Zelda Warfare – Gerudo Desert Gala

Twilight Princess Zelda Warfare continues with another matchup between Mases and Gooey. This episode sees the two traversing Gerudo Desert in search of a checklist of items leading up to the Arbiter’s Grounds. Mases has begun to trail behind Gooey after another loss last episode in Rollgoal, giving Gooey a solid two point lead; but this could be the chance for Mases to start making a comeback. With each of them starting the challenge at a different time of day for unique strategies, the duel promises to be an interesting engagement. Check it out above!

Twilight Princess remains one of my favorite Zelda titles in key part for appealing to that part of my brain that loves collectathons and scouring for things across large maps; and the addition of stamps in Twilight Princess HD only fed the addiction even harder. This challenge ended up appealing to me on a bit a deeper level if only for that reason.

What are your thoughts on this week’s challenge? What’s your favorite collectathon quest in Zelda? Let us know in the comments below, and make sure to subscribe to the Zelda Dungeon YouTube channel for more Zelda Warfare!

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