Our best soundtrack tournament continues with two new titles. As The Minish Cap and Oracle of Seasons duke it out in yesterday’s poll, Tri Force Heroes and Breath of the Wild step into the fray.

Tri Force Heroes Vs. Breath of the Wild

The best part of Tri Force Heroes might just be its music. We can lob criticism at the game’s goofy story and cooperative nature all day long, but its soundtrack undeniably retains the Legend of Zelda level of quality. Tri Force Heroes‘ OST takes on an eclectic mix of musical flavors, including Renaissance and Eastern European influences, all conveyed with the top-notch instrumentation heard in A Link Between Worlds. The 3DS title also boasts one of the biggest Zelda soundtracks, as there are multiple versions of most tracks depending on the number of players and the use of Download Play. You won’t find a fuller, more balanced soundtrack than that of Tri Force Heroes.

In the same way Breath of the Wild shook up the way we explore a Zelda world, composers Manaka Kataoka and Yasuaki Iwata took the game’s soundtrack in a unique direction to mirror its new gameplay philosophies. The music of Breath of the Wild is notably more ambient and minimalist, relying on simple piano melodies and guitar chords to convey the open-air feeling of the game. Whether or not you approve of this approach though, you can’t deny that there are some amazing songs in the latest Zelda adventure. “Rito Village,” “Kass’ Theme,” and “Main Theme” are all gorgeous tunes. Plus, this soundtrack holds one of the best Hyrule Castle themes you’ll ever hear.

So, it’s time to decide which game had the better soundtrack: Tri Force Heroes or Breath of the Wild

Which Game Has the Best Soundtrack?

  • Breath of the Wild (85%, 290 Votes)
  • Tri Force Heroes (15%, 52 Votes)

Total Voters: 342

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Here’s some important tournament information:

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  • Voting for each game will be open for exactly one week.
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  • Once voting pages for all Round 2 bouts have been posted, there will be a one-week break before the Quarter-Finals begin.

See you tomorrow!

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