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On the latest episode of GT Live, Geoff Keighley stops by to talk about a few things, including our beloved The Legend of Zelda. During the interview, that in part talked about last year’s Game Awards Show and the inclusion of Nintendo’s participation we learn that all of it happened at the very last minute.

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Geoff Keighly comments about the timing involved.

“Nintendo I mean, they had talked about doing a bunch of things with us. They weren’t quite sure what they were gonna do… I was the one that really pushed to do something musical with Mr. Kondo, which I thought would be really kind of cool and special, and they responded to that and liked that idea. The Imagine Dragons thing came in only 2 or 3 weeks before the show that that was gonna happen.”

He also talks about the fact that he was really pushing for some involvement, specifically centered around Zelda and his ultimate surprise at how it all worked out.

“And yeah Zelda… I mean I was always pushing obviously for Zelda because that would be an amazing moment, that’s the big game everybody wanted to see more of. Many years in the past I’ve asked for Zelda games and they don’t come through, but yeah it was really amazing how it came together. I heard only a couple of weeks before the show that Mr. Aonuma was considering doing something around Zelda, and initially it sounded to me more like he was gonna maybe sort of show a little bit more of the scene from E3 – that short little piece to show that that was real. So I was like, ‘oh, that could be kind of cool.’ But you don’t quite know what you’re going to get. And then yeah, it was like the week of the show they were like, ‘oh, well Mr. Aonuma’s taped a video, Mr. Miyamoto’s in it, it’s about 5 minutes long, and he does like a full demo of the game.’ And I was like, ‘wow’.”

Geoff then goes on to talk about his impression of the video that showed actual game footage from the upcoming Zelda U title that aired on the show.

“So it was sort of unexpected how much great content was in that, and we were pleasantly surprised. And even when I saw the video, I’m like ‘wow, they’re just like playing the game.’ And I think people really responded to kind of how raw and real that demonstration was… there was something charming I think about the Nintendo presentation because it was just Miyamoto and Aonuma having a conversation… and it was obviously very early in development what they showed, but it was just a slice of the game. And yeah that came together super last minute, but was an amazing moment inside of the show.”

Since the announcement has already been made that we will not be getting a release of Zelda U later this year as originally promised, and that we will not be seeing Zelda U at E3 either according to Nintendo I am sure we all have the same question in mind. When can we hope to hear more of our embattled land and its heroes?

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