Zelda Spray Paint Art

The Zelda series has proven itself to have many dedicated and talented fans. It seems that we always find amazing pieces of fan art from Zelda fans. Our friends over at Zelda Temple posted a video the other day featuring an amazing piece of Zelda fan art. This YouTube user, PaintProf, does videos featuring him creating works of art from spray paint. In this video, PaintProf creates an amazing piece of spray paint art titled “WisdomStrengthCourage” featuring a gorgeous landscape and the legendary Triforce.

The video is a time lapse of 16 minutes, and shows the entire process of the work being completed. I personally love to see all of the work that he put into it and the step by step creation of such an awesome piece. I think this is an example of the impact the Zelda series has had on many people’s lives. I encourage you to check out all of PaintProf’s spray paint videos. So what do you guys think of this video? What do you think of spray paint art? What is your favorite piece of Zelda fan art?

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