The time has finally come! After a month of intense competition, as seven of the most beloved Zelda characters faced off against each other, we have finally reached the finals of our best Ocarina of Time sage tournament.

In one corner stands the Sage of Time, the Princess of Hyrule, the series’ namesake: Zelda. In the other stands the Sage of Forest, the pride of the Kokiri, the friend of many adventurer: Saria.

Which of these two sages will stand atop the mountain as the best in Ocarina of Time? You, yes you, will decide.

Zelda Vs. Saria

She may have had a bye in the first round of our tournament, but that didn’t stop Zelda from making quite an impression in the proceedings. The Sage of Time completely halted the momentum of first round champion Impa, taking in nearly double the votes of her opponent. Zelda’s supporters obviously couldn’t ignore the princess’ strength, courage, and selflessness, and we could very well see her crowned the champion when this is all over. Players finish Ocarina of Time by Zelda’s side. Will we likewise finish this tournament with Zelda on the pedestal?

If Zelda is the sage we stand with at the end of Ocarina of Time, what about the sage we meet at the very beginning of the game? Saria absolutely crushed her competition in the first two rounds of the tournament. Poor Rauru didn’t even stand a chance against this tough competitor. And even against a fan favorite in Darunia, the Sage of Forest finished the Semi-Finals with the most votes of any match-up. That’s quite impressive indeed! Saria’s fans will always remember her friendship and loyalty throughout Link’s adventure, and those qualities could carry her to the top.

So, it’s finally time to decide which Ocarina of Time sage is the best: Zelda or Saria

Who is the Best Ocarina of Time Sage?

  • Saria (61%, 176 Votes)
  • Zelda (39%, 113 Votes)

Total Voters: 289

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Here’s some important tournament information:

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  • Voting will be open for exactly one week.
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