Technology and magic are often two ways to explain phenomena in fantasy worlds, and the Zelda franchise is no exception. Many unexplained mysteries abound, and perhaps one of the more interesting is the origins of the Sheikah technology found throughout Breath of the WildThe YouTube channel Chamber of Sages sheds some light on this cryptic topic in their latest video. Their theory posits that the Goddess Flames, specifically Nayru’s, may be the power source. Both are represented as a blue gout of flame, and the color blue has long been associated with Nayru and wisdom, which is what leads the theorist’s discourse.

Personally I think the theory checks out, but there’s one thing that bothers me about it. If the Sheikah used Nayru’s Flame to power their lost technology, what happened to Nayru’s Flame? It was aboard the Sandship in the Lanayru Desert, and there wasn’t an easily accessible path to it until Link traversed it. Even then, he made heavy use of the Timeshift Stones, and often these were left in precarious locations. Then again, it is just a game so perhaps I’m reading too deep.

What do you think of the theory? Do you have an alternative to present? Let us know down below!

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