Attention, one and all! The time has finally come to crown the winner of our best Ocarina of Time sage tournament. It is clear that our champion won the hearts of a generation of Zelda fans, and through the course of the tournament, she beat out six of some of the most beloved Zelda characters of all time.

So, without further ado, it is with great pride that I announce Saria as the best sage of Ocarina of Time.

Our tournament began the week of Ocarina of Time‘s 20th anniversary, with every sage sans Princess Zelda taking to the ring in Round 1. And while Saria did not earn as many votes as Impa that round, the Forest Sage still made quite the showing against her opponent Rauru. From that point forward, Saria was a powerhouse. Our champion easily crushed fellow fan favorite Darunia and earned more votes than any other Round 2 competitor, and then moved on to face Princess Zelda in the finals. And we know how that turned out. Hyrule’s princess didn’t stand a chance.

As pointed out by some of her most loyal fans, Saria represents kindness, loyalty, and friendship throughout Ocarina of Time. She acts as a pillar of support for Link during the early parts of his journey, and players far and wide developed a very strong bond with her by the end of the game. It’s quite beautiful that so many fans continue hold a special place in their hearts for the Forest Sage.

Congratulations again to Saria!

Big thanks to everyone who participated in the tournament. I was happy to put something fun together for Ocarina of Time‘s 20th birthday. I definitely want to host a larger tournament this year, so please share your ideas for Zelda Versus topics in the comments below.

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