for the bottle…

  • kuroshiz

    For the beaver minigame 3DS version, I didnt get a piece of heart the second time I played it, instead i got a fishing pass?? O.o I already got the bottle >.<

  • MuffinK

    How the hell are you supposed to get ANY magic in the pirate fortress? I can’t get the stone mask because my magic is gone and the crates don’t drop any vials.

    • anonymous

      You got to bring your own green potion if you’ve used all of it up. On the big ladder area where you climb, you will find the solider with the lens of truth.

    • Midnafan

      this happened to me too cause i had a hard time learning to use R while swimming (my god was it difficult just trying to swim, every time i pressed one button or another i was either diving to the floor or swimming to the ceiling…). I had to leave, get 2 green potions, and come back.

  • MuffinK

    I got lost in the “North – 2 eggs” section. The image and what I see after coming out of the tunnel don’t match. I am clueless right now.

    • MuffinK

      Got past the first section of that part, but then the guide says to repeat the process on the northern wall. You come out of the northern wall. The details are very lacking here.

  • Guest

    The stupid fisherman won’t take my pictures. What does he want to do with the picture anyway, fap to it?

    • Panic_Center

      Talk to the seahorse in the tank, rather than the fisherman.

      And most likely, yes.

  • MuffinK

    Is there a way to change the scarecrow’s song? I fucked it up.

    • denzel4206969

      do the song of time and then try again

    • anonymous

      Are you playing the 3DS version or the Nintendo 64 one. The 3DS version allows you to remember your Scarecrow song in the music area that remembers notes for you. Easy notes for me is L R Y X A L R Y

      • MuffinK

        I know, but I don’t like the one I accidentallly created (Yes, 3ds version)

    • Adam Boyer

      save before you go see him, go back in time if you don’t like and do it again. your only a few steps away from him i did inverted epona song

  • amonymous

    To get fresh water from the Swamp Area, don’t go by what he mention. Just take your empty bottle and go to the water where it’s enough for your bottle to swipe it and then buy the beans from the business Scrub that sales it. Easier and faster that way.

  • Domina

    I was a little sad at the fact that they changed Zora Link’s swimming. I miss swimming across the water at high speeds. Y’know, without having to use magic.

    • Adam Boyer

      yeah i was able to do that a few times, swim hold A angel joystick up or (down if inverted) and press R to skid across the water. pretty much the same as the Goron power has to come from somewhere

  • ZoraLink

    How do you get in the Pirate’s Fortress???

    • ZoraLink

      It says “Using A (or R in the 3DS version), swim into the second from the left to reveal a secret entrance. Go inside.” I don’t get how.

      • Jigo

        just figured out (3DS):
        a) sink down to the 2nd from left.
        b) press “A” for swim mode, then quickly press R before going up to far and release to”charge” forward threw the board !

    • ZoraLink

      Nevermind, I got it.

    • Lostandconfused

      How did you get it to work coz I can’t get in

      • Lostandconfused

        Ok it’s press and hold R while swimming

  • finny

    I just want to come say…. the swimming is near impossible in this game. Nintendo should definitely introduce a DL patch that fixes this. We should be more vocal about this issue as the Beaver game is just not even fun because the swimming sucks so bad…

    • sdsds

      took me like 2 hours to get the heart

      • finny

        the only way I could do it was drink the 200 rupee milk

      • Lonk

        just don’t press R, you can finish all four races within the time without ever pressing the R button

    • Adam Boyer

      try inverting the option joystick option i always go down to look up or go up to look down but swimming is all backwards if you don’t have the controls inverted

      • finny

        Thanks, that helped a lot!

  • Maggs

    I’m playing the 3ds version. I killed all the skulltulas but the guy gives me a fishing pass instead of the wallet. wtf?! I’ve tried it twice now, once on the second day and once on the first. I definitely finished in one day.

  • Myles

    I can’t hook shot to the ledge in great bay, where do you have to stand??

  • Kishi

    by the way…you can use the ocarina underwater in the 3ds version. I just did it XD

  • Mr Zeem

    You forgot to mention in the guide that you have to play the Scarecrow’s Song to get to the 3rd platform on your way to the top of the waterfall. This is how it is in the 3DS version, not sure about N64.

    • danpmss

      You can easily climb there without the scarecrow (I did it myself).

  • AwkardPlacedRings

    Excuse me, but has anyone tested this theory?
    As each day passes, the Beaver Race changes its course on the two branched out routes/
    I raced the Beavers on the second day with no problem. But on my fourth race against the Big Beaver that enters the 3rd day, he suddenly took a completely different route which caught me off guard.

    • TheWorldNeedsAnEnema

      This is essentially what happened to me; it wasn’t until the fourth race that the route changed. I wasn’t paying close attention to the day boundaries (too busy swearing), but I do recall it being Day 2, maybe Day 3 by the time I was done with all races.

    • Midnafan

      i noticed that the route changed too (the second route i saw was one that went through more tunnels) but im not sure about the day either, i think it changed several times while i was trying to finish that darn race. however i only remember seeing two routes.

  • TheWorldNeedsAnEnema

    [N64 on GC] Those clam things are kicking my ass. I target and try to throw the Zora blades, but I think the tank is too narrow; they “clink” off of something before reaching it. Punching only gets me hurt, even though I wait for the mouth to open and turn towards me. I know they can be avoided, but where’s the fun in that? Someone flash some knowledge and share the trick to defeating them, please.

  • Lim Tambesis

    “canoes” Are you fucking kidding me? Those are sarcophagi.

  • Midnafan


  • Midnafan

    Besides that stupid beaver race, this is probably the most fun section of the game so far, the Great Bay seems to be the most diverse and unique area, and being a Zora is really cool (the swimming isn’t always perfect though, it’s pretty easy to loose the flow of it and have the camera angles get screwy, especially when going between above water and under water views)

  • Midnafan

    I made the biggest mistake with my Scarecrow’s song. I wanted to do something fun so I looked up how to play the ballad of the goddess on the game’s ocarina (i didn’t know you could change the notes with the circle pad, that’s really cool). so itll be super easy to remember, but when i played it for the scarecrow i played it reeeeallly slow, and now no matter how fast i play it the scene for the scarecrow’s song plays it as slow as when i first input it. XD i have sit for a like a minute for it to finish playing XD