Our best Ocarina of Time sage tournament continues with two new characters. As Darunia and Nabooru duke it out in Wednesday’s poll, Saria and Rauru enter the fray.

Saria Vs. Rauru

Saria is one of the first characters we meet in Ocarina of Time. Link’s childhood friend in Kokiri Forest, Saria undoubtedly helps push Link through the earliest parts of his adventure. Gifting him the Fairy Ocarina and eventually teaching him “Saria’s Song,” the fairy girl is someone Link can frequently look to for advice and hints at any time he needs it. While Saria doesn’t appear too often during the Adult portion of the game, her presence is still felt through the areas we explore and the characters we meet. Saria clearly made an impact on characters like Mido and Darunia, and from what I’ve seen, the same can be said for many in the Zelda fanbase.

Though at first glance it may seem like we only see Rauru a few times throughout Ocarina of Time, the truth is that he has been guiding Link from the minute our hero stepped out of the Lost Woods. Rauru, the wise Sage of Light, actually takes the form of owl Kaepora Gaebora to offer Link advice and — not so subtly — lead him on the right path. It’s only after Link obtains the Master Sword and awakens in the Sacred Realm that he first sees Rauru in his human form. So in thinking about it, Rauru is actually one of the sages Link encounters the most during his adventure, as Kaepora Gaebora is met during nearly every leg of the quest.

So, it’s time to decide which Ocarina of Time sage is the best: Saria or Rauru

Who is the Best Ocarina of Time Sage?

  • Saria (84%, 243 Votes)
  • Rauru (16%, 45 Votes)

Total Voters: 288

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Here’s some important tournament information:

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  • We will post a new Round 1 voting page on Wednesday and Friday.
  • Voting for each game will be open for exactly one week.
  • On Sunday, we will post a wrap-up article explaining the results of the prior week.
  • Once voting pages for all Round 1 bouts have been posted, there will be a one-week break before Round 2 begins.

See you Sunday!

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