Chapter 4 - To Kill A Mocking Fish
This section of the walkthrough covers the stuff in Great Bay, Zora Cape and the Great Bay Temple.
4.1 Grasshopper

Items: Empty Bottle #3
Masks: Romani Mask
Songs: Epona's Song
 - Our next area to explore is Great Bay. Before we can go there, we must have a little reunion with an old friend of ours.

 - Run around and gather 50 Rupees. Take them to West Clock Town and while wearing the Goron Mask, purchase a Powder Keg.
 - Exit into Termina Field and go to Milk Road (the southwest exit). Watch out for the Takkuri Bird along the way though.

~ Milk Road ~

 - Straight ahead, one of the construction workers will be picking away at a large boulder (jeez, one of them actually works rather than running around).
 - Lay the Powder Keg and shoot it with an Arrow if you don't like waiting. After it explodes, head on through to Romani Ranch.

~ Romani Ranch ~

 - If you've been following the Walkthrough thus far, you've probably been here before to get the Bunny Hood (if you don't have that yet, GET IT, QUICK!).

 - Run on ahead and you'll witness a joyous scene in which Link will see his good old steed, Epona, who is still alive. Yippee!

 - Speak with the little girl running around and hear her plight, one of the strangest predicaments in Zelda history. After that, she'll ask you to help her fend off against the vile fiends.

Mini-Game: "THEY" Practice
- Hero's Bow
- Epona's Song (first time only)
- Ride around and shoot the balloons

 - This thing is just for practice. There is no reward other than the song for the first time. It would be good to at least beat Romani's current record to prepare yourself for the aliens.

 - After you've done it one time through, she'll teach you a familiar tune.

New Song: Epona's Song

 - Play this song and your horse will come to you. You can use her to jump over things and move around quickly.
 - Play this song for cows to fill a Bottle with Milk for free!

 - She'll ask you to "help tonight". Say yes and then make sure you're here at 2:00 AM. In the meantime, run around and collect Rupees and put them in the Bank.

Mini-Game: "THEY"
- Hero's Bow
- Talk to Romani on the First Day
- Be at Romani Ranch at 2:00 AM
- Empty Bottle #3 full of Milk
- Ride around and shoot the aliens until 5:15 AM.
- Don't let them get to the barn!

 - Ride around Romani Ranch on Epona, shooting all the lantern-heads. If a single one gets to the barn, you lose. You can tell when they get close because the dog will run over to that one and begin growling.

 - Try to continually run around the Ranch. Don't turn around mid way, that will use your precious seconds. If you run low on Arrows, run through the bushes.

 - You can play the Inverted Song of Time to slow time, and "Them" way down. This will make this task extremely easy.
 - Ride circles around the barn, shooting aliens with your bow. Run through bushes when you need arrows. Keep it up till dawn.

 - After you've saved the Ranch cows, Romani will give you another precious gift!

New Item: Empty Bottle #3

 - Set it to (C) and use it to swipe and hold stuff to be used later.

 - If that wasn't enough, there's one more thing for you to do here. Play the Song of Double Time until it's the Second Night.

 - Because you blasted the boulder on the First Day, Cremia, Romani's older sister and the owner of the Ranch, will be about to leave. She's got a wagon full of Milk headed for Clock Town, and she needs someone with a knack for the bow to accompany her. Let's do so.

 - Cremia will lament about what's going on lately and inform you of her friendship and worries about her good friend, Anju. This is a spiffy new song they play here. "Dee doo, Dee doo, doo dee doo, dee doo dee doo..."
 - Anyway, things go wrong and you'll have to protect the wagon. Predictable.

Mini-Game: Protecting The Wagon
- Hero's Bow
- Blow up the boulder blocking Romani Ranch
- Talk with Cremia on the Second Night at 6:00 PM  
- Romani Mask
- Shoot the thieves (Gorman Brothers) as they get close to knock them back!

 - This is truly a simple game with little purpose. Just keep firing away because you have unlimited Arrows. Easy, easy, easy. I do, however find it slightly disturbing that we're shooting people with arrows. All well, it's a video game.

 - If you wear the Circus Leader's Mask while doing this game, the thieves won't assault the wagon. Unfortunately, it's worthless, because you can't get that mask until AFTER you get the mask you are rewarded with for this particular game in the first place...
 - Shoot the thieves, protect the milk.

 - After you show your valor, Cremia will drop you off in front of the entrance to East Clock Town and award you with a mask that allows you to get into the Milk bar.

New Mask: Romani Mask

 - Wear this to prove your membership and enter the Latte Milk Bar.
 - I don't see what the big deal is... It's just milk...

 - With that, we're done with this short section. Put your remaining Rupees in the Bank and play the Song of Time.
4.2 Stone & Fish

Items: Map of Great Bay
Masks: Stone Mask, Zora Mask
~ Termina Field ~

 - There's a useful mask we can get before heading to the next area. First, go snag yourself a Red Potion from Kotake in Southern Swamp for 20 Rupees.
 - Exit Termina Field via the east exit.

~ Ikana Valley ~

 - We can't do much here yet, but there is something we can get at the moment that will be a big help in the very near future. Use Epona to jump over the first two fences.
 - On your right, you'll see a circle of stones. Use your Lens of Truth to see an invisible soldier of all things. Talk with him to learn that he's been waiting for someone to come along that could see and hopefully heal him.
 - Give him a Red Potion to cure him and receive the Stone Mask as thanks.

New Mask: Stone Mask

 - This mask will make you as "plain as stone", which lets you walk past "guards" such as the Deku Officers and the Gerudo Pirates without having to worry about it at all. Very handy indeed!

~ Termina Field ~

 - Head back to Termina Field and this time go towards the beach area. Use your new found Epona's Song to ride your horse at long last and use her to jump over the stone fences along the way.

~ Great Bay Coast ~

 - On your left are two houses, but we can't do anything with them yet, so just store them away in your memory for now.

 - Go towards the water, avoiding the Leevers (ground spinning enemies) and you will notice something in the water that the sea gulls find of interest.
 - Swim out to it and get on the other side of the Zora (fish-like man) you find. You can now press A to grab him, then push him back towards shore. When you get there, there's a short cut scene in which he struggles to walk several paces.
 - Go speak with him to learn his plight, in the form of... a song?
 - It turns out that he's a member of the Indigo-Go's, a band of Zora that are supposed to be playing at the Carnival of Time. Their lead singer laid some eggs that were stolen by Gerudo Pirates, and Mikau got beat up when he tried to go get them back.
 - After the comic relief is over, he'll plop back down and ask you to "heal his soul". Play the Song of Healing to witness another sad movie in which Mikau hangs out with the band one last time.

New Mask: Zora Mask

 - This mask has the power to transform you into a wave riding Zora guitarist, Mikau!

 - Afterwards, you will be standing in front of a grave you made for the guy that has the instructions on how to use this mask on it. Read it if you like. For the most part, this mask operates a lot like your normal form, except it can swim and has a slightly different battle scheme.

 - First of all, put on the mask to test out your new form and swim out into the water. There is a teapot looking building on top of a platform in the water. Go to it.
 - Once there, smack the Owl Statue with your sword to wake it up and then look up. Tingle is floating around far up in the sky. Shoot him down with an arrow and purchase the Map of Great Bay for 20 Rupees.

 - You can head to the second portion of Great Bay called Zora Cape and check out all the other Zora stuff if you like by heading through the cave-like entrance along the beach. There isn't much we can do there yet, so I'll cover that later.
4.3 Pirates' Booty

Items: Hookshot
Heart Pieces: #41
 - As Mikau told you before he died, Lulu, the lead singer of his band lost her voice because the Gerudo Pirates stole her eggs. Kinda strange, but let's get those things back and avenge the groovy guitar player's death!

~ Great Bay Coast ~

 - Put on the Zora Mask and swim to the northern portion of Great Bay Coast. Along the wall, sink down to the seafloor and you'll find four boards with skulls painted on them along the wall. Using A, swim (ram) into the second from the left to reveal a secret entrance. Go inside.

~ Gerudo Lagoon ~

 - You'll appear at a cave entrance above a large lake with several patrol boats circling the area. If these guards see you, they will throw you out of the area. To prevent that from happening, avoid their sight, or simply wear the Stone Mask if you have it.

 - Jump in the water and swim to the left side. Once there, you will find a platform with a Goron Switch on it. Put on the Goron Mask and use it.
 - This will open the gate for one of the underwater flow tube thingies. Put the Zora Mask back on and swim through (stealthily).

~ Water Channel ~

 - As you enter the area, go forward and round the corner. Ram the boarded hole and either push or pull the block. Now go left and work your way around that side, doing the same.
 - Either way, you'll be able to make it to the other side. (You can get to the chest in the center via the top near the third wooden thing you break. It's only 20 Rupees though...)
 - When you get to the end, stand on the sewage pump to go upwards.

 - On this next level, avoid the water mines (spikey things) and stay low to not get blown out by this sewage pump. At the end, float back up, climb up the ledge and enter the door.

 - In the next room, avoid the water mines, open the chest if you like, then go up the ramp.
 - Go up the set of stairs you see here and head left. Roll into or Fire Punch all the barrels around here. On the far left side, you'll find a switch. Step on it to start a timer that opens the door below.
 - Quickly roll there (or run, using the Bunny Hood) before the door closes to snag yourself [HEART PIECE #41]! Step on the switch in here to get through the door again.
 - The next area in the water is sealed off by a gate. Go back up the stairs and shoot the crystal switch you see across the way with Arrows or charged up Zora Fins.
 - Quickly swim through before the timer ends.

 - Here, simply swim along the surface of the water while avoiding the sewage pump and water mines. Round the corner and climb the ladder.

 - In this top area, step on the switch to open the gate covering the crystal switch. Quickly run over and stand on the inactive water pump and shoot the crystal switch with an Arrow to activate it. It will take you up.

 - Jump off the water before you get to the top, or as it's going back down to avoid getting hurt by the mines hanging from the ceiling.
 - Climb up the ladder and turn around. Shoot the mine in front of you to cause it to collide with the one behind it. This will clear the way for a good shot at the crystal switch on the ledge. Shoot it to open the door below. Go through it.

~ Gerudo Lagoon ~

 - We're back, but we're up higher now. Do NOT jump back in the water.
 - Go around the corner, up the ramp and through the doorway to enter the actual Fortress.

~ Pirates' Fortress ~

 - And here you thought your troubles were over. This place is littered with guards. If any of them see you, they throw you out to that high part of the Lagoon we were just at a moment ago.
 - Avoid their sight to get through this place. You can stun them with your sword or with arrows, though, the latter is the better choice as the other option is very risky.

 - Our first goal is to get to that ladder in the center. It looks tough, I know. Wait for the shift in the guards when the one in the center begins to leave. Quickly, shoot the two nearest you with arrows, then run for the ladder.
 - Once on the ladder, climb up but stop right at the top so you can see above without letting the guard up there see you. Wait for her to be on the other side or at least half way across the bridge.
 - Climb up, shoot her, then run across the bridge. Enter the door on the other side of the pillar.

 - Inside, run forward to witness a short clip in which two Gerudo Pirates (this is the only time you'll see Aveil, the chief, in the game) are talking about the Zora Eggs and how they plan on looting the Great Bay Temple.
 - Anyways, you witnessed a Giant Bee fly into a Bee Hive above them, so shoot it with an arrow if that wasn't obvious to you already.

 - After they run out, exit this area yourself. Now, jump to your right and enter the official door.

 - With the guards and Aveil gone, you can easily snag yourself their treasure the Hookshot!

New Item: Hookshot

 - Grapple things and bring them to you, or bring yourself there.
 - Some enemies can be stunned or even killed with this, just make sure you don't fling yourself into a dangerous foe's clutches.

 - All those "circle" things on the pillars and walls you've seen in this area are Hookshot-able, meaning you can suck yourself up to them. Before we leave this room, check out the tank on your left. Inside, you'll see one of the 7 Zora Eggs we've been looking for!
 - Hookshot the wooden beam above the tank (preferably on the left or right side) then put on the Zora Mask. You can try killing the fish thing from here or you can jump into the water and use the R button to electrocute them.
 - Snag yourself the Egg in one of your bottles and exit this room.

 - Aveil said there were only four Zora Eggs in this Fortress, so let's find the other three, shall we?

 - First, let's cover the south side (the side opposite where you entered from).
 - Hookshot onto the targets to get up to the second level on the west side. Here, you'll see two doorways. Enter the one right next to the target.

 - Inside, you'll find yourself in a room with a lone guard and lots of barrels. Use them to your advantage and make your way to the door. Enter.

 - In this room, you'll battle your first Pirate. These tan young ladies use two swords and fight much like you do in your normal form. They have a jump attack that can knock you out. They'll throw you out if that happens, so get out of the way when you see it coming!
 - Basically, you're best off using regular Z targeting and sword techniques. You can also use the Deku Mask to stun her for easy killing. Either way, if you've upgraded your sword to the Gilded Sword, you have it made.
 - After she's done for, head through the next door.
 - Once again, Hookshot up to the next area, use your Zora Mask to tackle the Shell Blade and snag yourself the 2nd Zora Egg in a bottle. Exit through the next doorway.

 - You should have three Bottles, two filled with Zora Eggs at the moment. We'll have to come back anyway, so now is a good time to do so.
 - Use the Song of Soaring to fly to Great Bay Coast and enter the Marine Research Lab. Inside, stand on top of the giant tank and use your bottles to dump the Zora Eggs inside.
 - After that, head back to Gerudo Lagoon. Where you hit the Goron Switch earlier, you can grapple yourself to the target against the wall for a huge shortcut back to the Pirates' Fortress.

 - The next two Eggs is in the north side of things. From the entrance, turn left and grapple onto the target you see. Once up there, turn left and grapple the next one as well.
 - Enter the doorway you see.

 - In this next area, there's a Gerudo patrolling this small area. Wait for her to be heading towards the right and fairly far away before running past her on the left side. Enter the door.
 - In this room, you'll battle another Pirate. Use the same tactics as last time. Enter the next door.
 - This room is slightly different than the others in that there's a Deskbro (skeleton fish with lots of small oneswith it). Hit it twice with the Hookshot, then snag the Zora Egg. Exit through the doorway.

 - The fourth Egg is right above the last one. Grapple onto the first two targets, then face the opposite direction. The last one is above you. Get up there and head across the bridge, stunning the guard when you come to her. Enter the door.

 - This room is littered with guards. In the center of the room is a chest with 100 Rupees inside. You can shoot them all with Arrows and quickly snag it if you like. Otherwise, just Hookshot across the platforms along the top to get to the door.
 - Once there, you'll have to fight another Pirate. This room is cool looking though... Enter the last door.
 - Snag the last Zora Egg in this room.

 - Before you leave the Pirates' Fortress, snag a picture of one of the Gerudos with your Pictograph Box for later. This is easily done with the Stone Mask, but you can do it pretty easily by shooting them with an Arrow and taking one of them knocked out as well.
 - Use the Song of Soaring to get back to the Great Bay Coast.

 - Enter the Marine Research Lab and once again, drop your Zora Eggs into the tank. We have four of the seven, so where are the others?
4.4 Egg Hunt

Songs: New Wave Bossa Nova
Heart Pieces: #42
~ Great Bay Coast ~

 - Near the entrance of Great Bay Coast, there are two houses, enter the one on the right.

 - This is the Fisherman's Hut, and he has a Seahorse he caught in the ocean recently. Speak with it and he'll be willing to trade it for a picture of one of the Gerudo Pirates. A picture of any of them will do.
 - Once you give him one, he will fork over the little guy. Exit the hut.

 - Get back in the water and swim towards the two giant pillars in the water. Once you get there, swim through them.

~ Pinnacle Rock ~

 - When you enter, take the Seahorse out of the bottle and it will guide you along the right path. If you don't have it, follow the map above.

 - There are eight holes, each with their own Deep Python. These things will come out of their holes when you get close and swing back and forth to try and grab you.
 - Their heads are invulnerable, but their long necks are weak. They can be killed by standing near the entrance on those slanting parts and charging up your fins to hit them in the neck when they're out
 - The other method is to swim past their head when it tries to grab you, then hold R as you swim along their neck. This is a much faster and efficient approach, but eats up your Magic quickly.

 - However you choose, kill them off. It's easier to start from the bottom and work your way up to keep track of where you are.
 - Three of them have the remaining Zora Eggs, so snag those and put them in Bottles.
 - If, however, you kill all of them, the other seahorse will appear and you'll receive [HEART PIECE #42] in thanks before they start a make out session.

 - At long last, leave this retched place. Unfortunately, we can't use our Ocarina underwater, so we'll have to swim all the way back.

~ Great Bay Coast ~

 - Swim back to the Marine Research Lab and put the remaining Eggs in the tank. (Why are we doing this rather than bringing them to Lulu anyway?)
 - After all of them are there, go stand in front of the aquarium to witness something special. It seems the Zora children are born with a song in mind... Play the wicked awesome tune they show.

New Song: New Wave Bossa Nova

 - This song really makes me feel like Nintendo got lazy. It's only use is to awaken the Island Turtle, it doesn't even restore Lulu's voice, like its supposed to.

 - We'll need this to get into the Great Bay Temple later, but for now, there's a few things we can get. Now is a good time to put your Rupees in the bank and play the Song of Time.
4.5 Item Collection #3

Items: Empty Bottle #3
Heart Pieces: #33, #35, #37, #38
 - Before we Tackle the next Temple, let's gather Heart Pieces and a bottle from this general area, shall we?

 - First, go find a Scarecrow. There's one in the Trading Post in East Clock Town. Pull out your Ocarina for him and he'll allow you to create a song. Make an 8 note song you can remember.
 - Go to Southern Swamp, to the Swamp Tourist Center and wear the Deku Mask to buy a Magic Bean from the Business Scrub right outside for 10 Rupees. Now go through the entrance to this area.
 - Follow the wall on your right until you see some water. This is Spring Water, which we can use to grow our Bean, so snag some in a bottle.

~ Great Bay Coast ~

 - Go to the far right side of Great Bay, where the Fortress is and along the iron wall there's several platforms with targets on them. Use your Hookshot to get on top of the far right one, then start working your way left.
 - At one point, you'll come to a soft patch of soil. Use your Magic Bean to plant it and use our Fresh Spring Water to make it grow.
 - Ride your plant to the higher platform.
 - Tatl will fly to the next one that is too far to jump to. Play the Scarecrow's Song you made earlier to make him appear. Hookshot to him and grab [HEART PIECE #35] in the cubby! =)

 - Jump down and check the puddles near this area (the far right side of Great Bay Coast). There are some fish here, so put on the Zora Mask so you're tall and snag a bunch in your bottles.
 - Bring them to the Marine Research Lab. Inside, there's a small aquarium with two fish. Stand on top of it and drop the fish inside. You'll have to go get more.
 - After you've put five bottles full of fish into the aquarium, the one fish will consume the other. It will then spit out [HEART PIECE #33]!

 - Go back to the beach and head through the cave to enter the second area of Great Bay.

~ Zora Cape ~

 - Follow the wall on your left until you get to a waterfall. It plunges into a deep pit with some enemies down there. Sink down with the Zora Mask and kill them. This is somewhat annoying because the ground sinks towards the center. Keep your distance and kill the Like Like to find [HEART PIECE #37]!

 - Now, if you look up, you'll see many grassy ledges with trees on them along the walls. Go near the entrance of this smaller area and Hookshot up to the lowest ledge and work your way up to the cave at the top.

~ Waterfall Rapids ~

 - This is a cool looking place. Anyway, jump in the water and swim over to the beaver here. Z target him to make him swim down to the bottom.
 - Use your Zora Mask to sink down and speak with the anti-social dude from the sixties. (He makes me dizzy!) Everyone comes to these guys for Bottles, so he'll give you one if you can beat him in a race.

 - Racing the beavers is pretty simple. You have a time limit, a number of rings and there's two in a row. Keep in mind that the rings are solid for some stupid reason, so you can hit them... Also, try not to "jump" out of the water like a dolphin, because it will make you lose precious seconds as well as possibly miss those double rings for the second race.

 - You race the first beaver with 20 rings in 2 minutes. He'll then make you race his brother with 25 rings. If you beat both of them (it's not too hard) they'll give you another bottle!

New Item: Empty Bottle #4

 - Set it to (C) and use it to swipe and hold stuff to be used later.

 - After this, you can race them again if you like. The second time is the exact same except now you only have 1:50 seconds. It's horridly hard. I can't do it myself, but if you manage it, they'll give you [HEART PIECE #38]!
4.6 Zora Cape

Heart Pieces: #39
~ Great Bay Coast ~

 - Go to that cave entrance along the beach near the entrance to Great Bay Coast. This will take you to the second area called Zora Cape.

~ Zora Cape ~

 - If you followed the last section, we've been here before. All we have to do is swim to that fish thing on your right. When you get there, you'll notice a Like Like in the way. Just swim around it and enter the mouth of the stone fish.

~ Zora Hall ~

 - This place is interesting. It's a Zoran music hall! Right now, they're doing sound tests and the like. There's lots of interesting character interaction you can do, such as taking pictures of Lulu and giving it to the crazed fan upstairs, helping them do a sound check on stage, and even hang out with the band members.
 - All of these things don't really matter in our quest, but it's still fun to check out. We can, however, get a Heart Piece here, so do the following:

 - Put on the Zora Mask and enter Mikau's room (first door you come to). Use your Hookshot to get on the top bunk because the ladder's broken.

 - Hookshot up and put on the Zora Mask again. Now read his diary to discover two little diddies:

 1st: A, v, >, A
 2nd: v, >, <, v

 - Exit the room and enter the next one. This is Japas' Room. Wear your Zora Mask and whip out your Ocarina (guitar), then play the parts you learned the last room.

 - He plays one part, then you follow up with what you just found in the diary. Together, it makes this:

 1st: >, >, v, A, A, v, >, A
 2nd: <, <, >, v, v, >, <, v

 - Enter the next room down the way, this is the grumpy band leader, Evan's room. (As a side note, when you walk in, Evan is playing the credits song from the first game, the Legend of Zelda.) Play the completed tune for him WITHOUT wearing the Zora Mask. He'll steal your song and give you [HEART PIECE #39] to keep it quiet. Leave.

 - When you're all done messing around, go through the small hallway on one side of the room, take a left to be taken outside where Lulu hides out.

~ Zora Cape ~

 - Unlike the last game, the Zora females have clothes now (when will the men learn that trick?). She still doesn't have her voice, so she can't speak with you. Turn to your left and smack the Owl Statue to wake it up.

 - Before we continue, it would be a good idea to save time. Once again, we have the song and the Owl Statue, so we can make it back here quick.

 - When you come back, put on the Zora Mask and play the New Wave Bossa Nova for Lulu. She'll sing along and thus, wake up the giant sea turtle! This thing apparently knows your name and can also take you to the Great Bay Temple.
 - When you're ready, Hookshot onto the beast's back via the tree and ride into the next temple.
4.7 Great Bay Temple

Items: Ice Arrow
Masks: Gyorg's Remains
Stray Fairies: 15
 - As you enter this temple, you'll witness a short clip of the Gerudo Pirates attempting to approach the storm and get sucked up, allowing you to hear their monotone, repetitive screams once more. If you want to leave at any point, just Hookshot onto his back again.
 - This temple is full of machinery. Our goal is to fix or change the water flow.
 - I suggest you bring some Fairies or Milk and some Green Potion in your bottles, you may need them, especially for the boss.

 - After waving at the turtle, you'll find yourself in a small room with a couple of torches.

 #1 There are four unlit torches near the first door. Either shoot them all with Fire Arrows or run along them with a Deku Stick (there's some in the barrels nearby). If you light all of them in time, a chest appears.

 - Go through the first door.

 - Welcome to the Waterwheel Room, as dubbed by Tatl. First, slap on the Zora Mask and swim to the other side of the room. There is a yellow platform next to the first one you see, this one is underwater. Sink down to it and push/pull the switch, which will then disappear. This will allow the water to continue to flow through the YELLOW colored pipes, and thus create a "water platform" of sorts to allow you across.
 - Head back to the platform with the door you entered from.

 #2 The next one is trapped in a bubble underneath the platform you enter this room from. Sink down with the Zora Mask and grab it.

 #3 There are two platforms rising up out of the water repeatedly. Take the right one (when facing the door) to come to a platform with Rupees and a Skulltula. Kill it to find the Stray Fairy.

 - There are two platforms rising up out of the water. Use the one on the left (when facing the door) to get onto a platform with two Skulltulas (shoot them in the back with your Hookshot to take them out quickly and conserve Arrows).
 - Jump onto the yellow water pump when it's low, then jump onto the higher platform when it rises. Round the corner and through the small hallway.

 - Man, this room is massive! So, as you've probably figured out, you can only go one way at a time and you'll eventually change the water flow so you can reach the other few areas.

 #4 On one side of the room, there's a barrel atop one of the small platforms with the ladders. Break it and snag the Stray Fairy.

 #5 There's a lone jar in the center of this room in the 'eye of the storm' of spinning water at the bottom. Stand on the side and shoot an arrow at it, then wear the Great Fairy Mask. Or, just sink down and hit it with your Zora Fins, then try to swim into it.

 - Put on the Zora Mask and jump into the water. Following the flow of the water, you'll notice there's only two areas we can get to at the moment. Swim through the upper one, with the RED and GREEN pipes.

 - In this new room, swim to the surface and climb onto the lowest platform on your left. Once there, turn around. Hookshot the chest, then open it to find the Dungeon Map. There's a door ahead, but we can't get to it yet.
 - Instead, sink to the bottom and avoid the Skullfish. There's an opening that has two Dexihands in it. You can charge up your fins to hit them from afar or just swim through them and use R to kill them as you go. Either way, go through the opening.

 - Your route will turn a corner and you'll find yourself in a small room with several Bio Deku Babas. When you hurt these things, they'll break away from their roots and walk around. Nasty little things.

 #6 Kill all the Bio Deku Babas to make a chest appear on the small ledge. Use the lily pads to get there.

 - Climb up the ledge and enter the next door.

 - In this next room, go forward and use your fins to slice off the Bio Deku Babas hanging upside-down in the water. This will allow you to use the lily pads to get to the platform on the other side. Stand partway and hold your shield to kill the Real Bombchu when it comes at you.
 - Climb onto the platform and open the chest for the Compass.
 - Sink to the bottom of the still water here and open the chest for a Small Key. You'll have to kill the Dexihand first.
 - Climb back up to the ledge with the door.

 #7 On the left side of the flowing water (when you're facing the door), there are two Dexihands attached to the wall. Between them is a jar. Break it and use the Great Fairy Mask or swim into it.

 - Jump into the moving water to be taken back to the main room.

 - This time, swim down and enter the opening with the RED pipe.

 - Once there, float to the surface of the water and climb onto the red pipe. Kill the Real Bombchu when you come to it (I suggest with ranged weapons).
 - After that, walk along the pipe the rest of the way to a platform. Use the Small Key we found a moment ago to enter the door.

 - This small room has nothing but Chuchus and jars. Stock up on items and head through the next door.

 - This spacious room has an ominous feel. Look up.

Mini-Boss: Wart
"It's a Wart.
Once you've gotten rid of the
spheres that shield the main body,
you can attack the eye."
- Ice Arrow
 - Floats around the room.
 - Surrounds itself in pink... eggs?
 - Rams the walls in an attempt to hit you.

 - This creature is quite simply a giant eyeball that can only be damaged when its eyelid is open. It was actually a boss in one of the previous Zelda titles, A Link To The Past.

 - The main eye can be damaged with just about anything. However, this thing obviously doesn't just float around... After several hits, it will drop all the pink things and zoom around the room, ramming the walls repeatedly in an attempt to squish you.

 - Now rewind. At the start of the battle, it surrounds itself with pink things. You can get these off by hitting them with just about anything, but Deku Nuts or Fire Arrows work the best. They will then bounce around. At that point, you can kill them with your sword.

 - Suffice to say, if you hit the main eye too much before you kill most of the pink things, it will be really annoying. To make this battle easier, kill as many of the pink things as your patience allows, then shoot the main eye with arrows when it's open.

 - When it starts zipping around, keep it Z targeted, hit it when its vulnerable. Before long, you'll claim your prize.
 - Only vulnerable when the eye is open. Hit eye with sword, arrows, whatever works. If damaged enough, it'll go berserk and zoom around trying to hit you. Thus, kill the pink stuff first.
 - Knock them away from his body using Bombs, Fire Arrow or sword. Then kill them with whatever you like.
 - Keep him Z targeted when he's running around. Shoot or slash his eye when it's open.

 - After you defeat Wart (who wasn't as much hard as annoying and drawn out), open the chest to find the Ice Arrow.

New Item: Ice Arrow

 - Charge up your Arrows with Ice, then freeze stuff! Shoot water to create a solid platform for a short time. Some enemies can even be frozen and used as stepping stones!  

 - The plot thickens! Exit this room as well as the next after stocking up on resources again.

 - Back in the room with the RED pipes, head to one of those small platforms in either corner of the room. Shoot either of the Octoroks with an Ice Arrow to freeze them into solid blocks and jump onto them.
 - Climb onto the platform and push/pull the giant RED switch to let the water flow through the pipes. Head back to the main room.

 - Go back through the top opening with the RED and GREEN pipes.

 - Once there, climb back onto the small platform and Hookshot to the chest again. Open it if you haven't already.

 #8 There's a small platform with two pots on it. Break the pots to find a Stray Fairy in one of them.

 - Now, face towards the door across the way. It's too far to get to, so whip out your Ice Arrows and shoot the water to create platforms. It takes a bit to get used to. You'll need at least two to get there. Enter the door.

 - In this small room, lure the Chuchu close to the red cylinder and shoot it with an Ice Arrow to turn it into a block.
 - Pull your frozen enemy close enough, then jump up and use it to get to the red platform. Kill the Real Bombchu, then push/pull the RED switch.
 - Now that the water's flowing nicely, exit the room and head back through the opening with the Dexihands.

 - We're back in the small room with the Bio Deku Babas. You should have killed them all earlier. Anyway, climb up the ledge and through the door.

 - We're back in the room where we got the Compass and the Small Key. Slice the Bio Deku Babas off their lily pads again and kill the Real Bombchu just in case.
 - As you've probably already guessed, use your Ice Arrows to make platforms to get to the ledge just out of reach. Once there, use a Fire Arrow on the ice patch and go through the door.

Mini-Boss: Gekko (Again)
"He's run inside a Mad Jelly
Since its body is so soft, normal
attacks won't do any good! Figure
out another way!"
- Boss Key
 - Throws Mad Jellies that are scattered around the room at you.
 - Jumps up on the ceiling and makes all the jelly things fly up to him, then he tries to fall down on you. If he touches you while inside the jellies, he'll beat the snot out of you, dealing massive damage!

 - This guy is still easy if you know what to do, but that shouldn't be too hard.

 - Basically, he jumps around like he did the last time you faced him. Now, however, he has all these water jellies that he can throw at you. just zig-zag to avoid them and stab him with your sword.

 - Whenever you hurt him, he'll climb up the wall and make all the jellies go up there too. He will then try to fall on top of you. If he touches you, he'll hurt you a ton, so don't let him!

 - When he first goes up to the ceiling, just watch the shadow on top of you and run out of the way. Turn around and Z target him. You can shoot him with an Ice Arrow, but it has no real effect. Wait for him to go up to the ceiling, THEN shoot him.

 - If you do this correctly, he'll freeze up and shatter when he hits the ground, allowing you to chase him once more. After several smacks he rightfully deserves, he'll revert back into a normal frog.
 - There's blobs everywhere. He'll throw some at you. Avoid them, chase him down, skin him alive.
 - When he zips up to the ceiling, watch the shadow it casts on you. Run far away. Turn around, Z target. Wait till he gets back on the ceiling and shoot an Ice Arrow.
 - Repeat.

 - After the punk dies, head through the new door on your left. It will lead to a small blocked off area in the previous room. Open the large chest to find the Boss Key.
 - To get out of this golden gate area, either use your Hookshot or climb over it. Now use the flowing water to get back to the main room.

 - Climb onto one of the top ledges, then climb any of the ladders and use them to jump onto the spinning waterwheel blades. Quickly jump onto whichever platform that splits it down the middle you come to.
 - One of these areas leads to the hallway that you entered from to get to this room. The other has a waterfall blocking your way to climb a ladder. Shoot it with an Ice Arrow to freeze it, then climb the ladder to get to a new area.

 - In this new room, I suggest you kill both of the Blue Tektites as well as the Desbreko. Use your Ice Arrows to make platforms and get to the YELLOW platform (I suggest putting on the Zora Mask when you jump to it, to give you extra height).

 #9 Get to the YELLOW platform and face the wall opposite the door. If you look up, you'll notice some metal grating separating you from a small area up there.
 - In front (above) of you is a hole in the grating with a target nearby on the ceiling. Use your Ice Arrows to create platforms and get near the far wall, then turn around and Hookshot the target.
 - It may take a couple tries, but once you get up there, in the center you'll find a chest.

 - Next, make your way to the GREEN platform. Turn the switch.
 - If the water is flowing nice and smoothly, we're done in this room. Exit.

 - If the RED pipes are both flowing freely, then head back to the room right after the starting area, where Tatl pointed out the first waterwheel (on the opposite side of the room from where you are now).
 - Once there, turn right and notice the RED pump from earlier is now flowing, thus going up and down alike the YELLOW one we used in the beginning. Use the target above it to land on it, then jump to the RED platform when you're high enough.
 - Turn the RED switch. This will make both pumps blast into the waterwheel, making it still. Jump into the water and turn the YELLOW switch. The waterwheel will now turn the opposite direction.
 - Go back to the main waterwheel room.

 - Now that the water's flowing the other way, jump back in. Swim through the top opening with the RED and GREEN pipes.
 - This will take us back to the room where you got the Boss Key. At long last, however, we can go the other direction. Keep following the water.

 - In this small room, find the platform you can climb onto. There is a moving platform (elevator) that's going up and down. Jump onto it when you can.
 - When it takes you up, jump onto the spinning waterwheel's gear I suppose you would call it, then jump to the next platform when it's close enough.

 #10 After you've used the elevator thing to go up, jumped onto the spinning waterwheel and are standing on the next moving platform, turn right and you'll notice a torch burning in a hole in the wall.
 - Use your Hookshot on it to find a small space with a chest.

 - Jump to the next ledge and head right. Turn back to the waterwheel and shoot the water source with an Ice Arrow to create a flat surface for you to walk on.

 #11 When you've frozen the waterwheel in this room, walk part way across the paddles, then turn right. When you get to the six blades (only two are accessible, pointing in either diagonal direction) climb onto the one on your right.
 - Climb to the end of it. You'll notice that straight ahead is a small hole in the wall with a chest. Hookshot the chest and open it.

 - If you fall down at any point during this, you'll have to melt the water, climb back up, then freeze it again. (By the way, why doesn't this room flood with water, if the water flow from the main room is being pumped in here?)
 - When you get to the other side of the waterwheel, turn left, jump to the ledge and go through the door.

 - This room is filled with see-saws that will swing either way if you apply weight or force to it. Above one side of them are waterfalls that you can freeze and melt in order to raise yourself higher.
 - Jump down into the watery area. There's lots of barrels and stuff for you to stock up on Magic and the like.

 #12 The first see-saw you come to when you enter the room, jump into the water on either side, sink down and break the barrel.

 - Ignore the first see-saw you see and instead, go left. There's two near each other. Stand on the one on your right and shoot the waterfall deal on the other side (on the ceiling) with a Fire Arrow to melt it.
 - This will raise you up. Jump onto the platform on your left and melt the waterfall opposite it as well.
 - Now that you're high enough, jump onto the GREEN platform and push/pull the switch.

 #13 When standing on the GREEN platform with the switch, kill the Real Bombchu, then walk along the GREEN pipes. Put on the Zora Mask and climb your way right.
 - Follow it and jump down into the small area when you can't go any further. Use your Hookshot on the chest and open it.

 - Now that the water's flowing through this area too, jump down and head back to the first see-saw near where you entered this room. Stand on the lower portion and melt the waterfall to raise yourself up to the last ledge. Go through the door.

 - This will take you back to the Map room. Jump down and swim through the opening back to the main room.
 - Take the bottom route this time, with just the GREEN pipes.

 - This is the room right before the boss, so stock up on health, Magic and Arrows before the boss.

 #14 At the exit to this room, there is a Stray Fairy in a bubble in the opening. Use your charged up fins to break the bubble, then swim into it.

 #15 Directly underneath the GREEN platform is a Stray Fairy in a bubble. It's too high to get when you're in the water, so stand on the GREEN pipe right on the edge of the water and shoot it with an Arrow, then use the Great Fairy Mask.

 - Climb up the pipe and onto the GREEN platform. Push/pull the switch to bring water to the pump, allowing you access to the Boss Room.
 - When you're ready, go through and jump down the hole.

Temple Boss: Gargantuan Masked Fish, GYORG
"If you go near it now, you'll be
eaten! Aim at it from afar to
weaken it!"
- Heart Container
- Gyorg's Remains
 - Jumps over the platform (will grab you if you're standing in the middle).
 - Rams the platform (will knock you off if you're NOT in the middle).
 - Grabs you and chomps down on you, dealing massive damage!
 - Eventually, lets loose a bunch of piranha-like fish.

 - I hope you came prepared with Fairies or Milk in bottles and maybe even some Green Potion or even Chateau Romani. You'll need it, cause this is one of the harder battles in the game.

 - There are two methods of fighting: from the platform, and under water. The latter is more dangerous, but it's hard to get back on the platform, so it's a toss up between the two. Personally, I like the platforming.

 - First, understand that Gyorg swims around and attempts to get you in the water. Its only real attack is to take you in its mouth and show you a world of pain with its sharp teeth.

 - To stun it, you can stand on the platform and use (Fire) Arrows, or use the Zora Mask to charge up you fins, or swim into it and use the Electric Barrier (Zora + swimming + R). The last way is the most dangerous...

 - Once its stunned, put on the Zora Mask and jump into the water (if you're not already). Quickly swim over to him and start smacking away with your Fins or the Electric Barrier.

 - When he gets back up, gain your distance. If you're fighting from the platform, try circling the platform to get height, then dolphin jump onto it. This can be very tricky.

 - Half way through the battle, it will let loose lots of piranha-like fish. This is a huge pain, because they make it easier for Gyorg to chase you down. Use your Electrical Barrier (R) to kill them.

 - All in all, this is a tough fight. You may use a couple Fairies in the process (now why can't Tatl do that?!).
 - Stand on the platform, shoot the giant fish with (Fire) Arrows to stun it. Alternatively, use the Zora Mask under water and charge up your Fins, or swim into it with the Electric Barrier (R).
 - Once it's stunned, get close and smack away at it with the Zora Mask. Run away when it comes to.
 - Eventually it'll spit out piranhas. Avoid them or use the Electric Barrier (R). Soon after, you'll win. *clap clap*

 - After Gyorg has been defeated, *whew* go back to the platform and snag yourself another Heart Container, followed by Gyorg's Remains.

New Remains: Gyorg's Remains

 - Proof that you've killed the boss and have freed this Guardian. With it, you can return to this temple and kill the boss again.

 - You'll witness another short clip with the next Guardian. "Help our friend" is what it says. But who could they be talking about? Hmm...
4.8 Post Temple Collection #3

Upgrades: Defense
Heart Pieces: #28, #29, #36
~ Zora Hall ~

 - Now that Lulu's voice is back, you can have a little practice with the band, which is that song you and Japas made together, and also part of the credits at the end. It's cool to witness, so go have some fun with it. Speak to Lulu to start the rehearsal.

~ Zora Cape ~

 - Other than Lulu, nothing's really changed since you beat the temple, unlike all the other places in the game... how lame...
 - Anyway, if you collected all the Stray Fairies, go to Zora Cape and along the beach near the entrance, there are some small platforms that lead to the southern wall. Follow them until you get to the islands with the trees.  - Use your Hookshot to work your way along the islands until you eventually get back to the wall where there's a ledge with two boulders blocking a cave. Use some bombs to blast them away.
 - Inside, speak with the Great Fairy of Courage to get an excellent upgrade.

Upgrade: Defense

 - All damage received is cut in half. Essentially, you just doubled your life!.

~ Great Bay Coast ~

 - The waters are supposedly more clear now, so the Fisherman has a little game you can play. Go get lots of money first.
 - Go to the northern portion of Great Bay Coast and find a boat. Get on it to make it start going. When you get close the batch of islands, Hookshot to the tree and speak with the Fisherman to play his "Jumping Game".

Mini-Game: Fisherman's Game
- Hookshot
- Gyorg Defeated
- Heart Piece #36 (first time only)
- 50 Rupees
- Jump to as many lit torches as possible within the time limit.
- Don't fall off.
- 20 Rupees

 - There isn't much to be said about this game. Pay the dude and jump to the center to start. The torches on the four platforms will light one at a time. The goal is to jump to them before they go out. You need 20 points to win.

 - The fact that you have a time limit makes it feel as though you really have to rush it. Don't. Go slow and take your time. You shouldn't find any difficulty getting at least 25 points within the time limit.
 - Jump to the lit torches. If you fall in the water, you lose. Take your time, don't worry about the limit. Get 20 points to win.

 - If you can get 20 points within the time limit, you get a prize. The first time, it's [HEART PIECE #36].

~ Mountain Village (Spring) ~

 - This next Heart Piece is completely optional. You must have the Don Gero Mask to do it.
 - There are five frogs across Termina. If you can get them all together and conduct the Frog Choir, they'll reward you with [HEART PIECE #28]!
#1 The first one is already in the lake in Mountain Village in spring (when the Snowhead Temple boss is defeated).
#2 Waiting in the Laundry Pool of Clock Town.
#3 On a log in Southern Swamp when you're heading towards the Deku Palace in the non-poison water.
#4 Defeat Gekko in the Woodfall Temple.
#5 Defeat Gekko in the Great Bay Temple.

 - Also, as long as Goht's defeated, head to the area right before Goron Village. Now that it's spring, sink down into the water using the Zora Mask and open the chest to find [HEART PIECE #29]!

 - That's pretty much all we can get right now, so put your Rupees in the Bank and play the Song of Time.