1. Update: Nintendo World Report’s Neal Ronaghan has stated “it seems like the next Zelda might have an option for a female Link.”

Well, this is the first big “bombshell” we’ve had dropped about Zelda U since the announcement of the game’s delay outside of 2015. That is if you put any stock in the rumor mill. Emily Rodgers, a well known person with several connections inside the industry has confirmed and verified through multiple sources some new information in regards to Zelda U. The primary source of this information is the same person who told her about Paper Mario coming to Wii U (which has now been confirmed). So there is at least a little weight in the source. As always though, until this comes directly from Nintendo it should always be treated with a grain of salt. The rumors are as follows:

  • Rumor #1: Yes, Zelda is coming to both Wii U and NX. I confirmed it with a ton of people. You can choose which one to get. Or get both.
  • Rumor #2: I heard from multiple sources that you can choose between a male or female as your playable character in Zelda.
  • Rumor #3: There is voice acting for most of the characters…except Link.

Of course all three rumors are pretty huge on their own. Dual releases, gender options (note, it doesn’t say choose between male or female Link – so we can only speculate as to what this implies), and voice acting… are all very interesting. Particularly I love the voice acting aspect, as it’s something I felt has been missing from the series for a very long time. As always, these are just rumors. We hopefully will hear more about Zelda U very soon.

Source: Emily Rodgers, Neal Ronaghan

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