Majora’s Mask Walkthrough – Woodfall Temple

3.1 Dungeon Map

Entrance – A

As soon as you enter, you can smash the nearby jar to find a Fairy. Swipe it into a bottle if you don’t have one already, since it may come in handy later. Straight ahead, you’ll see the first Stray Fairy. Just like in Clock Town, there are Stray Fairies scattered throughout the temple, but there are fifteen this time around. We will be collecting them as we progress through the dungeon to get a prize once we are finished. Anyway, to get this one, you can either put on the Great Fairy’s Mask or use the Deku Mask and the nearby Deku Flower to fly into the Stray Fairy to collect it.

At this point, you’ll probably fall down into the lower portions of the room. There’s nothing of interest down here, but there is a new enemy called a Black Boe. These fuzzy little critters remind me of the “soot” off the movie Spirited Away and will appear in groups to attack you. They’re found in dark places and can be somewhat hard to see, but they also continually appear, so it’s not really worth it to attack them. Return to the south end of the room and climb the ladder to get back onto the first platform.

We’re finally ready to proceed, so put on the Deku Mask and use the Deku Flower on this platform, then aim towards the east (right). Fly to the second platform which has a large chest. Open it to find the second Stray Fairy. Fly to the next platform, then look forward to see two Skulltulas hanging from the ceiling. If you fly into their path, they’ll knock you down to the bottom of the room. With that in mind, fly between them (between the two grass patches) and land on the final platform. At this point, you can defeat them if you wish, or just head through the door.

Central/Main Chamber – B
As you enter, Tatl will exclaim that the water stinks like the poison in the swamp. This is just informing you that the water here is poisonous as well, so don’t make plans to go swimming anytime soon. Right next to you is a new variety of enemy called a Withered Deku Baba. I suggest you kill it to get a Deku Stick, since we’ll need one relatively soon. Go down the ramp, where you’ll find a regular Deku Baba, which, when defeated, will leave behind the third Stray Fairy.

Turn around to face the opposite side of the room and you’ll see a new enemy of sorts here called a ?????. These things will gobble you up if you touch them in your Hylian Form, so only wear the Deku Mask when dealing with them. They act just like lily pads, so hop across them to get to the opposite side of the room. When you reach the door, instead of going through, turn off to the right to see a platform with several jars. Hop over and smash the jars to find the fourth Stray Fairy. Return to the door and enter.

Deku Flower Room – C
For now, just hop across to the Deku Flower in the middle and use it to fly to the door on the opposite side.

Snapper Den – D
As you enter, the door will shut behind you and you’ll have to defeat the three turtle enemies before you can leave. There’s two ways to defeat them at this point. The first is to put on the Deku Mask and dive into one of the nearby Deku Flowers. Wait for the Snapper to pass over you and release A to burst into their tender belly. The second method is to use an explosion like a Bomb or the Blast Mask to flip them over, (take off the Blast Mask,) then slash away with your sword three times to defeat them. Once all three have been “done-in,” the door will open and a large chest will appear in the middle containing the Dungeon Map. That’s all we had to do here, so leave through the door.

3.2 Compass

Deku Flower Room – C
Back in this room, hop down onto the platform with the Deku Flower and use it to fly to the area on your right with the gold-lined chest. Open it to get a Small Key, which we will use soon. Just to the left of this chest is a beehive against the wall. Use the Deku Mask to shoot it with a Bubble Blast, knocking it down into the poison water, revealing the fifth Stray Fairy which was hidden inside. You can get it by either wearing the Great Fairy Mask or using the Deku Mask and simply jumping into the water (you’ll reappear without taking damage that way). With that, go back through the west door.

Central/Main Chamber – B
Jump back across the Vicious Flowers, kill the Deku Baba again if you wish. If you don’t have a Deku Stick at this point, go up the ramp and kill the Withered Deku Baba to get at least one, then enter the locked door.

Block Room – E
As you run forward, Tatl will give a brief explanation of how to move blocks. Grab this one (which has a Majora’s Mask symbol on it because…?) and push it forward to gain access to the rest of the bridge. Take right path and follow it around to face off with a Skulltula, which will leave behind the sixth Stray Fairy when defeated. If you look at the torch here, you’ll see a new enemy called Moths. These flying creatures will follow any flames, meaning if you light a Deku Stick, (as we’ll do in a moment,) it’ll follow after you and hurt you. You can actually kill them by laying a Bomb down (they’ll fly over to it) or standing next to the torch and using the Blast Mask. Once you’ve killed them, continue along the bridge and push the block again so it’s blocking the door we entered from. Now we have a little torch puzzle, which will require us to use some Deku Sticks (which you can get in the previous room). Set them to a C button and whip one out, then touch the nearby torch in the corner to light it. Quickly run to the far south part of the room and light the torch here, which will unbar the door. Slash your sword to stop using the Deku Stick (and make the Moths leave you alone if you didn’t kill them) then enter the door.

Dragonflies & Compass – F
You’ll need to kill the two Dragonflies here, and you can do so by shooting Bubbles at them in your Deku form, or you can lure them into attacking, dodge, then slash their tail with your sword. Either way, once they’re both defeated, a large chest will appear containing the Compass.

3.3 Hero’s Bow

Block Room – E
Before we do this next part, you should kill the Moths again. Light a Deku Stick and run forward, which will lure them over to this side of the room. After they’re fairly close, slash your sword to stop using the Deku Stick. The Moths will then fly to the closest torch (the one on this side of the room). Toss a Bomb onto the floor or use the Blast Mask next to them to defeat them. Now, light a Deku Stick on this second torch (nearest the door you just came out of) and run up the stairs to your left and light yet another torch. At this point, I recommend slashing your sword so you can get your bearings. You can jump across the platforms to slash some jars if you are in need of health.

When you’re ready, (I recommend wearing the Bunny Hood for this part if you have it,) light another Deku Stick and jump across the platforms, touching the spider web to the north which will burn it. Slash your sword to remove the Deku Stick, then kill the Deku Baba and Withered Deku Baba for extra goodies. Run up the stairs.

Dark/Torch Room – G
As you enter, the light will fade and you’ll find yourself surrounded by Boes. I suggest wearing the Deku Mask and spinning through the room to kill them all. There’s four near the entrance, three near the middle, and two next to each of the three unlit torches in the corners of the room. After they’re all defeated, a large chest will appear to the south, which you can open to find the seventh Stray Fairy. Next, light a Deku Stick on the torch in the middle of the room and run around lighting the three unlit torches in the room. This will open the door to one side; go through it.

Deku Flower Maze – H
In this room, there are tons of pits at the bottom that lead down to the main room if you fall down them. Obviously, you want to avoid them, however, next to them are patches of grass that you can slash to find Magic Jars (Bubble Blast ammo essentially). The upper part of the room contains two platforms with Deku Flowers and some Dragonflies. Fly to the first platform, which simply goes back and forth and try to kill the Dragonflies from here. It can be frustrating since they rarely come towards you here, but flying can be deadly since it will probably inevitably lead to lots of backtracking on your part. I recommend wasting a bunch of Magic on Bubbles, since that’s a better alternative. Once they’re defeated, fly to the second platform that follows an “L” shape, then fly to the final platform and go down the stairs.

Central/Main Chamber – B
We’re back in the main, poison-filled room, but this time on an upper level. There’s a Stray Fairy nearby, but I’m going to snag that here in a bit. Instead, run straight forward and step on the floor switch (without wearing the Deku Mask) to create some ladders, making a shortcut. Enter the door next to you (east).

Deku Flower Room – C
Now that we’re in this new portion, run to the south and enter the door that’s begging to be investigated.

These lizard-man enemies will occasionally slash at you with their sword, so defending with R is always a good idea. Get close and slash at it yourself which may cause it to do two things: If it’s cornered, it’ll jump over your head and slash at you, or if it has room, it’ll jump back and breathe fire. The flames are fairly easy to avoid, but be warned: if you get burned in your Deku form, you’ll have to start the battle all over again! There’s a few different ways to go about defeating this dude…

Defensive (Hylian):
Z target and get close. Wait for it to slash it’s sword, then hold forward on the Analog Stick and stab with B. Wait for it to stop breathing fire and repeat.

Aggressive (Hylian):
Z target and face it so that it has plenty of room behind it, walk right up to it while defending and stab with B once you’re very close. Run up to it immediately and stab it again before it can breathe fire. Repeat.

Aggressive (Deku):
Spin right into it with A, which will stun it. Tap the B button to blow a bubble. At this point, you can either try to stun it before it can breathe fire, or back up and do it again once it’s done.

Other Useful Items & Masks:
Deku Nuts will stun it and you should have plenty of those at this point, so don’t hesitate to use them. You can lay bombs down and lure it into walking into them or simply wear the Blast Mask, hold R and explode right in front of it.

Once it’s defeated, open the large chest here to receive the Hero’s Bow and the Quiver. With those spiffy things in hand, return to the previous room.

3.4 Boss Key

Deku Flower Room – C
If you look across to the other side, you’ll see another door we still can’t reach. However, just below it is a strange, golden diamond shape with an eye on it. Shoot the eye switch with the Hero’s Bow to make the platform in the middle with the Deku Flower on it start rising up and down. Hop down onto one of the Vicious Flowers and hop onto the Deku Flower once it’s low. Dive into the flower and fly to the northern door once you get the chance.

The Frog Guardian of DOOM – J
As soon as you enter, you’ll immediately face another Mini-Boss… Two in a row? Yes indeed!

Phase 1: Angry
When you first enter the room, Gekko will jump towards you and try to punch and kick you repeatedly. As long as you don’t sit still, this shouldn’t be a problem. Smack it it with your sword or shoot it with a few Bubbles to move onto the next part of the battle.

Phase 2: Snapper Combo
It yells out to summon a Snapper which it will then fight alongside, a slightly larger and harder variety than you usually see as well. Luckily, you can harm it the same way as the others and you can use R to defend if you ever feel you can’t do anything. There’s a few different options really, you can use the Deku Mask to dive into the Deku Flowers throughout the room, popping out as the Snapper spins over you, you can throw Bombs at the two of them, or you can wear the Blast Mask and blow up while standing next to them.

Whichever you choose, this will cause Gekko to fall off and start climbing around the walls, stopping occassionally. Take off the Deku Mask if you’re still wearing it, face towards Gekko and use Z to lock on. Wait for it to stop moving and shoot it with an Arrow, causing it to hop back on the Snapper. Repeat this process three times to defeat Gekko.

Once Gekko is defeated, it’ll revert back into a frog. You should remember this fact for a later quest. Anyway, go into the small room that is now open and get yourself the Boss Key. Smash the jars to recover some health, magic and arrows, then leave the room.

3.5 Cleansing the Poison

Deku Flower Room – C
Fly over to the door on the second level to your right to return to the large room in the middle of the dungeon.

Central/Main Chamber – B
Climb up the ladder to get to the second level (if you aren’t there already) and stand next to the floor switch (which should already be pressed down). You’ll see that you can Z target something in the middle of the wooden flower, causing Tatl’s button will flash at you. If you listen to her, she’ll point out that it is a torch. There’s also a lit torch in our line of sight. Hmm… Use the Hero’s Bow to aim at the shrine and shoot an arrow through the flames to light the torch on the wooden “shrine.” This will cause it to rise and become an odd contraption that cleanses the water of poison throughout the temple, meaning you can safely swim now. Sweet! It’ll then extend into a rotating platform, giving another shortcut of sorts.

Go to the north end of the room and jump to the spinning wooden platform. Stand next to the torch in the middle and use your bow. Face towards the northwest corner of the room, where there is an unlit torch on a skinny platform. When you’re on the opposite side of the burning torch, shoot an arrow through it to light the torch in the far corner. This will open the door leading to the final area of the dungeon.

Stray Fairy Collection (Optional) B + E
Before we move onward, there’s several Stray Fairies we can collect. On the north side of this upper platform, you’ll find the eighth Stray Fairy trapped in a bubble. Touch it or slash it with your sword to release it, then collect it. Put on the Deku Mask and dive into the nearby Deku Flower. Aim to the west side of the room (where there’s an unlit torch) and fly over to that platform. Drop down onto this small area and take off the mask to press down the floor switch, causing a large chest to appear on the opposite side of the room containing the ninth Stray Fairy. Enter the west door (next to the Deku Baba).

Push the block in the middle of the bridge forward, then use the Bow to look upwards. The platform just above the block has a beehive hanging from it. Shoot it down to reveal the tenth Stray Fairy. Run to the north side of the room (next to the torch and door leading to the Compass Room), then turn around and look under the bridge. Just under the block is the eleventh Stray Fairy trapped in a bubble. You can either shoot it with an arrow and wear the Great Fairy Mask, or simply jump into the water and swim into it, now that the water is cleansed. With that, return to the previous room.

3.6 Temple Boss

Now that we have some goodies out of the way, return to the main room in the middle of the dungeon. At long last, enter the northern door that leads to the final area of the dungeon.

Alcoves & Flames – K
Before doing anything, I recommend shooting the two Dragonflies in this room to prevent them from becoming a nuisance later on. Climb down the ladder and use the Deku Flower to get to the east (right) alcoves. Keep using the Deku Flowers to work your way up, collecting the twelfth and thirteenth Stray Fairies. Fly over to the west (left) side now and work your way up those alcoves as well, getting the fourteenth Stray Fairy. The final one is trapped within the flames in the middle, so shoot it with an arrow to release it, then either wear the Great Fairy’s Mask or fly into it in a moment to collect the fifteenth Stray Fairy.

I recommend flying to the middle alcove on the west (left) side, since it’s a bit easier. From here, shoot the Crystal Switch on the far west (right) side of the room, temporarily making the flames disappear – they’ll come back in a moment, so be quick! Fly to the platform just ahead on your left, then fly across (potentially flying through the Stray Fairy if you didn’t collect it yet) and then use the Flower on the second pillar to get on top of the far east platform.

There are some Rupees throughout this room, but they’re not really worth getting in my opinion, since they force you to backtrack a little and we can easily hunt down larger amounts if we really need to. Use the Deku Flower to fly to the large platfrom to the far north. Slash the bushes here to stock up on goodies, then once you’re ready, enter the boss door.

Masked Jungle Warrior – ODOLWA

Beware The Sword
Odolwa’s has a very large sword. As one might guess, he uses it often and because of it’s long range, it makes it particularly hard to get close, since even when he’s not swinging it, you can still be take damage if you come in contact with it, making it very annoying attempting to get close. Whenever you see him about to slash his sword, try to quickly defend with R to deflect his attacks.

Closing The Distance: Arrows
Obviously, we’ll need to get close to Odolwa in order to damage him. To do so, Z target him and shoot him with arrows. In general, he’ll defend with his shield, but if you do it while his guard is down (such as just before he attacks) or he’s in a different stance, (chanting, dancing,) then you will stun him. Run in and slash him to deal damage.

Note On Teleporting
After hitting him with your sword (or slashing your sword near him and missing), Odolwa will jump in the air and try to land behind you. If you have him Z targeted, it makes this even easier to keep track of him. When he lands, he will slash his sword if you are close or perform a rushing-forward-attack if you are at a medium distance. Because this reaction is so predictable, you can do it on purpose to get him right where you want him! Slash near him to make him teleport, keep at a medium distance, strafe to the left or right, then use an arrow or Jump Attack to harm him, followed by yet another attack.

Dealing With Summons
Odolwa has three different chants that he will perform, but each can make your life miserable. The rarest one is to summon boulders which doesn’t hit you very often and for the most part, only makes him vulnerable. The other two are a little more intense: Moths, which sounds like “Aw-law, aw-law!” and crab-beetle things which sounds like “Aw-ha-die, aw-ha-die!” The beetles can be killed to get Recovery Hearts, so you may want to let him summon those, but the Moths will follow you for awhile and deal damage. You can kill either by throwing a Bomb, which will attract the insects and explode, killing all of them at once. You can also use the Blast Mask and explode once they surround you, or use the Bomb Flowers that are against the walls. Alternatively, however, you can simply shoot Odolwa with the Hero’s Bow, since he is vulnerable while chanting, which will not only stop him from summoning, but stun him as well!

Other Moves
Odolwa has two other attacks: The first is to form a flaming wall around you, which keeps you from leaving for awhile. This will also kill his summons if they touch it, but be very careful not to touch it in your Deku Form, or you’ll have to start the battle over again! The other attack he uses eventually is a spinning move that lasts for quite awhile and is rather hard to avoid. Z target him and defend with R to deflect it until it stops. If you can manage to back up far enough, you can shoot him while he’s spinning to stun him.

Goodies Against Walls
Remember, if you run low on Arrows, (to stun Odolwa,) slash the bushes against the walls for more. If you run out of Bombs or don’t have the Blast Mask, use the Bomb Flowers to kill Moths he sends after you.

Comments On Deku Versitility
There’s a yellow Deku Flower in the middle of the room. It is possible to use it to harm Odolwa, but it’s very rare that he comes over it, so my suggestion is to avoid it (since you’ll get caught on it while Z-targeting – very annoying). While in Deku Form, you’re too short for the Moths, (which is nice,) but you will also die and have to restart the battle if you touch (get knocked into) Odolwa’s flaming wall. Because of this, I recommend against using the Deku Mask. You can, however, use A to spin into Odolwa and stun him (which is very effective).

Recommended Strategies
Z-target him, get your bow ready and move closer. When he raises his sword to strike you, shoot him with an arrow, which will stun him. Slash away with your sword. It’s actually very quick and very simple to harm him this way. If he teleports and jumps to the other side, simply strafe to either the left or right, then shoot him in the back after he rushes towards you (and misses), then slash him some more. Alternatively, you can use the Bunny Hood without Z-targeting in order to move very quickly.

When he summons things, either shoot him as soon as possible to stop him, or stay far back and wait for him to finish, then throw a Bomb and gather the recovery hearts that they leave behind. If you run low on Arrows or Bombs, use the stuff on the sides of the walls. Just keep repeating these simple steps and after about 20 sword slashes, Odolwa will be defeated.

Once he’s been defeated, he’ll disintegrate into blue flames and leave behind your first Heart Container. Pick it up to extend your life by a whole heart, then step into the blue light in the center to get Odolwa’s Remains. This has benefits in a little while, especially if you miss some things after the temple (you’ll see).

You’ll then be taken to a misty world in a perpetual bubble bath. The floating bubbles are called Shabom, though they aren’t an enemy like they were in the previous Zelda title: Ocarina of Time. Link and Tatl will gaze around, noticing the Giant staring at them in the distance. The torso lacking fellow was apparently sealed within the mask of Odolwa, and now that it has been freed, it is willing to help us. With a little hinting from Tatl, you’ll then learn the Oath to Order from the Giant. This song doesn’t come into play until much later in the game, but with new tune in hand, we’ll be sent on our merry little way.