Welcome to a nice and cozy edition of the show today, as have a chill time answering some of the amazing Daily Debates our Writing Team ha created! On the docket today: is 5-6 years between 3D Zelda games the new norm now, and if so, should it be? What’s one of the more underrated themes in the series? What’s our favorite piece of Zelda content in Super Smash Bros.? Why wasn’t underwater exploration included in Tears of the Kingdom? Could the age of online play give Four Swords Adventures a second life one day? What era would be a good setting for another Hyrule Warriors game? And maybe most importantly – on a holiday weekend, what goes harder, mashed potatoes or scalloped potatoes?

All this, PLUS we put a bow on Musical March Madness, and we wish a happy Trans Day of Visibility, and a happy Easter to all who celebrate!



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