Majora’s Mask Walkthrough – Collection

4.1 Post Temple Collection #1

NOTE: This entire chapter consists of optional content. Before heading on to the mountains, there are a ton of new goodies to collect, however, none of these items are necessary. If you are simply concerned with the main quest, move on ahead to Chapter 5.

Cleansing Of The Swamp (Deku Princess)

With Odolwa (the boss of the Woodfall Temple) defeated, the Swamp will return to normal, meaning that the poison is now gone and new vines have grown. Simply smashing! A new entrance to the temple has been revealed, and you will find yourself inside of it. Tatl will exclaim how awesome Link is as well as apologize for being a jerk earlier on in the game. So touching. The two of them will then hear a sound in the background, at which point you will regain control.

Slash the vines to reveal the Deku Princess! Oh jolly day! She’ll thank you for rescuing her and helping her friend, the monkey. After a moment though, she realizes that he’s in trouble and becomes frantic, begging you to find a means of transporting her. Anything will do! Well, this’ll sound downright silly. Take that bottle of yours and swipe it at her. You have a Bottled Princess!

Great Fairy of Power
Your goal is to bring the Princess back to the Deku Palace, but first, you’ll need to make a detour. In each of the dungeons in the game, there are fifteen Stray Fairies that can be collected for fantastic rewards. If you didn’t collect them all, check out the end of the last chapter to see their locations and hunt them down. With all of them in hand, go to the south end of Woodfall. You can either jump in the water and swim around or teleport to the Owl Statue. Once there, use the Deku Flowers to reach the cave-like entrance in the far south wall. Inside, run forward and the Stray Fairies will reunite into the Great Fairy of Power, who will enhance an ability. NOTE: In the Nintendo 64 version, this will enhance your Spin Attack ability, where as in the Nintendo 3DS version, this will upgrade your magic meter, doubling its size.

Back outside the cave, if you look off to the right (east), you’ll see a large chest on one of the far platforms. There is a Piece of Heart here that was covered back in Chapter 2, but if you haven’t gotten it yet, use the Deku Flowers to reach it. At long last, exit Woodfall, jump down into the water, enter the Deku Palace and head to the throne room in the back.

Saving The Monkey
When you arrive in the throne room, run up to the raised area and dump out the Princess in front of the Deku King. You’ll then get the pleasure of witnessing a humorous clip in which the Deku Princess jumps on her father in anger and frightens all of the other Deku in the room. She demands for the Monkey’s release and apologizes to him profusely. They are both grateful for what you’ve done for them and for Woodfall by cleansing the Temple. As reward, there’s a little something the Deku have to give you that you’ll find in the Deku Shrine, to the right when you exit the palace. When you leave the throne room, as soon as you get past the guards, turn right (lower left side of the map) and hop across the lily pads. Also, you can press A before leaving each lily pad to spin across the water, making this process faster. At the end, enter the cave-like entrance to find the Deku Shrine the Princess spoke of.

Deku Shrine (Mask of Scents)
Because you saved the princess, the Deku are going to give you a special gift. Speak with the Deku Butler to begin a sort of race in which you must follow him through a long and twisted maze that is specifically designed to spite you. Whenever you’re ready, simply speak with the Deku Butler to begin. Here’s some insight/tips on how this works:

  • The Deku Butler moves slowly if you are far away and moves quickly when you’re close.
  • Follow the light of his candle; you’ll often see it on the floor in the direction he took.
  • If you have the Bunny Hood, wear it, since it makes this much easier.
  • Use the Deku Mask and spin with A when you need to cross water. This will allow you to get across quickly.
  • Ignore the rupees. If you really need cash, there are much better places to acquire it.

As soon as you start, run forward and go left twice.

Climb up the steps in the next area, then put on the Deku Mask. Hop across the water, then go left and right. Hop across more water, then take another left.

Take off the Deku Mask and jump across the platforms. You can take the long way (green rupees), or take the shortcut (red rupees) while wearing the Bunny Hood. Next go right, then left.

Put on the Deku Mask. Hop across to the opposite side using the platforms. Turn right, repeat, turn left, repeat. Switching to the Bunny Hood now would be wise if you have it. Follow the path, then take either the left or right option.

In the Nintendo 64 version, this room has flaming walls between some of the pillars when you get close to them and they will burn Deku Link, so be sure you aren’t wearing the Deku Mask. In the Nintendo 3DS version, these are replaced by just solid bars. Hug the right wall, then once you come to the flames, simply run to the opposite side of the room and continue on to the exit.

When climbing these stairs, make sure you run along the grooved “steps” and not the smooth parts, which will make you slide down and lose valuable time. Watch out for the rolling boulder and climb the next staircase. At the big open area, take a left, then take a right.

In the large open room, run forward and shoot the Crystal Switch with an arrow, temporarily removing the flames. Jump across the platforms, then continue on to the end. It doesn’t matter which way you choose at this point.

Once you make it to the finish line, you can run forward and speak with the Butler, who will reward you with the Mask of Scents. Yay! He’ll then apologize for going so fast. He explains that you greatly remind him of his son, who has been gone for a long while now, whom he used to race against. I wonder who his son is… Hmm… That’s all we had to do here, so step into the light to leave.

Koume’s Target Game
If you’d like another Piece of Heart, then soar to Southern Swamp. If you rescued Koume earlier, she’ll be waiting for you in the Swamp Tourist Information building. However, if you played the Song of Time (before you entered the Woodfall Temple) then you’ll have to rescue her again.

NOTE: If you return to the Magic Hags’ Potion Shop in the Nintendo 3DS version, Kotake will fly into the Woods of Mystery. When traveling through the Woods of Mystery, you will pass by Kotake. After seeing the hurt Koume, you can talk to Kotake who will give you a free Red Potion to give to Koume. In the Nintendo 64 version, Kotake never goes to the Woods of Mystery and instead, you’ll have to meet Koume, then return to the Potion Shop to fill up a free bottle of Red Potion, and then bring it back to Koume. Alternatively, you can just buy the Red Potion flat out to avoid the hassle of going back and forth.

Red – Day 1
Yellow – Day 2
Blue – Day 3

Anyway, enter the Woods of Mystery with your crimson elixir and either follow the monkey or use the provided map. Remember that the correct path changes depending on which day you enter the woods. At the end, give the Red Potion to Koume. Before you leave, in case you’re curious, you can put on the Mask of Scents to see Mushrooms (looks like a poof of smoke on the ground). Swipe at them with a bottle to collect them if you want, which you can then bring to Kotake and have her whip up some Blue Potion for free.

Enter the Tourist Information building again and speak with Koume who is now in the little alcove off to the side. Now that the poison is cleared up and you have the Bow, you have the option of playing a little game for target practice! It’s pretty easy and cheap, so don’t let it pass you by! The first time is free, but each time after that will cost you ten rupees.

This game is pretty self-explanatory. You take the boat cruise as usual, but now you use the Hero’s Bow rather than the Pictograph Box. Koume flies around and holds a target below her broomstick. You want to avoid hitting Koume herself, since if you hit her ten times, you’ll have to start over. Each time you hit the target, it will reappear after a moment. You only need twenty points to win this mini-game, so after that, getting a higher score is just for fun.

Some tips that may help would be to press the B button rapidly (though that’s dangerous, as you may hit Koume) or to aim where you think the target will be next and release the B button once the target is in your line of sight.

While it may take you a few tries, this game becomes easy with practice. Once you’ve accomplished this miraculous feat, you’ll be rewarded with an Empty Bottle. NOTE: In the Nintendo 64 version of the game, you get a Piece of Heart as a reward instead. That’s all the stuff you need to do after the Woodfall Temple, so go ahead and soar back to Clock Town, put your remaining rupees in the bank and play the Song of Time.

4.2 Item Collection #2

Photo Contest
First on the agenda is the photo contest at the Swamp Tourist Center, which only occurs while the swamp is still covered in poison. There’s two pictures you can take that will grant you a Piece of Heart:
– Deku King
– Tingle

Of those two options, Tingle is by FAR the easiest. You can find him either in North Clock Town or on the Road to Southern Swamp (area between Termina Field and Southern Swamp, just north of the Owl Statue actually). You may want to shoot him down to get a good picture of him (the game’s a bit picky sometimes) then return to the Tourist Information building and enter. Speak with the big guy (who mentions something about his embarrassing son) and show him the picture. He’ll be a little flabbergasted and grant you a Piece of Heart in reward. You can take a picture of the Big Octo nearby and hand that in as well for 20 Rupees.

Fearful Skulltula House
Next up is the Fearful Spider House, but you’ll need a few things before you enter. Be sure to grab the following:
– Arrows (slash bushes)
– Deku Sticks (slash the bush next to the Owl Statue)
– 2 Magic Beans (Business Scrub outside of the Tourist Information Center).

NOTE: If you have the Hookshot already, you will not need to purchase the Magic Beans, and likewise, won’t need to get Fresh Water while in the hut. However, if you are following along with the guide, we won’t be getting the Hookshot for quite some time.

Go outside, put on the Deku Mask and speak with the Business Scrub to purchase two Magic Beans (which you’ll use in a little bit). Be sure you have a Deku Stick (by slashing the bushes near the Owl Statue). With that, you’re finally ready to head to the second half of Southern Swamp (where it’s all poison). There are a few different ways to get there:

– Warp to Woodfall, fly and hop to the south end and drop down.
– Go clockwise through Southern Swamp, hopping with the Deku Mask along the lily pads, logs and flowers, shooting the Big Octo with an arrow.
– Give a bottle of Red Potion to Koume in the Woods of Mystery, then get a free boat ride from her.
– Take a picture of anything and hand it in, choosing the “boat ride” option, then disembark when you get to the Deku Palace.

Out of those options, the boat ride is by far the easiest. However you get there, continue going clockwise through the southern part of Southern Swamp. You’ll find a large funny-looking building of sorts that you can reach by hopping along the lily pads. The entrance has a spider web blocking it, but you can burn that down by lighting a Deku Stick on the nearby torch.

Inside, you’ll meet a guy who’s got a spider curse on him. He asks you to clear out all of the spiders in the depths of this building. After you kill each one, you need to touch the tokens they leave behind or they’ll just appear again. Once you’ve collected all 30 tokens, return to the entrance and the spider dude will give you a nifty prize. Sounds good, right? When you’re ready, enter the door.

Entrance (A)
Inside, you’ll meet a guy who’s got a spider curse on him (I HATE it when that happens!) who asks you to clear out all of the spiders in the depths of this building. After you kill each one, you need to touch the tokens they leave behind or they’ll just appear again. Once you’ve collected all 30 tokens, return to the entrance and the spider dude will give you a nifty prize. In each room, just listen for the sounds the spiders make and hunt them down until the room is quiet. Toss either of the rocks here to find bugs, which you can swipe up in your Bottle(s). Enter the door.

Central Chamber (B) – Skulltulas 1-5

1. At the bottom of the ramp moving back and forth within the water.

2. Move up and down along the pillar at the northeast corner of the room.

3. Inside of a jar, just to the left of the ramp.

4. There is a soft soil patch on the wall at the east end of the room. Release bugs from your Bottle and they will crawl into the patch, causing a Skulltula to pop out.

5. There is a second soft soil patch on the wall at the west end of the room. Release bugs from your bottle and they will crawl into the patch, causing a Skulltula to pop out.

You will need one more Bottle of bugs in a later room. However, you will also need a Bottle of fresh water in the next room, so be sure to snag that before progressing. Once you’ve gotten the first five Skulltula tokens, head through the door on the left side of the room.

Tombstone Room (C) – Skulltulas 6-10

6. Roll into the crate that is third from the wall at the northwest part of the room.

7. Roll into a crate near the southwest part of the room to find a Skulltula.

8. At the northeast part of the room, use a Bomb or the Blast Mask to blow up the boulder. Then plant a Magic Bean and use fresh water to cause it to grow. Ride the plant to the western wall where you will find the Skulltula crawling around.

9. On top of the large tombstone in the center of the room. Climb up to the second floor and then jump over to the tombstone.

10. At the northeast corner of the room, hidden behind the lit torch.

You will need one more Bottle of bugs, so you can backtrack to the entrance to grab it. Once you are ready, head through the door to get back to the main chamber, now on the second floor.

Central Chamber (B) – Skulltulas 11-13

11. Found on the pillar at the northwest corner of the room.

12. Found along the northern wall a bit higher up. Use an arrow or bubble to defeat the Skulltula. Then use the Deku Flower to grab the token.

13. Use the Deku Flower to get over to the east end of the room. At the southeast portion of the room, use a Bottle of bugs near the soft soil patch to cause a Skulltula to pop out.

Next, head through the door to the east, on the second floor of the central chamber.

Room With Giant Jars (D) – Skulltulas 14-20

14-15. Once you enter the room, look up and you’ll find five beehives. Two of them are holding Gold Skulltulas. Knock them down with your Bow or with a bubble and collect the tokens.

16-17. There are five large pots in this room. The one at the north end of the room and the the second from the south end both have Skulltulas inside of them. Roll into the pots to cause the Skulltulas to pop out.

18. There are a few small pots at the south end of the room. Slash at the front one to find the Skulltula.

19. At the north end of the room, slash at the wall to reveal a pathway where you will find a Skulltula right around the corner.

20. There is a Deku Scrub that is fast asleep. Play the Sonata of Awakening to cause it to wake up and run off. Use the Deku Flower to reach the higher ledge to the north where you will find a Gold Skulltula along the wall.

There is a rock here that has some bugs beneath. If you missed any of the previous soft soil Skulltulas, be sure to snag some bugs. However, no more bugs are needed for the remainder of the Skulltulas. Head through the door to get to the next room.

Golden Room – Skulltulas 21-24

Slash the Crystal Switch here to form a ladder that you’ll use in just a bit. You will need some more fresh water in this room, so you can jump down and head through the door to the south to get back to the central chamber and fill up a Bottle.

21. In the center of the room you will find four beehives on the ceiling. The one closest to the north end of the room has a Skulltula, so shoot it down using an arrow.

22. There is a Skulltula moving up and down the pillar at the northeast part of the room.

23. There is a Skulltula along the wall where the ladder had appeared. Shoot it down and then climb the ladder to snag the token.

24. There is a Skulltula higher up on the wall at the north end of the room. Plant a Magic Bean at the northwest part of the room and then pour some water to cause it to grow. Ride the plant to the Skulltula and swipe at it to collect the token. Use the plant again to get to the door at the north end of the room and head on through.

Tree Room – Skulltulas 25-30

25. There are two beehives in the tree. The one to the northeast has a Gold Skulltula hidden inside, so shoot it down with an arrow or a bubble.

26-28. Roll into the large tree in the center of the room and three Gold Skulltulas will fall out. Run around the room to defeat them.

29-30. There are two more Skulltulas around the perimeter of the room, one of which will crawl around.

Once you have successfully gathered each token, return to the entrance and speak with the cursed man. Now that the curse has been lifted, he’ll be a Hylian again. He’ll thank you and give you the Mmask that caused all this mess. This is actually an amazing one to have, as it will help you collect all of the rest of the masks found in the game!

Training With The Postman
Our next destination is over at the Post Office. If it’s already the third day, you’ll have to play the Song of Time and start a new three day cycle. NOTE: This event is available in the Nintendo 3DS version from 3pm until 6pm on the first or second day. However, in the Nintendo 64 version, this event is available from 3pm until 12am on both days as well.

Enter the Post Office in West Clock Town and speak with the Postman to play a little game.

Press A to begin, which starts a timer. The goal is to press A again once the timer reaches exactly 10 seconds. It can be a bit tricky and may take several tries. Try bobbing your head to the beat or tapping the controller with your finger (hitting A at 10 obviously).

For some reason, if you wear the Bunny Hood while playing this game, the timer will remain visible, rather than disappearing after the first few seconds. This makes it incredibly easy to stop it at the correct time.

When you have successfully completed this task, he’ll gift you with a Piece of Heart. You’re going to need at least 50 Rupees here soon, so you may just want to play this game again, since it’s fairly easy.

The Shade Of Stone
In Termina Field, there are several holes with four Gossip Stones inside. If you speak to them while wearing the Mask of Truth, they’ll say they all wish to be the same color. To do this, you put on one of the transformation masks and play the song for that area. The only set you have right now is the Deku Mask with the Sonata of Awakening, so that’s the one you’ll have to use (green). The other ones will be available later on in the game, but it doesn’t matter right now. In each of the four holes in Termina Field, play that song for the biggest stone to change its color. Once all four are the same color, you’ll be gifted with a Piece of Heart. Each of the four holes are found near the entrances of the four regions of Termina.

Next, you’ll need at least 50 rupees. Either go gather that much or pull it out of the bank, then head over to Milk Road. Play the Song of Double Time until it’s the final day (the worker will have broken the boulder by then). Proceed into Romani Ranch and go to the very back where there are two doors. Enter the one on the left which leads to Mamamu Yan’s Doggy Racetrack.

Pick up a dog and bring it Mamamu Yan. Place a bet of anywhere from 10 to 50 rupees and watch the speedy little devils go at it!

This game is one of great chance, mostly not in your favor. There are tons of little doggies to choose from, but only a few are actually fast. Even if you pick a fast one, it may get caught behind some of the others and you’ll still lose your bet. To make the entire experience much easier on yourself, wear the Mask of Truth when picking your pooch to hear their thoughts. When you get one that says something like:

“There’s no way I’ll lose!”
“I feel unstoppable!”
“My paws feel lighter than air!”

…you’ve found your pup. Bet as much as you can for easy money. Your winnings are not guaranteed since the puppies will block each other, but you’ll at least break even if not come out ahead each time if you pick a faster breed.

Use the Mask of Truth, pick a fast puppy and bet large. If you manage to get 150 rupees or more in winnings, you’ll receive a Piece of Heart.

Shooting For Quivers
At this point, you should probably put your rupees in the bank and play the Song of Time. The last collectibles to grab come from several fairly difficult mini-games which each yield pretty sweet prizes if you’re successful. Go gather 200 rupees or pull that much out of the bank, then enter the Shooting Gallery in East Clock Town.

Shoot the red Octoroks for one point each. Avoid hitting the blue ones, as they reduce your remaining time. That’s really all there is to it. The pattern is different for each file, but it doesn’t change within the game. After a few tries, you should memorize the Octoroks’ locations. The only other trick is to work your way from left to right or vice versa so that you take them all out in a swooping motion rather than jerking back and forth.

Get a score of 40+ to receive a Quiver upgrade, increasing the total amount of arrows you can hold! Get a perfect score of 50 to be gifted with a Piece of Heart. There’s one more Shooting Gallery, which is quite a bit harder. Go to the area between Southern Swamp and Termina Field (where Tingle’s hanging out). On the east side of this area is a shop hiding in the wall called the Swamp Shooting Gallery. If you need extra cash, there’s a chunk of grass just outside the door containing 40 rupees, so collect those if you’d please. You can collect these rupees each time you re-enter this area, so it’s a great place to grind for money.

Shoot any enemies you see for points. Mad Scrubs (center) give very few points but they appear in consistently large numbers as long as you kill all of them each time. Deku Scrubs (trees on either side) will appear occasionally, giving additional points. Guays (crows) give medium points and often come in batches. They fly past a few times, so don’t worry if you miss them on their first pass. Occasionally Wolfos will run across the area, giving you a whopping 100 points each, so be sure to get those in particular!

It is best to focus on the Mad Scrubs in the middle. As long as you kill all of them, they’ll continually appear in groups of 5. Missing one and allowing it to burrow will stunt your point buildup by quite a lot. Try to keep your Bow aimed towards the middle for the most part. Don’t go to the side for Guays or Deku Scrubs unless you’ve already gotten everything else in the middle taken care of.

Get a score of 2120+ (you earn extra points for time remaining) and you’ll be rewarded with another Quiver upgrade. There is one upgrade at each Shooting Gallery and the order in which you earn them does not matter. Once you have acquired both of them, you’ll be able to hold up to 50 arrows. However, you can play the game a second time after getting the Quiver. If you get a perfect score, with at least 6-seconds remaining, you’ll get 10-points per second. A score of 2180+ will get you a piece of heart!

3-Day Games
These next two mini-games require you to beat them on each day for three days in a row in order to get the prize. Put your rupees in the bank, then play the Song of Time.

The Deku Playground
Now that your progress is saved (and it’s the first day), get some rupees and head over to North Clock Town. The fenced in area next to the Great Fairy Spring is your destination, and it can be reached by using the nearby Deku Flower.

This game uses floating platforms with Deku Flowers on them to form a mad race to collect rupees. If you run out of time or touch the floor, you’re out. It can be really disorienting at first, but you should get the hang of it quickly. Dive into the Deku Flowers with A and release to fly around. Try to fly to where you know a platform will be by the time you get there. Make good use of A to drop down onto the platforms before your “air time” runs out.

On the first day the platforms go up and down. On the second day they move horizontally in circles. On the final day they do both.

Beat the record for each day and you’ll net yourself a Piece of Heart (plus you’ll never be allowed back in the Deku Playground). Put your rupees in the bank and play the Song of Time again.

Honey and Darling Mini-Games
Gather some more rupees (or pull some out of the bank) and head over to East Clock Town. There’s a shop in the center of the eastern wall (near the exit) which you likely haven’t visited yet.

Inside are Honey and Darling, who will allow you to play mini-games revolving around a rotating platform that goes up and down and steadily speeds up. You have a limited time to play and you’re out if you run out of time or fall off of the platform. The game changes by day, but here are some general tips to help you through each of them:

– Either try to focus on one target at a time or aim at whichever one you’re currently facing.
– Hit Honey and Darling! When you damage them, it makes a dialog box appear that says “Hey, that hurts!” When it does this, it pauses the timer temporarily. This is particularly useful for the Bombchu and Archery games.

Day 1: Bombchu Gallery
In this mini-game, you can lay up to four Bombchus at a time, which will scurry up the walls and explode. Take out the higher ones first (while the platform moves slowly), by aiming a little before where you think it’ll go and laying down three Bombchus at a time. If you miss (or suspect you will miss) begin walking right and try again. After all four of the higher ones are taken care of, shift to the lower targets.

Day 2: Bomb Baskets
For this mini-game, work your way from right to left, focusing on only one or two baskets at a time. Try to aim for the higher baskets when the platform is high and the lower baskets when the platform is low.

Day 3: Target Shooting
Either line yourself up and release once it comes into your line of sight or mash the B button like crazy and focus on moving your stream in the right direction.

Beat each game, then play the Song of Double Time to move forward to the next day and repeat. Once you have gotten a perfect score for all of them, they will fork over a Piece of Heart. Whew! That’s all of the collectibles for now, so put your remaining rupees in the bank and play the Song of Time.

  • Ethan Mackey

    When you guys play Koumes target shooting game, the page says once you get 20 shots you win a “Piece of Heart” which is true in the N64 version. However, in the 3DS version when you get 20 shots in the mini game you get a empty bottle. Just wanted to let you guys know this. :)

    • Sean Robert Gerard Fernandez

      Yeah I saw so is this heart piece been moved somewhere else? Anyone know where it is?

      • what the heck

        no idea. probably in the swamp fishing hole?

        • Vader the White

          Found it. They swapped the Ikana Graveyard Bottle with the minigame Heart Piece. Likely to make it easier to have four bottles by the time you get the the Zora eggs.

      • Vader the White

        I believe it is the one on the roof of the Swamp Tour building, but I could be wrong (Majora’s Mask is not my area of expertise).

        • Dusk-Argentum

          That one has always been there. It’s part of the Deku properties sidequest.

    • Mases Hagopian

      Yes. The heart piece is now in the Graveyard. It’s underneath the gravestones which you can access with the Captain’s Mask. In the N64 version, on Day 1 you got the Song of Storms, Day 2 you got a Piece of Heart, and Day 3 you got an Empty Bottle… In the 3DS version, Day 1 and 2 are the same, but Day 3 you get a heart piece instead of an Empty Bottle.

      (There is still an extra 3DS Bottle, but it is later in the game).

  • Sean Robert Gerard Fernandez

    So am I screwed in doing the whole minigames in the Swamp if I had to use the Sing of time to go back since I spent most if not all of my time in the Woodfall Temple? I see the water is poisoned again so is there a chance I can still play these and get the rewards or is it a one time thing?

    • Hiram

      You’ll have to rescue Koume again, go to the Woodfall temple and fight Odolwa, since you completed the temple you just have to fight him again

    • reagan-and-sara

      you have to go back and unpoison the water, you can do that by going back to the temple and beating odolwa again

      • Mikiri

        But I haven’t been able to get the temple to reappear, even while in deku form.

        • Dusk-Argentum

          You’ve got to go to the little pedestal in front of the Woodfall owl statue, then play the Sonata of Awakening. A short cutscene should play, and you’ll be able to fly in again.

          • Mikiri

            I do that but the temple never appears. Not in normal time, slowed down time, deku form, human form, after doing all the swamp quests, none of these in any combination cause the temple to reappear. That’s the problem. It’s like the song of awakening isn’t an actual song.

          • Dusk-Argentum

            Hmm… It looks like you’re in quite the pickle.
            Try to do these steps, in this order, even if you already have before…
            1) Warp to Woodfall.
            2) Turn into Deku Link.
            3) Step on the Pedestal (just in case, face right where the temple would be).
            4) Play the Sonata of Awakening.
            5) Profit.
            If you do all these steps and you still have no luck, I’m afraid that it’s out of my hands.

          • VolgaCya

            Did the moon crashed after this and you saved? (You lose everything if moon crashes, literally start over, gave tells you to load a game for keep your stuff)

  • Ronald Bedsole

    I’m playing on the Wii Virtual Console version and I entered the potion shop and Kotake wasn’t there when I left she flew into the forest and I was able to get a free potion from her

    • Mases Hagopian

      Ah okay. Thanks. In the 3DS version as soon as you enter the screen outside the potion shop, she flies into the forest.

    • sinbad

      you have to do it on the first day, second may work, but im not for sure

  • Iona

    On the 3ds version I took a picture of Tingle with the photobox thing and took it to the tourist centre but the man said it couldn’t be entered in the competition as I didn’t take it in the swamp and only photos taken in the swamp are eligible… What should I take a picture of instead?

    • Iona

      Never mind, I took a picture of him again without shooting him down first and the man accepted it…

      • Mases Hagopian

        It must be taken when the Swamp is poisoned as well. Not sure if that was an issue.

    • Stormageddon

      You need the pic of tingle taken right outside the swamp entrance

  • jasont1

    Does anyone know an easy way to beat the deku playground on the second day? I have used a lot of rupees trying to beat it

    • Mases Hagopian

      It’s tough and there is no secret formula. Just patience and… patience.

      • Aiden Chambers

        timing is ev’rything

    • bruh

      Hold down the R button while you are in the air, it makes it a lot easier to time your landings.

    • Kizz

      The best hint i can give you is that the flowers will only break while you move. If you stay stationary you will just slowly hover down. Also, the platforms follow the routes of the white squares so position yourself somewhere on a white square then hover there and if you tome it right you can just drop onto the platform. Hope this helps.

    • Aryllos

      The biggest and most useful thing I’ve noticed is that the platforms follow the tracks tiled into the floor, with two on each track. That helps placement a ton for me, and if you get on one platform on a track, you can launch and then just hover in place and hold R while you wait for the second one to come around.

  • mcr

    I can’t find Skulltula #11 on the 3DS version. I can hear it but, it’a nowhere to be seen on ANY pillar.

    • Mases Hagopian

      That’s odd as that one isn’t very cryptic at all. It is on the second floor and it’s really hard to miss, right there on the pillar at eye level. Perhaps something could screwed up in the game? Can always leave the Swamp House and re-enter to start over.

      • Robert Dxd

        Theyre slow and they go up and down

    • horrido

      “25. There are two beehives in the tree. ”

      There’s actually three bee hives on the 3ds version.

  • jack

    I keep playing the swamp target game while getting over twenty points and still don’t get a heart piece. Am I fucking up or did I just beat it the first time really drunk and forgot I earned a heartpiece?

    • Perryvz

      You get a heartpiece for beating the first shooting game with the squids with a perfect score (50 points) a larger quiver (40 arrows) >40 points and the final quiver (50 arrows) for beating the swamp shooting game.

    • Stinks

      Same with me man

    • Matt

      There is a Deku Scrub in the tree to the far left way up high. I’m guessing you keep getting up to 2020, and then you have to wait for the time to finish with no more targets. Hit that scrub asking with everything else and you’ll get a perfect score.

  • TehSheepSlayr

    You forgot to put the heart piece from the second shooting gallery in the text so it’s only seeable in the screenshots in the guide

    • Mases Hagopian

      Thank you. It has been added. Once I’m done with the rest of the guide, I will be going back and putting a quick ‘legend’ at the top of each section, indicating all the heart pieces you can collect in the section, as well as a summary box within the text for each heart piece.

  • Alex

    Um, so, you can only get the pictograph heart container while the water is still poison? Then why did you put it in the guide AFTER beating Woodfall? -_-

    • Mases Hagopian

      We could have put it right in the middle of the Southern Swamp Chapter. However, trying to separate Main Quest and Side Quest content.

    • goonsquad

      why don’t you stfu and not act like a little bitch

      • Arcona


    • Dagnosaur

      If you go back in time, you can get the pictograph heart container since the water is still poisoned at that time.

  • Kian

    I played the Deku Playground minigame and won for 3 days in a row and I just kept on getting Fishing Hole passes!! Why’s that? (playing on 3ds)

    • CalebW

      Same thing happened to me with the Honey and Darling Mini-games(3ds)

      • Stormagedon

        Me too I got the perfect all three days and no heart :(

        • CalebW

          You need to do it in the same 3 day cycle.

    • Kian

      hm nevermind lol I tried it again and I got the heart piece…not sure why it didn’t work the first time maybe I just did something wrong idk

  • Fiv3Guy

    I was kind of confused on where the Deku Shrine was… I realized it was @ the left. I was thinking it was at the right side of the map since the Deku Princess said to my right.

  • Dusk-Argentum

    Here’s a tip for the Southern Swamp Skulltula House…
    You don’t actually need the magic beans/fresh water at all! When you’re faced with a Skulltula that would normally require a bean plant, use your bow to kill it, and the hookshot (if you have it, you find it in the Pirate’s Fortress just before Great Bay Temple) to get the token. Just to clarify, you need the hookshot to not need the beans. If you do not have the hookshot, beans are necessary, to at least retrieve the tokens.
    Source: I just did it myself (even though I’m not a super-credible source lol)

    • Arcona

      Mikau’s boomerangs can also get them. No hookshot needed

      • Dusk-Argentum

        Good point!

    • Ross Gustafson

      You need the beans if you want to get the prize early in the game. I’d rather pay the 20 rupees, have multiple bottles, get the house done to get the mask and subsequent heart piece from the doggy track than wait halfway through the game. The more hearts up front, easier dungeons are.

    • Mases Hagopian

      Ya, this is true. I should add a note about the Hookshot. However, I wanted to include this area before the Great Bay region.

  • suchjosh

    Playing 3DS version, Post office isn’t open on day 2 from 3-6? Anyone else finding this?

    • FoxBlacksmith

      I’m coming across the same issue. It says the postman is on a run from 9 to 3 but I still can’t enter on day 2 between 3 and 6pm.

      • Vamphyre

        He retrieves mail in the morning, delivers in the afternoon. So you have to go in the evening, between 6-10pm I’m pretty sure.

        • Lynx

          Nope it’s closed after six. Only way I could do it is going back the the first day.

    • jioneive

      The same happened to me and I figured that it’s only open on day 1 . (hope this helped if you didn’t yet figure it out yourself)

    • Mases Hagopian

      In the Nintendo 64 version, I was able to enter at 6pm, but I was not able to do so in the 3DS version. I was only allowed to enter at 3pm after he got back from his route. I will double-check this during my next play through and adjust accordingly.

  • Lexi

    I’m having a hard time getting the heart piece from the Gossip stones. I’m at the right location, but only the large stone turns green, The smaller ones do not…

    • Dusk-Argentum

      You have to go to the 4 points around Termina Field and turn all of them green. It should say the locations in the guide. Once you turn the stone in the last hole green, you’ll get the heart piece.

      • Lexi

        That worked, thank you!!

    • Sade

      this is because you have to go down all four holes on four sides of termina field. you can only turn one stone at a time, and a different stone is big in each hole

  • Mikiri

    I’m trying to do the Gossip Stones and the Sonata of Awakening hasn’t been registering so they don’t turn different colors. Help?

    • Dusk-Argentum

      You’ve got to be a Deku for it to register as using it.

      • Mikiri

        I am in deku form and the song of awakening doesn’t register with them.

        • Dusk-Argentum

          Only the big one will turn green. After that, you’ve got to go to the 3 other points in Termina Field (mentioned in the guide) and play the song there. After you’ve turned every big gossip stone green, you’ll automatically get your Heart Piece.

          • Mikiri

            I know, but none of the big ones will turn green when I play the song.

          • Dusk-Argentum

            You’re having a ton of problems, aren’t you?
            Are you directly in front of the statues?
            Another thing might be that you need the Mask of Truth so you can talk to the statues and get the Bomber’s Notebook entry that the stones want to be the same color. It’s probably that. Get the Mask of Truth (by doing the Swamp Spider House, just past the Deku Palace), talk to one of the statues, and then you’ll be able to do it for sure.

          • Winston Purnomo

            Move directly in front of the largest statue (like in its face, as close as possible) and become Deku, then sing Sonata of Awakening.

        • Izdeb E

          Make sure you’re in front by seeing if the little bubble with an A at the top of it says “Check”. Then put on the Deku mask and play the Sonata of Awakening, or if you have been to other places, Goron mask with Goron Lullaby, Zora mask with New Wave Bossa Nova, or Hylian form with Elegy of Emptiness

    • Sade

      stand in front of the big stone in each hole. you also have to be deku link to turn their color.

    • Mases Hagopian

      You have to be Deku Link and you have to stand immediately in front of the large Gossip Stones in each of the caves. I’m not sure why it wouldn’t work if you are following all these steps.

    • Jsteeves

      You have to be wearing the deku mask when you do it…

  • Anonymous

    Am I just terrible at the shooting games or are they actually that hard? The swamp one is especially challenging for me

    • Winston Purnomo

      I got the Town one in one shot, while it took me just 3 tries to nail. But then again, I do play lots of Zelda.

    • Carlos Benavides

      In 3DS is MUCH MUCH easier than in 64… D: my gosh was a pain in the back in those days.

    • Dusk-Argentum

      I mainly used the motion controls.
      Here’s a tip: Shoot EVERYTHING. Wolfos, Deku, and the Guays (birds). If you shoot everything, you should be good. There’s a hidden Deku in the upper left area of the shooting gallery, up the cliff. Shoot it, and you get 100 points. And there’s another above the tree to the right of the main Deku area. They don’t respawn, but if you get both, that’s an extra 200 points for you.

    • Mases Hagopian

      They can be tricky, but after some experience, they are a piece of cake. I recommend using the Gyro controls, instead of the circle stick.

    • Midnafan

      that one confused me cause it’s not as easy to figure out how it works (there’s not a bunch of patterns where you snooze you lose, you have to hit everything in the time limit). i’m still not sure how i got enough points to get the heart piece. :/

    • Tuna

      They hard bruh

  • Waytodawn2291

    I just wanted to inform you guys at Zelda Dungeon that the image of Woodfall Temple area is incorrect. The Fairy Fountain isn’t to the bottom right anymore like it use to be, its now to the middle lower left, Ive provided a picture for proof.

    • Mases Hagopian

      Thanks Waytodawn. The maps in this guide at the moment are for the Nintendo 64 version, (until we can provide both 3DS AND N64 maps). Hoping to include those in the next few days.

      However, the text does indicate all the changes that I’ve come across that are relevant to the guide, including the location of this fairy. It also has screenshots of the location from the 3DS version.

      • Waytodawn2291

        No problem, I also wanted to inform you that the page for the moon mini games; the path for the Zora swimming needs to be updated a little. The middle path lead to heart piece, and the top path leads to the child.

  • Leeink

    Shooting games were easy to me, but I can’t for the life of me beat the deku playground day 2..any tips?

    • iPlayGames

      For the first gem go for the blue one drop down when its 2 spaces away once you get the first one its quite easy

    • DarkXialong

      you have to go against the flow. if the platforms are going clockwise go counterclock and vice versa, I speak from experience so I know this works

    • Midnafan

      i just learned the timing of the platforms, than hung out on their respective tracks until it was time to land. i worked my way from the outer ring to the middle to the center and then back out again, had a time around 55 secs.

  • nick

    Does the pictograph heart still exist in the 3ds version? given him photos before and after finishing the temple but all i get is fishing passes.

    • TehSheepSlayr

      Im pretty sure the swamp has to be poisoned i.e. Odolwa not beaten in that cycle.

  • Eduardo Rocha

    I wasn’t able to enter the Post Office on the second day between 3:00PM or 6:00PM.

    • Kalaster

      i wasn’t either, They must put down the wrong information, because the only day that i could enter and do the training was on the first day.

      • SuperSimpleton

        They word it funny, but when you get to talk to him the schedule says 3 am to midnight the first day, The 2nd day is from FIVE to midnight however. :)

  • Sean Lee

    I just wanted to tell you [Mases Hagopian] that where your guide said that you get an additional 50 rupees when you beat the postman’s minigame after the first time on the 3DS; that is incorrect. You actually get a fishing pass.

    • Link

      For me it was both; one of the two items at random

      • Midnafan

        i’ve gotten nothing but fishing passes from all the minigames

  • Nate Frein

    Something that makes the shooting games on the 3DS version much easier is the gyroscope function. Your response time aiming the 3DS itself is much better than trying to use the thumbstick.

    • Kalaster

      omfg yes it does! But watch out in the swamp shooting gallery, midway through i had to be holding my 3DS pointed to the ceiling just to aim straight ahead lmao. (older 3DS XL model)

      • Midnafan

        I know what you’re talking about, that happens a lot when you use the gyroscope on and off in succession. once the viewing mode turns off and your holding your 3DS in the position is was just in and you turn it on again, you have to move the 3DS again to aim and sometimes you end up bending over backwards. you just gotta remember to preposition yourself.


    i took a shot of tingle in a balloon, and the guy only gives me a silver rupee(100), playing n64 version here (btw if i take one off the baloon, he will say its not from da swamp


      oh, i can only get one piece from the photo guy…sucks

      • Tuna

        Ever ytime I showed him a shot of tingle regardless of if it was with the balloon or not, he just said that it was not from the swamp. I had to get one of the King. I’m playing the Game Cube remake of the 64 version here.

  • smeeo

    playing the 3ds version, when you are in the pot room for the skulltula’s (#s 16-18) make sure you release each one one at a time then kill it before releasing the next one. If you release them all then kill them all together, it may not register that you collected all the tokens.. Says I only have 29 when I actually had all 30 and I had to do the whole thing all over again.

    • Midnafan

      yeah, i collected the 14th and 15th tokens at the same time and it was weird but luckily it registered that i had 15 tokens.

  • TheWorldNeedsAnEnema

    [N64 on GC] Regarding “Koume’s Target Game”: If one has saved Koume before in a *previous* 3-day cycle, then Kotake *will* fly into the woods. (There is a brief cut-scene as one approaches the Hag Shop showing her fly away, and a corresponding note inside the shop.) However, the first time through, as written here, Kotake will be *inside* the shop.

  • MuffinK

    What is worse, honey and darling or octoball derby?

    • Jon Langlois

      Honey and Darling.. SHOULD DIE!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Midnafan

        honey and darling can burn in hell

  • Amiya

    i just can’t beat the Bombchu Gallery game x_x it’s so freaking hard for me.. anyone got some tips?

    • Ozz

      Stand in the starting spot and don’t move. Drop the bombchu just a bit before Link is lined up with the target, since the spinning platform will turn the trajectory some. As long as the bombchu is facing straight to the target when it leaves the platform, and you haven’t moved, it’s going to hit. If you do move, try to get lined up again where link is facing an edge of the platform instead of a corner so you can do the same thing again.

    • Midnafan

      i hate bombchu galleries in general. i hate bombchus.

  • Faith

    I don’t know if this is accurate but when doing the dog races I only got second place once out of about 10 runs (breaking even the other times). Then just randomly I was pressing A during a race and my dog started to charge for second and first. Pressing A I got 1st, 1st, 2nd. I only did it three times and left but I wanted to know if pressing A with a dog that says one of the lines increases your chances at winning?

  • Andy

    Kotake actually does go into the Woods of Mystery in the Nintendo 64 version. On the second day after completing the Woodfall Temple and after warping back to Southern Swamp using the Soaring Song, she is seen leaving her potion shop via the ‘chimney’ and flying off towards the Woods of Mystery upon Link entering the screen. You can find her in the middle of the woods flying around in circles. After you visit Koume, you can backtrack to where you passed Kotake while following the monkey, z-target her and press A to get her attention. She will fill the bottle she previously gave you with red potion and then fly back to the potion shop.

  • CraftedMS

    Just finished the mini games and they are difficult for me the 2nd day in the deku playground and the 1st and 2nd days in the honey and darling mini games.

    • Midnafan

      same here, i was practically crying over the deku playground ugggh

      • Adam JuggaloJuice Scott

        deku playground 1 3rd try passed it playground 2 45th try beat it playground 3 1st try beat it

        • Midnafan

          lol same XD

  • Misled&Disgruntled

    In Chapter 3 you provided instructions that explained how to beat Woodfall Temple. Now in Chapter 4 you explain how to obtain a piece of heart that can only be obtained BEFORE beating Woodfall Temple?

    Am I really the only one who noticed this? I guess I’m restarting my game, thanks bud.

    • TehSheepSlayr

      Did you even read the guide? He said to reset time with the song of time. Your name seems to be a perfect representation of this comment.

      • Sarrymog

        I totally agree lol

    • stonerlogic

      every time you play the song of time your progress restarts. so if youve beaten the temple and play the song of time then the game will no longer register that you beat that temple.

    • nameguynamename

      you realize you can use the song of time to go to before you beat the temple right?

  • Midnafan

    oh my god these mini games are ridiculous ;__;

  • Brought peace not bombs

    Could you add bombs to the list of needed items for skulltula house? I have 29 of them and can’t reach that last one that needs bombs and beans. :-(

  • beerkin

    The bombchu shooting gallery can go f itself.

    • Jonathan Tucker

      Right? The other two games were a piece of cake, but the Bombchu challenge was freaking ridiculous. I just spammed like heck and hoped to hit a target.

  • beerkin

    So I got a perfect score on all the honey darling games. Didn’t do them in order though. Do I have to redo them? If so fuck this game.

  • izzy1985

    Me too, this sucks if I have to do them in order, Im moving on to the next.

  • F

    Photo Contest
    First on the agenda is the photo contest at the Swamp Tourist Center, which only occurs while the swamp is still covered in poison. There’s two pictures you can take that will grant you a Piece of Heart:
    – Deku King
    – Tingle
    Deku king gave me a piece of heart
    Tingle gave me a fishing contest free pass

  • whoohoop

    i don’t understand how do you get al the gossip stones green I only get 1 green when I play the song?

    • XxXGaahlXxX

      At each location, there are 4 total stones, 1 of them being bigger than the rest. While wearing the deku mask, play the sonata RIGHT in front of the bigger one. There should be a small cutscene where the stones spin and the big one turns green. That means you’re done at that gossip stone. Move to the next. Repeat for all of them.

  • Adam JuggaloJuice Scott

    lol so easy

  • FalconPunchWithBrunch

    Why is the poisoned swamp not completely clear? I want to do the archery thing with Koume but I can only do river tours. The swamp is only half clear, in front of the palace and everywhere past it is poisoned. Do I have to fight the boss again for it to be completely clear? Kind of stupid since I have the guy’s effin TORSO but I guess he can fight me without one…. yes, I did play the song of time but the inconsistencies make me have IBS.

  • shilohlauren

    Soooo I figured out how to get the captains mask but anything after that? The whole under the grave section of the game? No? And if so maybe it should be described before the spider house of the great bay.

  • shilohlauren

    Anyone know why It won’t let me use the lens of truth In the pirate place to get the stone mask?

  • edale

    Nintendo 64 version, I just met Kotake in the forest (which the walkthrough says only happens in the 3DS version).

    It was day 2, right before it switched over to “the night of day 2.”
    I had cleared the poison up from the swamp (beat the temple). No other temples beaten (at all, not just in the 3-day cycle)

    It was my first visit to the potion shop of the 3-day cycle.