Sites like Etsy are known for being the place to go for nerdy and beautiful fanmade jewelry and replicas. However, a seller by the name of Guangzhou Anime Fun Trading Co. has a new Zelda themed set of keychains that are truly well worth the price on AliExpress.

This first edition set is made with plush and coated in silver; and in the case of the Hylian Shield, painted blue. Each piece is 6-8 cm in length and comes in a nice Twilight Princess themed case, perfect for display. The intricate details in the pieces recreate famous weaponry from the Legend of Zelda series perfectly as well, including the Mirror Shield, Razor Sword, and the Master Sword, of course. Sorry folks, the Fierce Deity sword is not included with this set. While it is only one of many Zelda inspired jewelry sets on the internet, for only $19.99 with free shipping within the US, it’s a deal that can’t be overlooked by any fan of the series.

Click here to see it in the shop and leave your thoughts and comments below.

Source: AliExpress

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