Twenty years ago, Ocarina of Time was released. Can you believe that? Twenty whole years. That just…really doesn’t seem possible, does it? For many of us, a couple of decades later, it’s still our favorite Zelda game, myself included. So how does one enjoy such a momentous anniversary?

By cranking the music, whipping out the game, and rocking out!

Zelda power metal band Master Sword has decided to do everything they can to celebrate by giving us a complete reboot of one of their most beloved songs. Based off the Gerudo Valley theme from Ocarina of Time and boasting lyrics worthy of the Triforce of Power, “The Forsaken Tribe” is set to get a complete remastering, including newly-recorded instruments and vocals, and…wait for it…a music video.

I for one, can’t wait. It’s the content of the fans that keeps our community talking, thriving, and decades-strong. Who can say “no” to more? Plus Zelda and metal are life to me. Because of that, I believe that Master Sword needs our help to make this happen. They’ve opened up a Kickstarter to achieve this lofty goal, found here.

So be sure to check it out to learn about the project, the song, and meet once more the Zelda community’s beloved power metal band. After that, let us know what you think of Master Sword in the comments below!

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